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"Greensboro Day School prepared me for the college work load. I learned effective time management skills and have been able to finish my papers and projects before they are due." Pearce Landry, GDS Class of 2017, Morehead Cain Scholar, UNC-Chapel Hill '21.

"Greensboro Day School prepared me to be a leader." Laura Tutterow, GDS Class of 2017, Appalachian State University '21.
"I wanted to thank the entire GDS staff for helping Brian achieve the Dean's List at the University of South Carolina. It is the foundation that you laid that helped him make this possible. Thank you to each and every teacher, advisor and coach who taught him to be the best he can be." Stephanie Apple, parent of Brian '16.
"Greensboro Day School offered early childhood classes that were exceptional with seasoned teachers and small class sizes. The GDS community welcomed our son with school wide events -- art shows, plays, festivals, and made the transition to "big school" a seamless process. Greensboro Day School teaches to each child in small groups and to their specific learning level, whether they excel in reading or math your child will feel progress while being challenged. Our child's focus and confidence has grown through the wonderful Suzuki violin program which is taught at the school by talented teachers who are true musicians. The joy of learning and growth is easy to find in every classroom at Greensboro Day School!" Rebecca Coltrane, parent of Chasen '28.

The academic rigor of Greensboro Day School has prepared me well for college." Cannon Robinson, GDS Class of 2017, University of Virginia '21.

“GDS has given our son the confidence of making positive decisions that will not only impact his life now, but in the future.” Robin and Morris and Jeffreys, parents of Matt ‘21.

“We enrolled 2 of our 3 daughters last year at GDS. Because of their experience we brought our 3rd daughter this year. After only one week of class, she loves it! She told me last night how different the teachers are at GDS and how much they care. She said that “the students want to learn and other kids just do not understand what they're missing by not being here at Greensboro Day School.” David Wyrick, parent of Katherine '20, Caroline '21, and Liz '25.
"The main difference between high school and college is the amount of independent study that is expected at college.  I feel very prepared for that because of my GDS background." Grace Sherrill, GDS Class of 2016, Dartmouth College.

“I fully credit my exposure to the fine and performing arts--including the thrill of production, attention to detail, aesthetic appreciation, and so much more--as leading me over and over again to the joys of professional theater.  My teachers at Greensboro Day School taught me how to seek out, and encouraged me to explore, the intersection of my skills, interests, and potential. I have never been so happy learning, or as personally motivated to grow, as my years at GDS. “ Mike Megliola ’00 Professional Lighting Designer, New York, NY

"Thank you to my teachers at Greensboro Day School. Your help in high school allowed me to finish by upper-level Spanish class with an A. This is something I wouldn't have been able to achieve without all of the amazing teachers and guidance." Sam Dell, GDS Class of 2018, Centre College 

"I was so prepared for college because of my GDS education.  I can handle the workload and the exams, and I'm not intimidated to talk to my professors.  I know that's because of our smaller class sizes at GDS." Anisha Sharma, GDS Class of 2016, Wilson Scholar at Appalachian State University.

"While my younger self may not have recognized the importance of some of the values faculty and staff at Greensboro Day School worked hard to instill in the student body, I certainly do now." Whitney Marshall ’04, Attorney, TV One 
“Taking Physics C was one of the best choices I made in high school. Not only was it an interesting and challenging class that was taught well, but it allowed me to skip some really tough classes at UNC. Courses at GDS were challenging and required time management, more so than other high schools. That better prepared me for the work load in college.” Haley Peck, GDS Class of 2012, UNC-Chapel Hill.

“I feel that the workload of the classes I took at GDS taught me the value of time management and how to effectively do my work”. Janse Schermerhorn, GDS Class of 2014, Franklin and Marshall College.

"Greensboro Day School prepared me to convey my thoughts and ideas in a coherent and effective manner." John Ball, GDS Class of 2017, Duke University '21. 

“Caitlyn’s education at Greensboro Day School, and her Senior Project in particular, has helped her immensely. She did her project at VF Corporation which led her to study in the College of Textiles at NC State as a fashion business/marketing major. She has started her own online clothing business while a student. Her experience at GDS with the emphasis on class discussion and public speaking, and at VF, helped train her to speak in front of groups and now, organizations in Raleigh are paying her to give presentations because she does such outstanding job. She has also been on Dean’s List both semesters!” Bob Murray, Father of Caitlyn ‘16, NC State University.

“My competence with computers and technology was much stronger that other students at Clemson. My preparation was so much better.” Clayton Wilson, GDS Class of 2013, Clemson University.

“The challenging workload and thus the resulting need to work independently gave me an advantage in study habits and work ethic significantly better than my college classmates. In addition my math teachers did an extremely good job at preparing me for college math and statistics, respectively. They also challenged me to work harder and study efficiently, which has benefited me greatly throughout college.”  Eric Rosenbower, GDS Class of 2014, UCLA.

“GDS prepared me exceptionally well for UNC. In particular I found my AB calculus class significantly more difficult than any math classes I have taken here (I have taken 10 additional math classes). My teachers gave me a fantastic foundation in math which I use every day.” Hailey Jacob, GDS Class of 2012, UNC-Chapel Hill.

“I definitely had a much better understanding of technology than some classmates. My math background well exceeded a lot of peers. I also knew how to write essays at a college level without having to be taught.” Courtney Key, GDS Class of 2013, UNC-Chapel Hill.

“The freedom GDS gave its students and well as the small classrooms to cultivate teacher-student relationships greatly helped me to thrive and do well in college. I can work independently and manage my time better than most students. I also have the social skills to be able to approach my professors and create relationships with them as well. I know how to use technology which a lot of my peers seem to not know how to do. The level of maturity and respect we students received at GDS made us feel like adults and a lot of my peers came from schools who did not have that hence they are significantly less socially mature and don't do well in class. Because of GDS I am very prepared for college. My stress levels are significantly less than my peers who were underprepared from their high schools. I definitely consider myself to be one of the most prepared students in my class and have shown through my grades that I came in with the tools and skill set to succeed. Thanks GDS!” Jamie Kleckowski, GDS Class of 2014, Eckerd College.

“The sense of community I experienced while at GDS taught me how to reach out to people and find my own support system of friends and teachers. In college, having that support system makes all the difference between being a student who is merely going through the motions and a student who has a fantastic school experience.” Katie Glaser, GDS Class of 2016, Georgetown University.

Greensboro Day taught me to take risks. When I stumbled and fell, GDS was there to pick me up. My teachers and classmates were there to encourage and to support me along the way. When I left to attend Gettysburg College I was terrified, but I knew I still had a team of people behind me from Greensboro Day. Fellow classmates at Gettysburg were afraid to branch out and take those classes that could give them poor grades. They were afraid to expand their views. I attribute my thirst for knowledge to those years at GDS and if I went to other high schools I would not come out the curious person I am today.” Alex Paris, GDS Class of 2015, Gettyburg College.
Greensboro Day School develops the intellectual, ethical, and interpersonal foundations students need to become constructive contributors to the world.