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Athletic Covid-19 Policies and Procedures

The Athletic Department wishes to clarify the COVID-19 policies and policies and procedures.  Under the Covid - 19 2021-22 Operations plan, GDS is currently following the Plan BLUE.  These protocols, procedures, and expectations are in place for all practices and competition with other schools.  
As a school, athletic department, we all need to work to support these policies to help ensure that we can continue to participate in athletics.

List of 5 frequently asked questions.

  • Q: Masks for Athletes?

    AS of December 1, 2021

    For students ages 5 and older who choose to actively engage in rigorous physical activity during after-school hours (athletics and extracurricular sports), face coverings are optional, beginning December 1

    • This protocol is aligned with guidance from the North Carolina Independent Schools Athletic Association (NCISAA).
    • This protocol is subject to change at any time based on community positivity rate and/or NCISAA protocols.
    • Spectators are still required to wear masks during all indoor events.
    • Players, coaches, and support staff are required to wear masks on the bench, during stretching, at team meetings, and when on the bus traveling to and from a game.

    - When outdoors, masks are not needed.

    - Indoor athletes are permitted to remove their mask to get water, and then are required to mask up. 

    - All athletes on bus transportation must be in a mask.  No eating will be allowed on the bus.

    - No sharing of masks.
  • Q: Masks for Coaches?

    - Coaches are to remain in a mask/face covering at all times. 

  • Q: Hand Cleaning?

    - The Athletic Department is providing hand sanitizer. 

    - Athletes will be required to sanitize hands as they begin practice, at all water breaks, and at the end of practice.

    - Please also encourage frequent hand washing.

  • Q: Locker rooms?

    - Locker room use will be restricted.  A maximum number of students (supervised) will be permitted to use the locker room at any given time to change cloths or use the bathroom.  Mask use is required.

  • Q: Are spectators permitted to attend?

    Fans are currently permitted to attend and are required to wear a mask when indoors.

    The Soccer Field, Field Hockey Field, Dillard Gym, and Aux. Gym have camera systems for Livestreaming games via the NFHSNetwork.com (subscription required).

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