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There are many opportunities available for our alumni to stay involved at Greensboro Day School. We hope that each of you will take the time to consider getting involved in one of the below positions. For more information or if you have any questions regarding these positions, please contact Michael Sumner '04, Director of Alumni Engagement and Giving, at michaelsumner@greensboroday.org or 336-288-8590 ext. 210.

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  • Ways to Get Involved

    The attachment to Greensboro Day School among our alumni is a strong tradition and there are a number of ways GDS alumni can remain connected to the school.  Below are just a few suggestions:
    • Help organize alumni chapters outside the Greensboro area. There are GDS Alumni Chapters in New York City, Washington, D.C., San Francisco, Atlanta, Charlotte and Raleigh.  In areas where there's even a small concentration of alumni or friends, it's important to let people know about GDS.
    • Put GDS on the "radar screen" for individuals you know who are searching for a better overall educational opportunity.
    • Send your own children to GDS to receive the very best education in the area and help them follow in your footsteps as your Bengal Legacy.  
    • Make a gift to the Annual Fund.  The Annual Fund directly supports faculty and students. It provides the school with the essential dollars necessary for program enhancements and offerings that cannot be received at other schools in this area.
    • Make a Planned or Capital Gift to Greensboro Day School to help enhance the continued sustainability of the school. Whether supporting a capital project or helping to increase the Endowment, these gifts are vital to the future of GDS.
    • Participate in the annual Alumni Giving Day by helping to contact other members of your class to join you. Try to raise your class's percentage of participation each year and win the annual Class Giving Competition each March!
    • Attend a Bengal athletic event.
    • Become a "Bengal Booster" Created to build school spirit and provide additional support for students involved in athletics. All parents, past parents, alumni, grandparents, and friends of GDS are invited to take their school pride to a whole new level by becoming a Bengal Booster.
    • Attend one of our Fine Arts events. Plays, choir concerts, band concerts, and dance performances are held throughout the academic year.
    • Become a MAD Society Member. Created to build school spirit and provide additional support for students involved in the Fine Arts. All parents, past parents, alumni, grandparents, and friends of GDS are invited to take their support of the fine arts by becoming a  MAD Society Member. 
    • Participate in Alumni Weekend activities.
    • Serve on the Alumni Board.
    • Serve as a class agent.
    • Write alumni articles and profiles for the GDS Magazine.
  • Alumni Board

    The purpose of the Alumni Association is to aid and assist Greensboro Day School by carrying out projects and undertakings adopted by the Alumni Board. Such projects shall be directed toward encouraging fellowship and friendship among members of the Association and to foster goodwill between members of the Association and others towards Greensboro Day School.  The Alumni Board shall manage the affairs of the Alumni Association. In managing the affairs of the association, the Alumni Board shall have the power and authority to transact all matters of business concerning the association.
    Members of the Alumni Board shall:      
    • Attend Board meetings and various events sponsored by the Board throughout the year;
    • Assist in recruiting persons to attend and support event sponsored by the Board and other alumni activities;
    • Ensure the sustainability of the Annual Fund by both personal contribution and seeking support from members; and
    • Demonstrate leadership by serving, or chairing, Alumni Board committees.
    The Alumni Board has an Executive Committee made up of the President, President –Elect, Past-President and Secretary. Please click here to read about the responsibilities of each of these positions.
    The Alumni Board has 5 sub-committees (1 year term):
    • Social: Help plan and coordinate our local events including Wine Tasting, Homecoming, and Reunion Weekend.
    • Service: Help plan and coordinate our service opportunities such as Paws 4 Service, Bengal Dash, College Mentoring, Teacher Appreciation Events, Baby Bibs, etc.
    • Annual Fund: Help make calls, encourage others to give back, recruit volunteers for call nights, assist with any and all Alumni Division Annual Fund projects.
    • Marketing: Help market social media, Update GDS fact card, etc.
    • Awards: Conduct research to find alumni who would be good candidates for our distinguished alumni awards.
    Board Members serve a 3-year term and may serve up to 3 consecutive terms.
  • Class Agent

    The primary responsibility of the class agent is to be in contact with his/her class, for the purposes of maintaining accurate information for Alumni Databases and Publications. In addition, the agent may be asked to assist with class reunions. Other responsibilities include:
    • Maintains strong awareness of alumni and current school activities by periodically visiting the school and staying in close communication with the alumni office
    • Serves as liaison between classmates and school
    • Participates in alumni activities and encourages classmates to join in
    • Keeps the school informed of address and employment changes, as well as other news from classmates
    • Promotes the importance of alumni giving by making a gift to the annual fund and soliciting others in their class to do so
    • Helps locate lost alumni
    • Helps plan class reunions
    Class Agents serve a 2 year term and may serve as many consecutive terms as they would like.
  • Reunion Chair

    Reunions are held on every 5th anniversary of the graduating class during Reunion Weekend. We need 3-4 people to help plan those reunions. Responsibilities include:
    • Host the reunion at your house or find a suitable establishment for the reunion
    • Gather updated contact information of your class (with the help of your Class Agent)
      • Inform Director of Alumni Programs of new addresses for invitation mailing
      • Market the reunion via Facebook and other resources
      • Attend the reunion event
    Reunion Chairs serve a 1 year term (the year of their reunion) and may serve as the chair every 5 years for their reunion.
  • Regional Chapter Leader

    Greensboro Day School Alumni are literally spread around the world. In an effort to better serve our alumni, we have established regional chapters.
    Each chapter needs a leader. This person needs to be willing to:
    • Communicate with those in his/her chapter serving as a liaison between GDS and your chapter
    Organize 1-2 events in the area (one hopefully will be a service event)
    • Join the chapter board meetings via phone (4 or 5 per year) to discuss concerns, gather ideas, etc.
    • Make a donation to the annual fund
    • Solicit your chapter for the annual fund
    Building chapters is the key to the future of the GDS Alumni Association, and having the right leader(s) will make this goal a reality. Regional Chapter Leaders serve a 3 year term and may serve up to 3 consecutive terms.
  • Freelance Writers for the GDS Magazine

    We are always looking for freelance writers for the GDS Magazine. Whether there is a story you know about that you would like to write to include in the magazine or want to be notified when there is a story we would like written, let us know and we will add you to our list of alumni freelance writers!
  • Paws 4 Service

    Each year, our alumni gather in various locations to do a service project. We will let you know when and where these opportunities are held. Please sign up to volunteer when they are announced.
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