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GDS Summer Camps
Greensboro Day School Middle School

Eight Weeks of Summer Fun!

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GDS Summer Camps
Greensboro Day School Preschool

Eight Weeks of Summer Fun!

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GDS Summer Camps
Greensboro Day School Upper School

Eight Weeks of Summer Fun!

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GDS Summer Camps
Greensboro Day School Lower School

Eight Weeks of Summer Fun!

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Why Choose GDS?

Greensboro Day School provides the most dynamic, comprehensive pre-K through 12th grade academic environment in the Triad.

Our mission is to develop the intellectual, ethical, and interpersonal foundations students need to be constructive contributors to the world.

Greensboro Day School preschool

We deliver a dynamic academic program that keeps students interested, active, and engaged.

Academic challenge is matched with support from an expert and caring faculty, ensuring that every student is known as an individual.

Why Choose GDS?

We offer a wide variety of opportunities in extracurriculars, athletics, and the arts.

Students can pursue their passions and discover new ones, learn to work together, and build lasting friendships.

Why Choose GDS?

We inspire young people to think critically, find their voice, and be the best version of themselves.

Our community is based on the shared values of respect, kindness, integrity, and responsibility.



Students from age two to grade twelve

Our families come from 54 different ZIP codes, and 32% identify as students of color.


Acre campus

Our campus is home to four academic buildings, several playing fields, tennis courts, an outdoor classroom and learning pond, a 600-seat theatre, and a 250-seat black box theatre.




Our teachers love children and are committed to helping them reach their full potential. 65% hold advanced degrees.



Students in an average class

Small classes mean each student is known as an individual and challenged to reach their full potential.



AP classes

Last year, 153 students took 414 AP exams. 87% scored 3 or higher.


Total college acceptances for the class of 2023

77 seniors matriculated to 44 different colleges in 20 different states.



percent of GDS families receive need-based financial assistance

More than $2 million is allocated for financial assistance each year.



Bengal athletic teams

Bengal teams and athletes have won 44 state championships and 177 conference championships.



Greensboro Day School

Greensboro Day School (GDS) is a private, coeducational school with approximately 950 students from age two to grade twelve. We are located on a beautiful 72-acre campus in Greensboro, North Carolina.

Since our founding in 1970, we have earned a reputation for academic excellence by offering the best, most well-rounded educational experience in the Triad.

Rishal Sood, Class of 2023

Attending GDS has been, and forever will be, a decision I won’t regret. Not only has GDS prepared me exceptionally well for college and beyond, but it has also helped me create lifelong relationships that I will continue to cherish.

Stephanie Marshall Thompson

GDS gives autonomy to students to shape their own experiences. This is crucial to becoming an effective leader later in life. GDS taught me the value of public speaking and organizational skills and the confidence to tackle any challenge. 

Molly Levinson

My teachers inspired me because they challenged me every step of the way, but they also believed in me. GDS gave me many opportunities for leadership. It was a place where I learned to love being on a great team, setting goals, and working together to achieve them.

Aditya Badve

At GDS, students are treated as individuals, not just numbers. While a student, I grew my confidence while taking advantage of learning opportunities in and out of the classroom. I learned to never say no to something new and how to advocate for myself.

Allie Bensimhon, Class of 2023

I’ve been at GDS since kindergarten, and I love the community here— I wish I didn’t have to leave! GDS has shaped me as a person, and I wouldn’t be who I am today without all the amazing people I met there.


Parr Family

Before the start of the varsity baseball game on May 2, Head Baseball Coach Kyle Gilmer and Head of School Dr. Tracie Catlett joined the Parr family on Elingburg Field for a special ceremony.

Greensboro Day School Sloany Awards

Greensboro Day School’s annual Sloany Awards were held on April 25 in the Sloan Theatre. This event is hosted by the drama department and recognizes students who have distinguished themselves on stage or behind the scenes.

Greensboro Day School Class of 2024

On April 25, the class of 2024 celebrated their college destinations at Rock Your College Shirt Day, organized by the College Counseling Office.

Greensboro Day School Bengal Dash

We were thrilled to welcome runners and walkers to campus on April 27 for the annual Bengal Dash! We had a great turnout for the 5K Run/Walk, and the Kids’ Obstacle Course Fun Run once again proved to be a big hit.

Greensboro Day School Civics

GDS parents Denise Roth (who is also a member of the GDS Board of Trustees) and Chip Roth visited Mark Catlett’s upper school Civics class this week to discuss careers that have a significant impact on society and the community one lives in.