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March 28, 2014

Thank you for voting us the best private school and summer camps in Greensboro in Triad Moms on Main’s annual Choice Awards


  1. Just a week from Saturday…Bengal Dash! Sign-up today Race and Volunteer 
  2. Register for GDS Summer Camps.
  3. RSVP for the PA Fundraiser, A Night at the Drive-In (April 12)
  4. Buy tickets for the US drama, Metamorphoses.



Sophomores Clara Walton, Anna Gilbert, Caroline Jessup, Julia Weingold, Jessica Thomas, Jizelle Campbell, Sarah Lowe, Abby Stern, Gail Reid Murray, Rebecca Magod, David Chung, Steven Melson, Austin Brantley, and Michael Jacobson, along with junior Alex Kroeger spent their spring break in Nicaragua with teachers Iraida Fung and Randy Mintz.

While in San Ramón, they lived for four days with local families, and visited our sister school “El jícaro 2,” a rural school in the outskirts of San Ramón. Our students prepared activities to do with the children of El jícaro, including making planes, jewelry boxes, puppets and photo frames. They also delivered over 150 care packages donated during a ‘drive’ led by our Middle School students. Our students also visited with children at “Los pipitos”, a school for children with physical and mental disabilities, helping them with activities to improve their motor skills and encourage social interaction. They spent the last three days of the trip at the finca “ Esperanza verde,” where they hiked several paths under the canopy of a world preserve forest. Five miles from the forest, they helped children of a rural elementary school make crafts and play baseball. During their last evening in town, a group of local musicians walked seven miles in the dark to play especially for our students.


Head’s Corner: Is it Spring Yet?
I can’t remember the last time we experienced so many winter weather interruptions in one school year, and this has left many of you wondering if GDS students will be making up their missed snow days...

8 days to go!!!
Have you registered for the 7th Annual Bengal Dash?

Metamorphoses plays April 4-6
Based on the epic narrative poem by the Roman poet Ovid, Metamorphoses (or changes) looks at the transformative power of love in a series of myths...

A Night at the Drive-In
The Parents' Association's spring fundraiser is a retro-evening scheduled for April 12...

Bengal Games 17: April 3
For the past 17 years, "everybody play, everybody wins," during our annual Bengal Games. Next Thursday, April 3, all Bengals (K-12) will once again take part in an afternoon of friendly competition to earn money for local charities... 

Bengal Bites 


Lower School

Middle School

Upper School 

Head’s Corner: Is it Spring Yet?
I can’t remember the last time we experienced so many winter weather interruptions in one school year, and this has left many of you wondering if GDS students will be making up their missed snow days.

Fortunately, a special feature of Greensboro Day School is our ability to provide students with ongoing opportunities for learning when school is closed. During inclement weather days, our faculty and students are able to stay in touch through the use of technology. Many teachers assign projects and homework in ways which allow students to continue learning seamlessly when they aren’t in the classroom. Providing long-term projects and using different ways to communicate remotely, has allowed teachers to give assignments and for students to submit work and receive help. The assignments provided by teachers grow in breadth and depth from our Lower School classes to our upper grades. In this way, we are able to sustain and support our students when they are unable to be present on campus.

Our Director of Educational Technology, Dana Smith, published a blog that explains our efforts in this area in more detail. You can read it here.

Our unique ability to continue the learning process at home makes us reluctant to add days to our current school year. We appreciate the frustration cancelled days and delayed starts cause everyone, and we are in hopes the spring will provide us with opportunities to be with our students each and every day for the balance of the year.

Thank you for continuing to support our faculty as everyone works together to make the most of a difficult winter.



In 8 days...


J O G,


to the



TIP OF THE WEEK: Dynamic Stretching - Walk or jog to warm-up before the race!



Metamorphoses plays April 4-6

Based on the epic narrative poem by the Roman poet Ovid, Metamorphoses (or changes) looks at the transformative power of love in a series of myths.  Mary Zimmerman’s play, which dramatizes nine of these myths, premiered off-Broadway (and eventually transferred to Broadway) shortly after the events of 9/11.  The themes of love, death, longing, violence, suffering and redemption truly resonated with audiences then as they do now.  The play won several Tony Awards in 2002.  

Although this is classic material, there are a few mature themes, so the play is rated PG-13.   This is a show that will stay with you, and promises to be a truly magical experience.  Don’t miss it!  Performances are in the Sloan Theatre—tickets are $10 for adults and $7 for students. CLICK HERE TO BUY ADVANCE TICKETS.  They can also be purchased at the door ½ hour prior to each performance.  Public performances are Friday, April 4 and Saturday April 5 at 7:30 p.m. and Sunday, April 6 at 2:00 p.m. 

The Greensboro Day production features a cast of 20 Upper School students who have done a tremendous job in capturing the humor, lyricism, drama, and the pure humanity of Ovid’s timeless work, which has inspired artists, sculptors and writers through the centuries, including Shakespeare. Metamorphoses is being directed by Ruthie Tutterow, with an incredible set and lighting by Dana Lowell, original music by senior Grace Williams, and is stage managed by sophomore Jesse Burris.  Students featured in the play are seniors Amina Khan, Max Kurgan, Rachel Luce, JR Hudgins, Walker Roe, Nikos Tarasidis, Patti Hazlett, Catherine Wright and Karson Bankhead; juniors Caroline Attayek, Peter Pickard, Charles Mayer, Cassie Burroughs, Kayla Reardon; sophomores Mercer Brady and Michael Jacobson, and freshmen Emily Brown, Davis Dunham, Laura Tutterow, and Emily Dean. 



A Night at the Drive-In

What's better than hot rods, an Elvis Impersonator, and fabulous auction items? We can't think of much! Plan to join us for the Parents' Association's spring fundraiser, A Night at the Drive-In on April 12. Invitations have been mailed, so please RSVP as soon as possible. YOU CAN NOW RSVP ONLINE TOO!

GOING, GOING, GONE! To follow are some of the exciting items which will be auctioned at the event...

Too Hot To Handle Items
Argentina Dove Hunt
Connelly Classic Stand-Up Paddle Board with Paddle
A Day at VIR with Race Car Driver Travis Bouck
Orthodontic Package with Dr. Chris Trentini
Peel Package with Dr. Amy Jordan
Portrait Session with Rebecca Bouck
YouScience Latitude Gift Certificate
Date Night at 1618 and the Symphony in a Loaner Car from Rice Toyota
Annual Membership to Lake Jeanette Swim & Tennis 
Hand-made Jewelry by Amy Crystal
Dinner at Greensboro Country Club 

Uniquely GDS Items
Private Tennis Lessons with Mr. B.
Rockets & Popsicles with Mr. B 
Week of GDS Summer Camp
Bengal Bookstore Basket
MAD Society Basket
LS Director for a Day 
Mani-Pedi Party with Mrs. Goodman
Movie Night at Mrs. Lowe's
Afternoon Tea at the O.Henry Hotel with Mrs. Bostian
Green & Gold Day Carnival Birthday Package 
Library Camp-Out with Mrs. Hines
Drivers' Ed Class with Mr. Head 
Piece of Pottery & Photography from Mr. Burroughs 
Upper School Student Parking Spaces  

Elvis impersonator Wayne Euliss will perform classics by the "King". Learn more about Wayne on his Web site: 



Bengal Games 17: April 3

For the past 17 years, “everybody play, everybody wins,” during our annual Bengal Games. Next Thursday, April 3, all Bengals (K-12) will once again take part in an afternoon of friendly competition to earn money for local charities.

During Bengal Games, students in grades K-12 are divided into five large teams that are named for the colors of the Olympic Rings. Each color is then divided into smaller groups that compete in team-building games and exercises in order to score points. The points earned by smaller groups are combined to make the larger team total. (For example: If Red team #1 scores 10 points, and Red team #2 scores 5 points, the total Red team score is now 15 points.) Each point earned is worth $1. The money earned from the point totals for each team will be donated to support the following charities:

The Red Team will be earning points for Triad Health Project. The Red Team is supported by Lake Jeanette Orthodontics & Pediatric Dentistry, Dr. Michael Ignelzi. Triad Health Project provides emotional and practical support to individuals living with HIV/AIDS and to their loved ones.

The Green Team will be playing for the Juvenile Diabetes Foundation. The Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation International (JDRF) is the worldwide leader in funding research to cure Type 1 Diabetes, an autoimmune disease that strikes children and adults suddenly and lasts a lifetime.

The Blue Team will be playing for Greensboro Urban Ministries and is sponsored by Southeastern Orthopedics, Murphy Wainer Division. Greensboro Urban Ministry provides crisis intervention and emergency services through the basics of food, shelter, and clothing to individuals and families.

The Yellow Team will be playing for the United Way of Greater Greensboro and is sponsored by the Richardson Corporation. United Way of Greater Greensboro is working to advance the common good by focusing on our community's most pressing needs in the areas of Education, Income & Health.  

The Black Team will be playing for Hospice & Palliative Care Center and is sponsored by Fairystone Fabrics Incorporated. The Hospice & Palliative Care Center of Alamance-Caswell provides comprehensive, compassionate care to persons who have a limited life expectancy measured in months rather than years. They also provide home health care services and counseling for children and adults.

Students, who have been at Greensboro Day School before this year, remain on the same team that they played on in years past. New students to GDS will be assigned to a group the week of Bengal Games. Students who have participated in Bengal Games know how much fun it is to see their team dressed in team colored feather boas, face paint, Mardi Gras beads, hats, and clothing, and props like clappers, signs, and kazoos – the more spirited the better! Don’t forget, you can purchase Bengal Games ‘Bling’ in our bookstore.

On this special day, students will take part in exciting activities, such as trivia competitions, obstacle courses, egg drops and other active programs. This is a time for older students to give back to the Greensboro Day School community by encouraging and nurturing younger students. Go Bengals!




Bengal Bites:

  • Rachel Hayes '14 has won a National Silver Medal for her digitally manipulated photo, "Held," in the Scholastic Art and Writing Awards. She will receive her silver medal at Carnegie Hall this spring.
  • MS Latin students scored 220 points in a preliminary "Certamen" competition on March 15, giving up their first Saturday of Spring Break to compete. This qualifies them to participate at the NCJCL Convention, April 11-12 at UNC-CH. Team members were Ayden Hochstein, Libby Philion, Kathleen Roskelly, Gray Rucker, and Levi Smith. Certamen is a quiz-bowl competition testing knowledge of culture, language, vocabulary - both Latin and English - history, and mythology.
  • 7th grader Michael Drusdow will perform in New York at Carnegie Hall in June as a member of the Honors Junior Orchestra. His audition piece was the upper voice of the Bach Double Violin Concerto.
  • 4th graders were ‘Happy’ the Friday before Spring Break. So happy, in fact, they flash mobbed the 3rd grade! View the video on our YouTube site.
  • Bitty Bengals practiced their rhyming words while singing "Down By the Bay," with Mr. Hale the Friday before Spring Break.
  • Local author Betty Hicks was our LS author-in-residence on Tuesday. Ms. Hicks has written many novels for children, including several stand-alone books and several books in the Gym Shorts series focusing on sports themed realistic fiction. Her newest book is called The Worm Whisperer.
  • Apoorva Mangipudi ’17 shared pictures of students they visited in India last summer with our 5th graders. Our 5th graders read and responded to the letters students sent, and those letters were delivered back to India over spring break.
  • The 5th graders are participating in a project called Reaching Out. This project promotes service learning in our community. Over the next month, guest speakers will be presenting information to our students in order to expose students to information prior to students visiting service organizations in the community. Next week, Susan Kunar will share information about Backpack Beginnings, Rose Marie Cook will give an overview of The Ronald McDonald House, and Ann Grant will talk with students about the Children's Home Society of Greensboro. Also over the next month, students will visit one of seven service organizations in the community.
  • 4th and 5th graders competed in the Elementary Battle of the Books on Wednesday. We are so proud of the efforts of Anna Brown, Brianna Thompson, Aronne Kohler, Emma Hofbauer, Frannie Goodman, Courtney Sanders, Parker Stroud, Max McMillian-Goodman, Siva Ramgoolam, Adelaide Wood, and Greta Andersen.
  • Fox 8 featured a video of our 1st graders playing in the snow. Click here to view it



Dear Lower School Parents, 

Welcome back!  What a great week it was to be in the Lower School.  We hit the ground running with visitors from across the globe on Monday (Armenia, Ecuador, El Salvador and Morocco).  It was refreshing to hear such objective voices talk about the critical thinking, authentic learning and curiosity nurturing going on in our classrooms.  We had several requests for continued connections with both our teachers and our students. 

On Tuesday, we were treated to a visit from author and alumnus parent, Betty Hicks, who shared writing techniques and engaging literature with our 2nd through 5th graders.  She provided a truly delightful experience, and she ignited an interest in writing for many of our students.

Wednesday brought our first spirit day and the Elementary Battle of the Books (EBOB).  It was great fun to see everyone decked out in green, gold and black for our family group meetings, and it provided a wonderful sense of support for our EBOB team.  The 4th and 5th graders demonstrated admirable teamwork and literary knowledge during the competition.

One of the many reasons I enjoy the arrival of spring is that it is a tremendous time of growth for our youngest Bengals.  The world is coming alive for our Bitty Bengals through 1st graders as they explore reading and writing on so many levels.  Whether they are observing signs of spring or dancing in the snow (yes, both in the same week), it is a great time to be learning all about the world around them. 

The Bengal Dash is April 5.  Volunteer slots start at 7:00 am and finish up by 11:00 am.  Give an hour or stay all day.  Run AND Volunteer.  There are many choices!  

Notes and Reminders

  • Grandparents’ and Special Friends’ Day is Friday, April 25. This exciting Lower School event is an opportunity for students to share what they are learning with special people in their lives. On Monday, look for a special communication about this event with a link to provide the names and addresses of people your child/children would like to invite.
  • We have a new check-in system in the Lower School.  A computer is located by the front office. Any time you come to volunteer, any time you arrive after regular drop off and any time you check your child out early, we ask that you check-in using this system.  It is part of our enhanced security for you and your children. 
  • The Parents’ Association Spring Fundraiser, A Night at the Drive-In, will be on April 12 at the Greensboro Coliseum Pavilion.  Mark your calendars to help organize, volunteer or just enjoy.  It is sure to be a lot of fun!  I hope to see you there.
  • Please invite your friends and join us for Story Time at Barnes and Noble.  This free of charge, engaging literacy program for preschool aged children and their parents.  Upcoming dates are April 10 and May 14, all at 11:00. 
  • Re-enrollment contracts are due!  Please don’t hesitate to be in touch if you have questions.  If you haven’t gotten around to it, please submit your contracts today.


  • Wednesday, April 2 – 3rd grade to Raleigh
  • Thursday, April 3 – Bengal Games
  • Saturday, April 5 – Bengal Dash
  • Tuesday, April 8 – re-scheduled Mother/Daughter puberty talk – 4th grade
  • Wednesday, April 9 – 2nd grade to Grasshoppers
  • Friday, April 11 – 4th grade to Pilot Mountain
  • Saturday, April 12 – Spring Fundraiser
  • Wednesday, April 16 – 4th grade Poetry Coffee Shop
  • Thursday, April 17 – Author in Residence
  • Friday, April 18 – No School
  • Friday, April 25 – Grandparents’ and Special Friends’ Day and Lower School Art Show 

Enjoy your weekend! 




Dear Middle School Parents, 

A “Spring” in our Steps

Although this week’s weather has been more wintry than spring-like, your children have returned to activities and classes in Middle School following spring break with the kind of energy and enthusiasm that make our days productive and fun.  We all look forward to warming temperatures and the colors of spring, but the definite spirit of spring is evident----what is often very predictable when we have the time to rest, reflect, and explore with family and friends.  I hope that the memories of your spring break are special.

Bengal Dash Will Help Build Community and Spring Spirit

Bengal Dash is just around the corner and Parents’ Association volunteers have been busy with preparations.  The PA needs our help!  More runners and volunteers are needed for next Saturday, April 5!

Volunteer slots start at 7:00 am and finish up by 11:00 am.  Give an hour or stay all day.  Run AND Volunteer.  There are many choices!  

Bengal Games Will be April 3

Helping all GDS students and teachers to get into the community spirit ahead of Bengal Dash, our annual Bengal Games activities are scheduled for next Thursday, April 3.  The Games begin after lunch at 12:30.  Please come to watch if you have not volunteered to help.

A Night at the Drive-In, April 12

We are on-a-roll in April for fantastic GDS community-building events.  The annual major fundraiser is just a week away from the Bengal Dash.  We should all be in “good shape” and in the appropriate spirit to gather at the Greensboro Coliseum Pavilion for live entertainment, retro food, hot rods, an auction and fun starting at 6:30.  Please be sure to respond to the nice invitation we have received, or get the details on our website (CLICK HERE).

MS Junior Classical League Also Gathers on April 12

The annual Latin convention will happen mid-April as well.  Kay Zimmerman has already escorted the Certamen team to the preliminary event that was scheduled on March 15 as most of us began our spring break.  Not so for Ayden Hochstein, Libby Philion, Kathleen Roskelly, Gray Rucker, and Levi Smith, who represented our JCL contingency in the quiz-bowl-type competition that tests students’ knowledge of culture, language, vocabulary---both Latin and English, history, and mythology.  These students scored a total of 220 points, giving them a great position for the JCL competition on April 12.

Standardized Testing

Please note on your family calendars that all Middle School students will be administered the annual Comprehensive Testing Program (published by the Eduational Records Bureau), our only full-division standardized test, the mornings of April 28, 29, and 30.  We will be alerting the students and you to all necessary preparations over the next two weeks.  For now, please be sure to avoid unnecessary absences for those mornings.  If there are medical or dental appointments made for those mornings that can be re-scheduled, please help your child by attempting to re-schedule. 

Thanks for Coming Last Tuesday Evening

Many thanks to all who attended one or more of the important parent information sessions that we offered last Tuesday.  We hope you feel really good about next year in Middle School or about the plans which were shared about the 8th grade trip to Washington, DC.  Any materials which were handed-out that evening will be sent to those of you who could not attend.





Dear Upper School Families, 

Happy 4th quarter!  As you already know, today teacher/advisors, students, and parents are conferencing throughout the day. This is an opportunity for both reflecting upon each student’s progress, as well as planning for the year ahead. One of the privileges of an independent school education is having the opportunity and resources which allow us to provide thoughtful, personalized academic advising which meets the interests, talents, and needs of our students. Thank you for making time in your own schedule to join us in this important work. 

Looking ahead to next week I want to call your attention to several events that are a hallmark of springtime in Bengal Nation. 

Our spring play—Metamorphoses—opens April 4 and runs through April 6. Tickets are available by following this link or visiting 

On the afternoon of Thursday, April 3 the entire school will participate in our annual Bengal Games, which raises funds for five different charities (read more here).   Although Upper School classes are suspended for the day, students will be treated to a preview of Metamorphoses and a talkback with some of our student actors, before it opens Friday evening. Houses will also participate in the grand finale of “House Games,” which began in early January with a series of elimination rounds during which advising groups competed with each other in order to advance to semi-final rounds between Houses in early February. 

Then on Saturday, April 5 is the Bengal Dash .  Volunteer slots start at 7:00 am and finish up by 11:00 am.  Give an hour or stay all day.  Run ANDVolunteer.  There are many choices!  Volunteer Questions - contact Laura Hochstein or 336 880 3644.  Bengal Dash Questions-contact Lana Greenberg or Rebecca Coltrane 

Both Bengal Games and Bengal Dash offer our students, teachers, and families important opportunities to celebrate the richness of our community while being of service to others.  I suspect the notion of being of service to others might get lost in the messaging as we focus on the qualities of team spirit and competition that characterize these events. Yet, ultimately, the gift of both of these days resides in their capacity to build enduring connections between students from across the grades as we act in service to others. 

Lastly, in our ongoing efforts to enhance the quality of our advising program we will continue to offer students the option of requesting a different advisor for the coming year.  To that end, an e-mail is being sent to all Upper School students on Monday, March 31, which includes an advisor change request form. If you and your child would like to request an advisor change for the 2014-2015 school year, please encourage your child to complete the Upper School Advisor Request Change Form and return it to his or her dean no later than Monday, May 5.  We will review each request and use the information from each form to match students with a new advisor. 

Warm regards,  





 The 2014-15 General Calendar is now available.

Summer 2014 is LIVE! Get ready for a SUMMERPALOOZA of fun...CLICK HERE.



  • Mar 28, 2014
    US Student & Parent Conferences
    No classes, 9-12
    Mar 29, 2014
    Admission Testing

    Grades 1-11

  • Apr 3, 2014
    Bengal Games
    12:00 PM
    Apr 4, 2014
    US Drama: Metamorphoses
    7:30 PM
    Sloan Theatre
    Click here for ticket information.
    Apr 5, 2014
    Bengal Dash

    Kids' Dash, 1-Mile Fun Run, 5K

    US Drama: Metamorphoses
    7:30 PM
    Sloan Theatre
    Click here for ticket information.
    Apr 6, 2014
    US Drama: Metamorphoses
    2:00 PM
    Sloan Theatre
    Click here for ticket information.
    Apr 8, 2014
    4th Grade Mother/Daughter Puberty Education CHANGED: This event was moved from March 4.
    7:00 PM to 8:00 PM
    LS Media Center
    School nurse, Linda Sudnik, along with Michelle Bostian, counselor, will provide a mother-daughter education opportunity for female students in 4th grade.  This education opportunity gives mothers and daughters a chance to learn together about the changes a girl’s body experiences in puberty.
    Apr 12, 2014
    Beach Dance
    Apr 16, 2014
    Senior Art Showcase
    5:00 PM
    Center for the Arts Lobby
    US Spring Concert/Senior Farewell
    7:00 PM
    Sloan Theatre
    Apr 18, 2014
    Long Weekend, School Closed
    Apr 21, 2014
    8th Grade Trip

    Washington, D.C.

    Apr 22, 2014
    8th Grade Trip

    Washington, D.C.

    US Exams

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