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Athletic Training - Sports Medicine

TBI (Concussion) Protocol

In accordance with the Gfeller-Waller Concussion Awareness Act established by the General Assembly of North Carolina, Greensboro Day School has adopted the following procedures regarding recognition, treatment, and management of traumatic brain injuries. These procedures are intended to promote proper training protocols to minimize the risks of head injuries and their subsequent complications to our athletes as they participate in our program.


  • If a student-athlete demonstrates or is suspected of having any signs or symptoms associated with a concussion or other form of head injury, he/she is to be removed immediately from participation and referred to the sports medicine staff. 

  • The sports medicine staff will evaluate student-athletes to determine if a concussion or head injury is suspected and will take appropriate steps necessary for treatment and/or referral. 

  • Student-athletes removed from participation may not return to play on the same day that a suspected head injury is sustained.

  • Return to play guidelines and clearance for full participation will be established and monitored by the sports medicine staff and appropriate medical personnel. A student-athlete will not be allowed to return to play without restriction unless written clearance from appropriate medical personnel has been obtained.

  • Students are expected to self-report any signs or symptoms of concussions or head injuries to their coaches and the sports medicine staff. Students are also expected to report any observed signs or symptoms of concussions or head injuries sustained by their peers.

  • Coaches are expected to report all incidences of suspected concussions or head injuries to the sports medicine staff immediately.

  • Parents, student-athletes, and coaches will be provided annually with information concerning head trauma and the school’s policies for recognizing, managing, and treating these types of injuries. Parents, student-athletes, and coaches will be required to sign a permission form stating that they have received this information and that they will abide by these procedures. These forms must be on file with the athletic department before student-athletes will be allowed to begin participation in the program.
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