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Athletic Questions and Answers

List of 17 frequently asked questions.

  • Q: How does my child join a team?

    Joining an athletic team at Greensboro Day School is as easy as showing interest. Click here to indicate your interest in playing on a fall 2022 team. You can also reach out to the team coach. Click here for a list of GDS athletic teams, then click the team name to find the coach's contact information. Students must participate in five practices prior to participating in a game/match.
  • Q: Are there fees for participation?

    There are no direct fees to participate in athletics. However, you could see some additional costs for athletic apparel items purchased in our Bengal Bookstore.  Additionally, if your varsity team stays overnight, you could see some additional charges for hotel costs.
  • Q: Uh oh.....I saw the Online Team Ordering page, but I missed the deadline for ordering my child's team items....  What do I do?

    The benefit of ordering before the Team Store closes is items offered are discounted.  The store needs to close in order to get the items consolidated and shipped to arrive by the start of the season.

    You can order the majority of the needed items from the regular GDS online store.  Any customization is available by using the White Button "Other Designs Available" and selecting your sport.

    For additional questions related to orders, please reach out to Jon Schner in the Athletic Department  jonschner@greensboroday.org
  • Q: Will there be try-outs for the teams?

    At Greensboro Day School we encourage all students to participate within our Athletic Program.  There are not set try-outs, but we often have pre-season workouts to help gauge student interest and abilities.  We will align student athletes to a level of play that will allow them to see the greatest success and development of their abilities.
  • Q: Will there be cuts from the team?

    Greensboro Day School athletics prides itself on a no cut policy.  From the MS teams to the Varsity teams, we work diligently to see that all students have the ability to participate.  At times however, transportation limitations may restrict students traveling to away games.  
  • Q: At what age can my child begin athletics at Greensboro Day School?

    Athletic Participation can begin as early as 5th grade.  Please visit the Athletic Programs Overview for specifics.
  • Q: Are there athletic restrictions for poor academic performance?

    Our Coaches put academics first and will strive to stay alert to any academic concerns.   Coaches are willing to work with the student, teacher, and family to do what is best for academic success and continued participation.

    US Family Handbook:

    Academic probation:
    If a student receives a grade of 70 or below at the end of a semester, he or she will be placed on academic probation. In addition to the steps taken above, students placed on academic probation will:
       • Attend a parent-teacher conference facilitated by the student’s advisor

       • Adhere to an academic action plan to address areas of ongoing concern
  • Q: Is my child guaranteed equal playing time?

    There is no guarantee of equal playing time at any level within the athletic program.  On a MS team, the focus is on skill development and an opportunity to participate during competition.  Everyone will be given an opportunity to participate during a given season.  
  • Q: What if my child is injured in athletics?

    Greensboro Day School as a nationally recognized Sports Medicine care program for our athletes.  Please visit the Athletic Training - Sports Medicine page for further information.  Our Sports Medicine staff works closely with our school Nurse and local Physicians.  We are fortunate to have Murphy Wainer Orthopedics as our Team Physician group.
  • Q: If my child is late to school, can they still attend and participate in athletics?

    Family Handbook:

    Athletes who are absent from school on game days (i.e., who arrive at school after 10 a.m. and so are present for less than one-half of the day) are not eligible for that day's game. 

    *Some situations such as doctor visit or college visit could be excused by the Administration.

  • Q: Why am I not getting the Team Announcenments or Alerts?

    There are 2 reasons you may not be getting the Team information:

    1.  Your child is not listed on the Roster for the team.  If this is the case, reach out to the Coach or to Jonschner@greensboroday.org

    2.  You may not have your Notifications turned on correctly in MyGDS.  Please login into MyGDS and find your name in the top right corner.  Select the drop down menu and then click Settings.  Select Notifications on the far left.  This will provide you with the opportunity to edit what information you receive and how you receive it.  The Announcement section must be edited and you MUST select "My Child's Groups"  and then Athletics.  Please reach out to chrissyolson@greensboroday.org for any needed support.
  • Q: How will coaches be communicating with my child?

    We strive to have pre-season or early season Parent meetings with each and every team to aid communication and set expectations.  Please know that Coaches are instructed to communicate via Team Page in MyGDS.  This allows players and parents to receive the same information in a timely manner.
  • Q: If my child is athletically talented, can they move up even as a MS student?

    Our goal is to provide each student with the opportunity to play and compete at the level best suited for their skill level.  If a 7th or 8th grade student has the skill sets to move to a JV or Varsity team, a meeting to discuss moving up will be set with the parents, the MS Director, the Athletic Director, and the coaches involved.  Many factors play into these decisions, including overall maturity (mental and physical), academics performance, and time commitments.  Each case is handled on an individual basis.

    The NCISAA does not permit students below 7th grade to compete on Varsity teams.  Students below 7th grade may practice with Varsity players but are not permitted to play in games.
  • Q: What does my child need to do in order to begin participation?

    Please visit the Required to Participate web page.

    - Current PPE
    - Completion of all 3 student signed and parent signed forms in MyGDS
  • Q: Is Greensboro Day School in a Conference?

    Yes, we participate in the P.T.A.C. (Piedmont Triad Athletic Conference)

    Please visit the Athletics P.T.A.C. web page for specifics
  • Q: Is Greensboro Day School part of an Athletic Association?

    Greensboro Day School is a member of the NCISAA or North Caolina Independent School Athletic Association.
  • Q: I have a question that is not listed.  How can I get it answered?

    Athletic Offices:  336-288-8597

    Athletic Director - freddyjohnson@greensboroday.org

    Asst AD/Director of Sports Medicine - jonschner@greensboroday.org

    Asst AD/Athletic Trainer - megsumner@greensboroday.org
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