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Health Forms

Please enter the required health information in your Magnus Health account for each child attending Greensboro Day School. This must be completed by August 9, 2023.

Health Forms & Magnus Health

GDS uses the Magnus Health SMR electronic health record (EHR) for all student medical information. We ask that you enter the health information required within your Magnus Health account for each child attending Greensboro Day School.

Please reserve 20–30 minutes per child, depending on your particular circumstances. For current families, we ask that you review and update your child’s health information. New families will need to enter their health information into the system, but the good news is that you will not have to repeat this work next year. Your data is securely stored, so going forward you will simply provide updates to the record as needed. You will receive weekly reminders as long as there are outstanding items in your account.

All sports physicals, medication authorization forms, and non-prescription medication forms must be uploaded directly into the portal after being signed by your child’s physician.

How to Access your Magnus Health Account

Log in to your myGDS account, click the Resources tab, and then click on the Magnus Health tile. The video below will walk you through the process.

Checklist of Items Required Annually

  1. Vital Health Record
  2. Conditional Questions
  3. Consent to treat
  4. Over-the-counter Medication Form (Physician Signature Required)
  5. Prescription Medication Form. List all prescription medications even if not administered at school. (Physician Signature Required)
  6. Immunization Record for students entering kindergarten, seventh grade and twelfth grade, as well as all new students
  7. Sports Physical Form (only if your child will be playing a sport)
  8. Athletic Participation Form (only if your child will be playing a sport)
  9. Asthma Action Plan Form (if applicable)
  10. Food Allergy Action Plan Form ( if applicable)
  11. Diabetes Action Plan Form (if applicable)
  12. Seizure Action Plan Form (if applicable)

Required Immunizations

Contact Us

Linda Register

Linda Register

Class of 1979
Director of Health Services
Renee Kuzma

Renee Kuzma

School Nurse

Magnus Support

If you are having difficulty navigating the Magnus system; entering data online; or downloading the hardcopy cover sheets and forms; or if you have any other questions, please contact customer support at Magnus Health SMR through the links below.

Call Magnus Support

Email Magnus Support

Other Resources

Magnus Health Page for Parents

Magnus Privacy & Security Page