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Online Textbook Ordering is now open.

Students in rising grades 5-12 can still purchase textbooks through the Bengal Bookstore. 

Reminder: Parents receive between 35% - 50% of the cost of their student’s textbooks as a credit on their student billing account when they sell the books back to the Bengal Bookstore at the end of the year. For example: The average student spends $350 for textbooks, but after a 40% credit the net cost is $210.

If you choose to purchase your books through an online site such as Amazon, we will be unable to buy back those books at the end of the school year. We can only buy back books that were purchased in the Bengal Bookstore.

Order Textbooks Online

By clicking the submit button, you agree to pay the textbook sale charges which will appear on your student's billing account. REMINDER: There will be a 3% service charge for textbooks ordered via the online form.
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