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1970 Society

The 1970 Society builds on the foundation established by our founders and early stakeholders. We honor both their tenure and yours by keeping the spirit of GDS alive and well. Unrestricted support is a powerful expression of belief and confidence in GDS and remains a critical part of our current and future success.

As the premier leadership donors of the school, The 1970 Society holds special events with the Head of School, allows you to connect with leaders in our community, and celebrates our successes together.

Join the 1970 Society

Three smiling students holding jars of water
Two students have a conversation in the Andreve Learning Garden.
Upper school students outside on a beautiful day

1970 Society Members

July 1, 2022–June 30 2023

Gail Isaacson Bernstein ’76 and Steve Bernstein
Tracie and Mark Catlett
Annie Glosky and Jeff Topham
Gillian and Rob Goodman
Ginger and Griffin Haynes
Jessica and Scott Hondros
John Templeton Foundation
Mary Marr Dillard Johnson ’75 and Freddy Johnson
Corie and Kyle Lewis
James Murray ’75
Debbie and Ian Patrick
Elizabeth Harrington Payonk ’97 and Philip Payonk II
Rachel Percival
Lori and Tyler Richardson
Pam and Dennise Stearns
Laura and Mike Steen
Kess and Boon Thongteum
Emilee and Stamps Transou
Ruth Watkila and Nero Jackson