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Required for Participation

Students wishing to participate in our athletic program must have ALL required forms on file with the Athletic Department prior to participation in any practices or games supervised by our coaching staff.  These forms are noted below. Most are electronic forms only accessible though your Greensboro Day School login page. The Sports Physical must be signed by your physician and parents, and turned in by hand to the Athletic Department.

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  • Sports Physical PPE (Pre-Participation Exam)


    To participate in the Greensboro Day School Athletic programs, students must have a current NCISAA Physical Form on file, signed by a parent and doctor clearing you for full participation in athletics.  

    *Please note that this PPE is different from a pediatric annual wellness screening. 

    No student may participate in athletics at Greensboro Day School with an expired PPE physical form. 

    ALSO NOTE: This information is separate from files kept within the GDS Health Room.   **Do not turn in the PPE to the Health Room**

    Each PPE is valid for 1 year from the date of the exam, not the date signed by the physician.  Please be sure to note, your child's DATE OF EXAM when submitting his/her physical.
    Greensboro Day School offers an annual discounted PPE/Sports Physical in early August of each school year. This physical is provided by our team physicians Murphy Wainer Orthopedics. This $20.00 Pre-Participation Sports Physical will cover your student athlete for all 3 sport seasons: fall, winter and spring, (this is NOT covered by insurance or co-pays).   

    Health NOTE:  This is NOT a substitute for your child's annual pediatric wellness exam covered by your insurance.  

    It is recommended that families choose to complete the PPE in early August to ensure their child is not restricted from participation due to a physical expiring mid season.
  • NC Gfeller-Waller Student-Athlete & Parent Concussion Form

    This form will be electronic signature online! 
    Notification will be emailed to parents and students during the summer.

    Both the Parent and Student must read, check off, and sign, the
    concussion understanding forms prior to participation in the GDS Athletic Programs.

    In accordance with the Gfeller-Waller Concussion Awareness Act established by the General Assembly of North Carolina, Greensboro Day School has adopted procedures regarding recognition, treatment, and management of traumatic brain injuries. These procedures are intended to promote proper training protocols to minimize the risks of head injuries and their subsequent complications to our athletes as they participate in our program.  

    In the event of a traumatic brain injury with one of the GDS athletes, our Sports Medicine and Nursing staff will work closely with physicians in the care of our student athletes.  North Carolina State law mandates specific procedures be followed for care, treatment, and return to classroom and/or athletics.  

    Documentation on the Concussion Management Procedures will be provided as needed or requested post injury.
  • Athlete/Parent SCA Understanding

    This form will be electronic signature online!  
    Notification will be emailed to parents and students during the summer.

    Sudden Cardiac Arrest Symptoms and Warning Signs Information Sheet and Acknowledgement.

    What is sudden cardiac arrest? 
    Are there warning signs?
    By signing below I/we understand....
  • Student Athlete Behavior Contract

    This form will be electronic signature online!  
    Notification will be emailed to parents and students during the summer.

    I recognize the commitment that is included while participating on a Greensboro Day School athletic team.  This includes attending practices, games, and using good judgment throughout the season.  

    Student Athlete Behavior Contract - must be signed by student and parent.
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