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At Greensboro Day School, we support a holistic view of student health and well-being, focusing on students’ social and emotional needs as well as their academic needs.

Strong interpersonal and emotional skills at school are directly related to improved academic and social outcomes, so our focus on whole child health is an essential part of the GDS experience. Three full-time licensed counselors—one in each division—support our students each and every day at GDS, not just when students are facing challenges.

Whole Child Health

Our holistic approach addresses the academic, social/emotional, and physical health needs of each student.

I think GDS does a fantastic job of not only preparing their students to be good students, but also preparing them to be good people.

Annalise Graves ’15

Two students have a conversation in the Andreve Learning Garden.

Connected Learning

Our counselors work to foster a school environment that is built on our Community Cornerstones of Respect, Kindness, Integrity, and Responsibility. Whether one-on-one, in small groups, or in a classroom setting, our counselors promote a healthy school climate through an intentional focus on developing the skills of self-awareness, self-management, responsible decision-making, healthy relationships, and social awareness.

“Connected Learning” is a reminder that no learning occurs in a vacuum and that students’ sense of self in relation to their peers, teachers, parents, and academic coursework has a tremendous impact on their well-being and academic success.

What We Do

Meet Our Counselors

Bridget Gwinnett MS, LCMHCS

Bridget Gwinnett MS, LCMHCS

Upper School Counselor & Counseling Department Chair
Shannon Kincaid MSW, LCSW

Shannon Kincaid MSW, LCSW

Preschool and Lower School Counselor
Katelyn Williams MS, NCC

Katelyn Williams MS, NCC

Middle School Counselor
Middle School Counselor talks with a group of students at a table