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Student Support Services

Student Support Services provides families and students with comprehensive and coordinated support services at all developmental levels.

Greensboro Day School has an exceptional team of professionals who are committed to serving your children. In addition to the grade teachers, a Student Support Services team of professionals is present daily to assist teachers, students, and parents in helping children reach their academic and social/emotional potential.

On this site, you will find information on each aspect of Student Support Services. The following information will help introduce you to the many services that Greensboro Day School offers to help support your children. Members of the Student Support Services staff welcome the opportunity to meet families individually to collaborate on how to best meet the needs of children.

Lower School Learning Resources

Lower School Learning Resources

Resource Center 

The Resource Center provides support to students, teachers and families in grades Bitty Bengals-4. The Reading and Learning Specialists offer support in language arts instruction through small groups, one-on-one, and classroom inclusion. This support could be offered in the form of enrichment and/or remediation. The Resource Center houses a categorized library for student check-out as well as professional readings to enhance teacher knowledge in a variety of subjects. Teachers have access to an array of tools and materials to assist with diverse learning styles. The Resource Center also provides parent education resources to help families better understand their child’s learning profile. 


Tutoring is available before, during, and after school on our campus. This fee-based service is coordinated through our Reading and Learning Specialists. GDS tutors have academic credentials in a variety of subjects including reading, math, written language, and study skills. This support can be coordinated through our Learning Resource Specialist.

Math Specialist

The Lower School Math Specialist works with students, teachers and families to provide instruction through small groups and classroom inclusion in the form of enrichment and/or remediation. The Math Specialist has a wide variety of math resources, professional readings, and professional expertise to enhance teacher knowledge and the classroom environment, as well as assist with differentiated instruction. The Math Specialist also provides parent education opportunities through math talks, game days, and available resources to support families in better understanding the math curriculum and in how to help their children be successful.

Please contact a Lower School Learning Specialist for more information.

Middle School Learning Resources

Middle School Learning Resources

Study Skills course 

Study Skills is an annual course that is offered for students in grades 5 – 8, who benefit from academic support beyond the help of their classroom teachers. Upon the recommendation of the Learning Specialist and Division Director, students with documented learning differences and/or recommendations from their teachers may replace their Middle School World Language requirement with the Study Skills course. During this course, students analyze their own learning styles in order to understand how this impacts their academic success. They learn techniques to capitalize on strengths and offset weaknesses. Specific skills taught include; time-management, listening skills, organization, homework completion, reading comprehension, writing process, note-taking, and test-taking strategies.

Tutoring and Academic Coaching

Tutoring is available before, during, and after school on our campus. This fee-based service is coordinated through our Learning Specialists. Another option is Academic Coaching, which provides students with “coaching” in all areas that support effective learning: time-management, organization, homework completion, reading comprehension, test-taking strategies, and more. This support can be coordinated through our learning resource specialist.

After-School Study Program 

An after-school study hall is offered for students who need or want additional support when completing assignments. This is a fee-based service offered Monday – Thursday, and families may set their own flexible schedule. The study hall teacher supervises a quiet work environment and is available to assist students with time management and general organization. This program is offered for students in grades 4-8.

Please contact a Middle School Learning Specialist for more information.


Upper School Learning Resources

Upper School Learning Resources

Freshman Seminar

This is a first-semester program required for all 9th grade students. The class provides exercises and instruction in the desired Bengal habits of academic wellness. Academic wellness is the balance between academic work, leisure time and extracurricular activities. Topics include responsible use of technology, information, e.g. using both online and media center resources for personal research, organization, time-managment, test-taking skills and study skills. This course is not graded. 


Tutoring for specific subjects is provided both by GDS tutors, community practitioners, and peer-tutors. This support can be coordinated through our Learning Resource Specialist.

Writing Help

Writing Help focuses on helping all students at all stages of the writing process. Students who are teacher- or self-referred can expect to receive help and instruction in the following areas: brainstorming and developing ideas, drafting, outlining and organizing, revising, and editing. Students may receive help on papers in all subject areas.

Please contact the Upper School Learning Specialist for more information.


The primary goal of the GDS Counseling Department is to provide programming and support for students that assist them in developing empathy, ethical problem solving skills, self-insight, strength of character and strong interpersonal / social skills. Each of the three divisions has a counselor and these counselors often work collaboratively with one another providing individual, group and classroom guidance lessons. The Counseling Department is also a resource to faculty, parents and administration. Short term assistance is provided with appropriate referrals to professionals in the community if needed.


The English as a Second Language Program (ESL) provides support to International Students who have limited English proficiency. The ESL coordinator is available to meet individually with international students in all three divisions of the school. In addition, the ESL coordinator conducts small group instruction with Upper School students, and is available for consultation with teachers in all three divisions.

In addition to the numerous benefits of the ESL program for International Students, the ESL program benefits all students at GDS through the promotion of cultural diversity. International students enrich the educational experience through differing points of view. International students are involved in formal presentations, classroom discussions, and extracurricular activities.

For more information about the ESL program, please contact Don Lahey at

Student Support Services Staff

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