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Campus Health

Greensboro Day School utilizes multiple layers of mitigation to reduce the risk of communicable disease transmission on campus.

As we live through the current phase of COVID-19—one that includes readily available home tests, the discontinuation of school-based contact tracing, and access to COVID vaccines for all ages—our Health Center protocols will treat cases of COVID-19 as we would any communicable disease, such as influenza.

Our Operations Plan for communicable disease is guided by the following priorities:

  • Health and safety of our students and employees 
  • Academic excellence
  • Minimized disruptions
  • Reassurance and peace of mind for our parents and families

To reduce the risk of disease transmission on campus, our mitigation strategies include

  • Air filtration via our Global Plasma Solutions Air Purification System.
  • Hand hygiene and respiratory hygiene
  • Careful classroom cleaning

GDS Health Center

Renee Kuzma

Renee Kuzma

School Nurse