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Visual Arts

The visual arts program at Greensboro Day School helps students master the basic skills and fundamental techniques of art production while also building confidence and the ability to appreciate and think critically about art.

The visual arts are woven into our curriculum from the earliest grades. Students take visual arts classes throughout Lower and Middle School, with an option for Ceramics in eighth grade.

Upper school students can choose from a wide variety of electives such as Drawing and Painting, Ceramics, Design, Photography, and Filmmaking.

Whether they are working with a lump of clay, paint on a canvas, or pixels on a computer screen, our program provides students with an appreciation for the arts and a passion for creative expression.

Student Art Gallery

Mixed media portrait of a man in profile

Keke (12th Grade)

Colorful pop art style painting

Garland (12th Grade)

Pastel painting of women's faces layered over newsprint

Greta (12th Grade)

Photograph of a young woman's silhouette in front of a fire

Zoe (12th Grade)

Ceramic teapot

Jack (11th Grade)

Black and white photo of a glass and its shadow

Zoe (12th Grade)

Collage painting with a hand

Ada (11th Grade)

Blue, yellow, and red abstract geometric painting

Will (8th Grade)

Microphotograph of swirling blue dots

Kyle (12th Grade)

Ceramic vase with coral-like elements at the top

Grace (12th Grade)

Blue self portrait print

Jack (8th Grade)

Painting of red hearts and yellow suns on a green background

Kyla (8th Grade)

Painting of a gumball machine

Aimee (2nd Grade)

Colorful self portrait painting

Emma (Bitty Bengals)

Rainbow heart painting

Merritt (JK)

Colorful treehouse collage artwork

Annie (3rd Grade)

Brightly colored painting of a bengal tiger