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Athletic Covid-19 Policies and Procedures

The Athletic Department wishes to clarify the COVID-19 policies and policies and procedures.  Under the Covid - 19 2021-22 Operations plan, GDS is currently following the Plan BLUE.  These protocols, procedures, and expectations are in place for all practices and competition with other schools.  
As a school, athletic department, we all need to work to support these policies to help ensure that we can continue to participate in athletics.

List of 6 frequently asked questions.

  • Q: Masks for Athletes?

    - Masks are to be worn at all times when indoors, even during competition. 

    - When outdoors, masks are not needed and should be worn at times when athletes are not able to maintain social distancing.

    - Indoor athletes are permitted to remove their mask to get water, and then are required to mask up. 

    - All athletes on bus transportation must be in a mask.  No eating will be allowed on the bus.

    - No sharing of masks.
  • Q: Masks for Coaches?

    - Coaches are to remain in a mask/face covering at all times. 

  • Q: Social Distancing in Athletics?

    - When not in competition we will socially distance 3 feet or more.

    - Coaches will provide reminders to athletes and others.

    - Attention must be paid to water breaks, time outs, halftimes, post-race, mid match, etc. 

    - Those not in competition or those waiting will socially distance.
  • Q: Hand Cleaning?

    - The Athletic Department is providing hand sanitizer. 

    - Athletes will be required to sanitize hands as they begin practice, at all water breaks, and at the end of practice.

    - Please also encourage frequent hand washing.

  • Q: Locker rooms, gear, bags?

    - Locker room use will be restricted.  A maximum number of students (supervised) will be permitted to use the locker room at any given time to change cloths or use the bathroom.  Mask use is required.

    - Personal items are not permitted to be left in the locker rooms.  

    We ask students to place bags and personal items a minimum of 3 feet apart. 

  • Q: Are spectators permitted to attend?

    Fans are currently permitted to attend following all mask and social distancing protocols.  

    The Soccer Field, Field Hockey Field, Dillard Gym, and Aux. Gym have camera systems for Livestreaming games via the NFHSNetwork.com (subscription required).

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