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What types of financial assistance does GDS offer? Does the school give athletic or academic scholarships?

Financial Aid at GDS is solely based on a family’s demonstrated financial need and is offered in the form of a grant, meaning the money does not need to be repaid. This grant is applied toward tuition and laptop expense only.  A committee of staff members considers all financial aid applications in strictest confidence, awarding grants based on a need analysis provided by Financial Aid for School Tuition (FAST) and on other special circumstances explained by the applicant in writing.

Greensboro Day School does not offer athletic scholarships. There are some endowments that offer academic scholarships. For more information about our endowments, please click here.

The school offers several payment options for families. No loans are available through the school.  For more information, please visit the Admissions page of FAQ's here.

How much does the school charge for entrance fee into games?

A fee of $5.00 will be charged to enter and view games at GDS. This fee will be increased for all state tournament games, as this is set by the state association and not GDS. If you join the Bengal Booster Club, a one time $100.00 fee, you receive not only free admission for your entire family to HOME non tournament games, but you also receive priority access to the Haeco Invitational Basketball Tournament in December. Please see the Booster Club link for further information.

What are the Transportation rules?

It is our hope to provide comfortable, spacious, and timely transportation for our student athletes. This can be in the form of a Minibus (14 passenger), School/Activity Bus (28-41 passenger), or a rental tour bus (45-57 Passenger). Return times are tentative. Stopping for food will be limited as it is our goal to return all students as quickly as possible.

Transportation will not be provided to some MS and JV events in Guilford County that take place after 4-4:30pm as most MS and JV students will go home prior to the event.

Students eligible to drive, may do so ONLY for events taking place in Guilford County, and only after notifying their coach.

It is the hope of the Athletic Dept. that students will return home to GDS on the transportation provided. Post game trips, either after a win or loss, builds team unity and strengthens the team for future competition.

However, students may ride home with their parents ONLY after notifying their coach. At no time may a student ride home with anyone other then their own parent.

When can my son or daughter start team sports and what sports are offered each season for specific grade levels?

Greensboro Day School provides a wide selection of opportunities for our students to participate in the Athletics programs. Please see the full list of programs currently offered under the "Program Offerings" link off the Athletic page.

Who can I contact with further questions?

Fred Johnson, AD 288-8597 or 314-4701 
Jon Schner, Asst. A.D. 282-7735 x 707 or 314-4711

When a team travels, will they stop for food, eat at the host school, or do I need to send food with my child?

Please check with your individual coach. Our policy is to limit stops on the road in an effort to get the children home sooner. Some teams will stay and watch the next teams play in order to boost school spirit. During these times we try to be sure the host school will have food available for purchase. It is always a good idea to send a nutritious snack for a child to eat after a long day, as well as provide them with a little spending money.

In the event of bad weather, how will we know if practices or games have been canceled?

All last minute changes will be posted on the Athletics Page. We may send an email to teams and coaches with very short notice changes. All game changes will be made to the main athletic calendar. You can also sign up for an athletics "text alert" that will notify you via a text message of any changes. Click on any of the "bells" you find next to a calendar event, or the alert icon next to a news story to sign up for this feature.

We attempt to make weather related decisions by 1:00 pm if at all possible.

An indoor practice schedule for Varsity teams has been established.

However, due to our limited space, this is a rotational schedule and not all teams can practice indoors on a given day.

What about lightning?

Greensboro Day School follows the NCAA and NATA Lightning Safety Guidelines. This provides a 30 second FLASH to BANG minimum (the time from when you see lightning to the time you hear thunder). If we are below this 30 second minimum, the fields are cleared for a minimum of 30 minutes (depending on subsequent lightning strikes). The Sports Medicine Staff uses a lightning detector as well as real time GDS specific radar to track all storms. The staff has been trained in Hazardous Weather Preparedness and is constantly aware of weather related issues affecting the GDS campus.

Athletics Office Staff


Athletic Director
Director of Boys Basketball Operations
Freddy Johnson
(336) 288-8590, ext. 700
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Assistant Athletic Director
Head of Sports Medicine
US PE/Science 
Jon Schner, LAT-ATC
(336) 288-8590, ext. 707


Assistant to the Athletic Director
Assistant Athletic Trainer
Cheerleading Program Director
Meg Sumner, LAT, ATC
(336) 288-8590 Ext 720


Equipment Manager
Larry Owens
(336) 288-8590, ext. 706

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