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Upper School (Grades 9-12)

Congratulations, Class of 2020!

Class of 2020: You have some unfinished business with the world. We can't wait to see the impact you will have on the greater good. Your hard work, resilience, and can-do attitude makes us all proud of you. We love you.
Forever a Bengal, Tracie Catlett 

Dear Class of 2020, I miss seeing each and every one of you! Whether it was in my classroom, the halls, on a court or field, or in the Bengal Cafe I enjoyed watching you all transform into accomplished, mature, and fun (!) leaders of Greensboro Day School. I hope you will take all of the lessons you learned, relationships you developed, and hardships you endured (including during this historic time) to build the foundation for your future to stand upon. Best wishes to you all for a safe, fulfilling, adventurous new chapter!
- Mrs. Hill

Class of 2020 - You are not forgotten. We are thinking of you. We care about you. We are here for you. We see your hard work and we value your unique perspectives. There is nothing we can say or do to make up for the time and wonderful experiences you are losing. But, you have the power to make the most out of this unfortunate situation. You are resilient, creative and innovative. Keep your head up and keep forging your path. You provide so much hope for our future. We love you and can't wait to see where life takes you
-- Denise Johnson

Every senior class is special, but the Class of 2020 is extra-special to me. Not only is my daughter in this class, but I've been to your birthday parties, hosted sleepovers at my house with some of you, and watched you grow up in so many ways! I've enjoyed getting to know all of you and working with you. Best wishes next year and always!
- Susan Doss

"What you permit, you promote"
- Schner Bear

You have really shown up in a time of adversity. Great job! 
- Jason Thomas

My hope and prayer for each of you is that the beauty, the difficulty, and everything in-between that resulted from the unforeseen end to your senior year at GDS will make you a stronger, more resilient, & more compassionately curious generation that brings betterment to our community and world. Go live your dreams, class of 2020 & be sure to keep in touch!
- Mary Goins

I have such fond memories of those of you who were at GDS in Lower School. You were smart, hard-working, and lots of fun - It was such a pleasure to teach you and to learn along with you. I wish you all the best in your next endeavors. I know that you will make a difference in this world and I look forward to hearing your stories. Much love to you!
- Nancy Teague

2020 毕业生! 本想最后来个大合照,却就这样见你渐行渐远。回顾过去几年,看见你们的成长,看见你们的挣扎,看见你们的喜悦。有时候虽是远远地看,对你们总是心疼。但你们又是如此的坚毅。在在的表现无比的执着,稳重。 好为你们高兴。高兴你们几年的努力与付出,现在双手满满的成果。欣慰! 感叹!想给你们我诚挚的祝福,想给你们拥抱!想你们!
- Faye Valoris

Class of 2020--I've always been inspired by your toughness. Toughness in the classroom, toughness on the court or field or stage, toughness out in the woods, but even more than that I’m impressed with the toughness you’ve exhibited during this trying time. I will forever remember the infectious laughter, the challenging conversations, the beautiful projects and writing pieces, the heartfelt friendships, and the growth that you’ve all displayed over the last four years. Please know that I am thinking of you during this time and I cannot wait to celebrate each of every one of you, to reminisce about our time together, and to acknowledge your impact both on GDS and beyond.
-- Mara Montana

Dear Class of 2020, You will always hold a special place in my heart. For many of you, not only did I get to have you once in 4th grade but again in 7th grade. When I had you in 4th grade, that was when I found out I was having a baby, and then many of you got to see Bryce years later as he was a crazy toddler. 💚 I also was afforded the chance to coach some of my favorite girls in tennis. So many memories and such fun times. I have loved reading about all of your accomplishments on the GDS website, through your parents on FB, and seeing you grow up before my eyes on IG. I was planning to come back for graduation this year before all of this happened, but will be there for sure when it is rescheduled. I can’t wait to see the amazing things that lie ahead for you and the contributions you will make to this world. 💚
- Mrs. Judy

Class of 2020, I was lucky enough to teach some of you in First grade for the first few months of school before I moved to Italy. You were a great group of kids and you have accomplished so much since then. Congratulations and good luck as you start your new journey!
- Louise Lambertson

Class of 2020--you have it all! Intelligence, humor, class, empathy, determination. You have everything you need to succeed! I have truly loved working with all of you, and wish you health, love, joy and all the best things in life. You will always be a special group to me--I'm retiring this year, and you're my last group of seniors. I was honored to spend this time with you. Congratulations!
- Ruthie Tutterow

Congratulations Class of 2020. These last few months have been challenging, but you have come through impressively! Look forward to seeing you in person again!
- Tom Szott
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