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Welcome to Fifth Grade Forward!

Middle School is a time of great change - physically, social-emotionally, and intellectually. Fifth Grade Forward is a Middle School program for supporting student well-being and academic success through executive functioning, self-advocacy, mindfulness, and neuroscience education

Learning how to learn is absent from most traditional middle school programs. Greensboro Day School’s unique fifth-grade program launches students forward, with the skills and strategies necessary for success in middle school and beyond. Those skills and strategies include:

  • Executive Functioning: developing skills to help with attention, organization, planning, self-control, etc.
  • Neuroscience: learning about brain development and its impact on intellectual growth and maturity
  • Character Development: understanding empathy, citizenship, respect, responsibility and identity formation
  • Physical Well-being: discerning how exercise and diet influence mind and body
  • Mindfulness: focussing attention on experiences, feelings and thoughts to reduce stress and anxiety and increase mental well-being
  • Digital Well-being: being a responsible citizen in our digital world
The capacity to pay attention is foundational for the ability to learn. When schools cultivate attentional capacity, they are teaching a life skill and laying the foundation for purposeful learning and academic success. ~ Dr. Kirke Olson, noted independent school psychologist
Greensboro Day School develops the intellectual, ethical, and interpersonal foundations students need to become constructive contributors to the world.