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Early Childhood Welcome Information

  • Wednesday, August 17, is the first full day of school.
    All required health forms must be completed in Magnus prior to starting school. See this page for more information.
  • Students will need a morning snack and lunch. For rest time, students are encouraged to bring a blanket or stuffed animal/lovey for warm snuggles!
  • Transitions are a critical part of any school day. We are currently working on plans for the start of the school day. We will communicate these plans with you once they are finalized.

Personal Items & Extra Clothes

  • Students will need to bring a book bag (large enough for a 9x12 folder) to school every day to help carry their snacks/lunches and any other supplies. Each week, we will send home correspondence folders including work samples from class activities.
  • We ask that each child bring a package of wipes and an extra set of clothing in a sealed bag labeled with their name (shirt, shorts/pants, underwear, socks, and shoes if you have extra). These will be placed in your child’s cubby and available if we have too much fun at water play or painting, or if we don’t quite make it to the potty in time.
  • We will continue to follow CDC guidelines. The current guidelines from the CDC state that all children—ages 2 and older—should wear masks in public and when they cannot be socially distant. This means that your child will be wearing a face mask in the classroom unless they are working independently at an appropriate distance or they are eating, napping, or outside. Please make sure your child has a mask each day and provide extra masks in case they are needed. Our schedule will allow students to take breaks outside every 60–80 minutes and remove their masks. 
  • Please provide your child with a refillable water bottle to use at school. While the traditional water fountains will be turned off, the hands-free water filling stations will be available. We ask that water bottles be filled each day with water only.
  • Please remember to label all of your child’s belongings.

Bengal Cub Club (After School)

After-school care is provided by our Bengal Cub Club (BCC). Students in Bengal Tots through grade 4 can attend beginning August 19. See this page for more information. Please be sure to complete the BCC enrollment form, which can be found here. Sometimes a lengthy day at school doesn’t suit our youngest Bengals, so we ask that Bengal Tots and Bitty Bengals parents discuss the most appropriate option for their child with the BCC Director and the classroom teacher. You may contact Michael Welter at michaelwelter@greensboroday.org with any questions.

Meals & Snack

You will need to send a small, healthy morning snack every day and a reusable water bottle that can be re-filled throughout the day. Your child will need lunch on a daily basis (unless notified otherwise for special events or early dismissals). Families interested in ordering lunch and/or milk from the Bengal Cafe can find information about that process on your myGDS Resource Board. Please note: due to food sensitivities and choking hazards, lunch/milk service is not available for children enrolled in Bengal Tots. If your child is attending Bengal Cub Club (BCC), our after school program, they will also need an afternoon snack.

We recommend that young children have the opportunity to eat a variety of foods. This can sound more complicated than it is, and we are happy to help you with ideas.

  • Snacks: Your child should have combinations such as a fruit and a grain (this can be as simple as grapes and crackers) or a dairy and a grain (yogurt and goldfish) or a veggie and a protein (carrots with peanut butter).
  • Lunches: Children will need one grain, one protein/protein substitute, and two fruits and/or two veggies (example: turkey sandwich, grapes and carrots).
We will provide a special GDS snack bag for each child on the first day of school, and we ask you to provide a lunch bag. Having separate bags helps the children gain independence and decreases confusion during meal times.

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