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Lower School

Every child is unique, and every child learns differently. Our differentiated instruction approach enables us to teach children the way they learn best and move them along at their own pace. It’s a personalized approach requiring our teachers to understand how each student processes ideas, and to modify their teaching techniques to address each student’s needs.

Greensboro Day School 2nd-graders interview community business leaders to learn about the economy and how to ask adults questions. For three days, our 5th graders re-enact the  conflict between Native Americans (which they study in 3rd grade) and the pioneers (which they study in 4th and 5th). Because our teachers aren’t bound to a rigid curriculum, they have the freedom to go deeper into a subject through class projects, which immerse students in authentic experiences.

We seek to instill risk-taking in children—because when they’re not afraid to fail, they’re willing to try. So when a 4th grader gets the idea to use bar codes for taking attendance, we help him research it. When a kindergartner takes an interest in pottery, an Upper School student works with him. Not only do our students get to explore, they learn that no matter how little they are, their interests and their voices matter.

We’re educating students for a world that will be constantly changing. To stay at the forefront of that change, we are continually adapting and updating our programs. This is about more than just technology—we incorporate the latest research on child development in our teaching to be sure we’re employing the best instructional practices.

With our Understanding by Design curriculum, students don’t simply acquire information. They explore essential questions that enable them to learn the information and grasp the larger  issues behind what they’re learning. To learn more about our curriculum, please click here.

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