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Annual Athletics Awards

Participation on any athletic team is a privilege, and wearing a Bengal uniform carries expectations of honor, integrity, and a desire to strive for excellence.

Quality communication is key to our success, and we are always looking for ways to improve our information distribution. The athletic department and its coaching staff will strive to provide your children with the best experiences through athletics while always representing Greensboro Day School in a positive manner.
Annual Athletic Student Awards

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  • The Athlete of the Year

    Each year our Varsity Head Coaches, from all 3 seasons, gather and nominate student athletes for possible recognition as Athlete of the Year.  

    To nominate a student athlete, all Varsity Head Coaches are reminded that a candidate must be at least a 2 sport Athlete and someone who stands out on a team they participate on.  

    To stand out on the team, might include leadership, honesty, integrity, as well as athletic excellence. But the candidate must also always represent GDS in a positive manner, and show great sportsmanship during and after competition.  We also look for a student athlete who shows high academic effort.

    And of course, the student athlete must reach a high level of Athletic Excellence.  This could be in the form of awards from coaches, the school, the conference, the state, or the region.

    Once the coaches have discussed the nominations, and debated all the candidates, each Coach gets to cast a single vote for a Male and a Female athlete of the Year.

  • The Carlton Harris Award

    This award, given annually to a GDS student athlete, is named for Carlton M. Harris Jr. who was a member of Greensboro Day School’s Class of 1976 and who played tennis at Notre Dame, where the same award is given annually in his honor to a deserving Notre Dame student athlete.

    When speaking of Carlton, math teacher Kathy Davis said: “As a student at GDS, Carlton was loved and respected by his classmates and teachers.  Carlton worked hard in the classroom and on the tennis courts.  But, I mainly remember Carlton as a fun loving young man who made his classmates laugh and enjoyed life.  He wanted to make others happy and went out of his way to do exactly that.  I remember walking through the commons to see Carlton standing in the middle of his friends with that big smile.  He brought a lot of joy to our campus as an athlete and as a student but the most joy came from his friendships.”
  • The Davis Richmond Award

    The Davis Richmond Award is given to a member of the Varsity Girls’ Basketball Team who strives to always do her best in everything she does while participating in athletic events.  This player exemplifies hard work and dedication to her sport, and always demonstrates a positive attitude toward her team and coaches.
  • The FACEOFF Award

    FACEOFF is an acronym for:
    • Fundamentals
    • Academics
    • Competition
    • Excellence
    • Overachievement
    • Friendship
    • Fidelity
    The FACEOFF Award is established to recognize a junior or senior lacrosse player who represents excellence in both scholarship and sportsmanship as a member of the Greensboro Day School boy’s lacrosse team.
  • The John Woods Award

    Jon Woods was a member of Greensboro Day Schools class of 1978.  During his time as a student here at GDS, Jon assumed the role of “Athletic Everything”.  As a student he found so many ways to support the Athletic Department that he could easily have been given the title of Assistant Athletic Director.

    In honor of that level of commitment and energy, each year a deserving student is chosen to receive recognition in honor of Jon Woods.

    To be eligible, we look for a student who has supported our athletic program in many different ways and with many different sports.  We also look for energy and excitement from the student in our wins and support during our losses.
  • The Molly Brenner Award

    The Molly Brenner Award is given annually to a student basketball manager who exceeds coach’s expectations and shows extraordinary dedication to the School’s basketball program.  The award is named in honor of Molly Brenner ‘05, whose enthusiasm and selfless dedication to the GDS basketball program led to her success as the varsity basketball manager at the University of North Carolina. 
Annual Athletic Coaches/Faculty Awards

List of 2 items.

  • The Frank Brenner Award

    The Frank Brenner annual award is given to a Coach in recognition of their high level of dedication and commitment to excellence within the Greensboro Day School Athletic Department.  The recipient of this award will be granted support to attend Coaching Clinics and additional education.  
  • The O.B Teague "Handshake" Award

    Established 2000, in honor of O. B. Teague, Jr. for his dedication to the Greensboro Day School community and his support of the athletic program.  This award recognizes a person who has contributed greatly to the athletic program as a Greensboro Day School coach or faculty member. 
Our 65-acre campus is home to some of the best athletic facilities in the Piedmont Triad. 

Greensboro Day School is a member of P.T.A.C., The Piedmont Triad Athletic Conference  and is also a member of the  North Carolina Athletic Association of Independent Schools or N.C.I.S.A.A. 
Friendship - Scholarship - Sportsmanship
Greensboro Day School develops the intellectual, ethical, and interpersonal foundations students need to become constructive contributors to the world.