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1970 Society

The 1970 Society builds on the foundation established by our founders and early stakeholders. We honor both their tenure and yours by keeping the spirit of GDS alive and well. Unrestricted support is a powerful expression of belief and confidence in GDS and remains a critical part of our current and future success.

As the premier leadership donors of the school, The 1970 Society holds special events with the Head of School, allows you to connect with leaders in our community, and celebrates our successes together.

Join the 1970 Society

Three smiling students holding jars of water
Two students have a conversation in the Andreve Learning Garden.
Upper school students outside on a beautiful day

1970 Society Members

July 1, 2023–June 30, 2024

The 2A Foundation, Inc.
Brooke and Linc Anderson
Julia Cummings Armbruster '01 and Steven Armbruster
Arosa Home Care
Ginger and Georgio Aydogdu
Beth Barnwell
Donna and Scott Baxter
Beth and Travis Bell
Jon Bell '90
Mary Katherine and Durant Bell '98
Gail Isaacson Bernstein '76 and Steve Bernstein
Birth of Light Foundation
Laura and Burns Blackwell '96
Jane Andrews Nelson Brantley '04 and Andrew Brantley '04
Dr. Helen Brooks '80
Jeb Brooks '01
Ashlea and Thomas Bruno
Betty W. Bunker Trust
Kristine and Joseph Carbone
Tracie and Mark Catlett
Century Furniture
Dorothy Chappell
Wendi and Richard Cimino
Ann Clark '76
Marle and Waleed Clark
Rachel and Chris Colangelo
Rebecca and Chas Coltrane
Katie and Daniel Cone
Candace and Roger Cummings
Jill and Brey Curtis
Shannon and Stephen Dahlstedt
Dana and Andrew Davis
Shaila and Andrey Derevianko
Toni and John Doutt
Jane and Joel Dubs
Katie and David Egerton '93
Paula and Adam Falat
Courtenay and Brad Fields

Rachel and John Gandy
Annie Glosky and Jeff Topham
Gillian and Rob Goodman
Ginger and Haynes Griffin
Cheryl and Bob Groat
Annie Laurie and Rich Gunther
Chip Hagan
Dang and Kelly Hahn
Elizabeth and Jonathan Hall '97
Rachel and Zack Hall '94
Ali and Monte Hammouri
Molly Brenner Harbaugh '05 and Mark Harbaugh
Beth and Ed Harrington
Julie and Grant Haviland
Jessica and Scott Hondros
Martha and David Howard '76
Stephanie and Justin Howerter
The Hudson Family
Sona Isharani and Steven Hatcher
Mary B. Isenhour
Stephanie and Elliott Jones
Brad Johnson
Mary Marr Dillard Johnson '75 and Freddy Johnson
Merrill and Chuck Keeley '81
Ruthie and John Kim '89
Elizabeth and John King '87
F.M. Kirby Foundation
Cindy and John Knowles
Renee and Kevin Kuzma '96
Lexi and Chris Lackey
Ann Davis Legette '87 and Wade Legette
Molly Levinson '94
Little Architects

Amanda Taylor Marshall '93 and Alex Marshall '93
Leslie and JJ Marus
Terry and Patrick McDaid
Melody and Clarence McDonald
Mary Katherine Strong McInnis '04 and Matt McInnis
Patty and Bill McIvor
Alison McMillian-Goodman and John Goodman
Metal Works of High Point
Diana and Ari Medoff '99
Ashley Knapp Meyer '97 and Robert Meyer
Rose and Tim Miller
Erin and Jim Molinaro
Jenny and John Moody '90
Emiliya and Jacob Mullins
Lindsey and Tim Murphy '00
Veena Nandigam-Mannam and Praveen Mannam
National Philanthropic Trust
Jenni and Ryan Newkirk
Annabel and Dean Norman, Jr. '05
Northwestern Mutual Life
Matt Olin '89
Debbie and Ian Patrick
Elizabeth Harrington Payonk '97 and Philip Payonk
Rachel Percival
Sabra and Chip Permar
Jordan Kime Perry '98 and Jim Perry
Kate and Brian Pierce
Polliwogs Children's Boutique
Collins and Tyson Pugh '01
Elizabeth and Spencer Pulliam
Libby and Rick Ramsey
Lesslie and Phillip Ray '99
Reynolds & Stoner Orthodontics
Lori and Tyler Richardson
David Reich III
Denise and Chip Roth

Lauren and Jeff Scheb
Sabrina and Noel Scott '94
Rebecca Barger Sheaff '03 and Alec Sheaff
Michele and Matt Slaine
Sue and Bill Smith
SouthState Bank
Kate and Phelps Sprinkle
Kristin and Tim Stanton
Pam and Dennis Stearns
Carrie Hagan Stewart '05 and Will Stewart '05
Kimberly and John Strong
Sara and Taylor Stroud
Judy and Vernon Taylor
Fran and Ted Tewkesbury
Erin and Arun Thukkani
Emilee and Stamps Transou
Triad Dentistry
Triad Pediatric Dentistry
Demetria Vaneus
Sarah Warmath
Comer and Thomas Wear III
Jill and Thomas White '00
Margaret and Don White
Winkler Group
Wolfe Homes
Catherine and Colin Wolfe
Cheryl and David Wyrick
Mia Zhu and Zinc Li