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"The Greensboro Day School community continues to shape our campus and sustain our annual operations through incredible philanthropy. The list below encompasses everyone who participated in any of our giving programs from July 1, 2016 to June 30, 2020.  Thank you for your unwavering belief in Greensboro Day School."

List of 4 items.

  • A

    Bree Acampora '94 and Matt Acampora
    Cody Adams '13
    Dawn and Douglas Adams
    Jennifer Smith Adams '86 and Bo Adams
    Katie Stan Adams '96
    Lindsey Evans Adams '04
    Sandra Adams and Fred Adams
    Aetna Foundation
    Ivy Jackson-Ahenkora and Dennis Frempang-Ahenkora
    Harrison Akin '18
    Missy Black Akin '84 and Bobby Akin
    Kim and Mojeed Akintayo
    Kris and Nick Aldridge
    Billy Allen '11
    Cassandra and Eric Allen
    Diane and Thomas Allen
    Ken Allen
    Ann M. Allred
    Tammy and Brady Alt
    Karen and Frank Aluisio
    Caron and Michael Amend Sr.
    American Express Company Employee Giving Fund
    American Express Matching Gift
    American Honda Motor Co Matching Gift
    AMG Charitable Gift Foundation
    Terri Shelton and Arthur Anastopoulos
    Hilary and Marius Andersen
    Ashley and David Anderson '96
    Cristine Anderson
    Kelley Snider Anderson '07 and Andy Anderson
    Lisa Anderson '86 and Patrick Parrish
    Lisa and Robin Andree
    Carol and Fred H. Andresen
    ANONYMOUS (20)
    Brian Apple '16
    Elizabeth and Matthew Applebaum
    Margaret and Howard Arbuckle III
    Julia Cummings Armbruster '01 and Steven Armbruster
    William R. Armstrong '14
    Armstrong Family Foundation, Inc.
    Judy Arnette and Ed Turner
    Kyle Arnold '10
    Nicole and Brian Arnold
    Shannon N. Arnold '13
    Talia and Chad Aron
    Elizabeth and Richard Aronson
    Matthew Aronson '11
    Kimberly Ashley
    Steve Ashley
    Imani Atkinson '14
    Pamela and John M. Attayek
    Vicki and Wayne Autry
    Ashley Avera '07 
    Ingrid R. Avera
    William R. Avera '10
    Lindsay Averett
    Axis Insurance
    Judy and Bryant Aydelette
  • B

    Emily Neese Babcock '77 and John Babcock
    Elizabeth Lancaster Bagden '03
    Karen and Gary Baldwin
    Heidi Gingerich and Phillip Bales
    Chana K. Ball
    John Ball '17
    Gwendolyn W. Bandell
    Bank of America Charitable Gift Fund
    Bank of America Matching Gifts
    Alec Bankhead '11
    Sarah Bankhead '12
    Ashley Strader Bankos '05 and Brad Bankos
    Lynn Callicott Baranski '84 and Marc Baranski
    Caroline and Jim Barber
    Emily C. Barker '83
    Eva Dowds Barnes '90
    Cheryl and Mark Barnett
    Kara Medoff Barnett '96 and Dov Barnett
    Ruth and William Barnett
    Sarah Zimmerman Barnett '01 and Thomas Barnett
    Beth and Mike Barnwell
    Rita Kahng and Brian Bartlett
    Amanda and Brad Barto
    Anne and Rick Barton
    Wendy and Michael E. Barton
    Kimberly Mathews Bauer '89
    Donna and Scott H. Baxter
    Sarah Haynes Bayle '93
    Drew Beach '10
    Mary and Jeff Beach
    Taylor Beach '08
    Ishtor and Rodney Beasley '90
    Allison Lineweaver Bell '92
    David W. Bell IV '86
    Jackie and Steve Bell
    Jonathan D. Bell '90
    Mary Katherine and Durant Bell '98
    Meredith and Darin Bell
    Bell Foundation
    Bengal Boosters
    Margaret and Bill Benjamin
    Will Benjamin Jr. '03
    James Bennett '16
    Jill and Steve Bennett
    Marianne and James Bennett
    Pam and Dan Bensimhon
    Beth and Chris Bernhardt
    Charlie Bernstein '04
    Gail Isaacson Bernstein '76 and Steve Bernstein
    Katherine Bernstein '10
    Christine and Timothy Bevis
    Brandon Bickham
    Sara and Sam Biffle
    Teresa Biffle and Emily Cooke
    Teresa and Daniel Biggerstaff
    Danielle and Ed Billingslea
    Suzanne and Michael Billips
    Aprille and Keith Black
    Lynn and John W. Black
    Meghan and Ryan Blackledge
    Yvette and Chris Blackman
    Laura and Burns Blackwell '96
    Sarah Peck Blais '08
    Jeanne Adams Blaisdell '79 and Thomas Blaisdell
    Rene and David Blake
    Sara and Gary Bland
    Susanne Blaya
    Anne Henkel and Herman Blomeier '92
    Blue Bell Foundation
    Alexy I. Bogomolov '99
    Lisa and Craig Bohn '02
    Ann McCallum-Boles and Jacob Boles
    Elizabeth Hummel Bonitz '89 and John Bonitz '86
    Katherine Kelly Bonney '05 and Craig Bonney
    Michelle and Jon Bostian
    Ann Bothwell
    Beth Boulton '85
    Estelle and Stephen Bowden
    Tory Bowers
    Bonnie Glenn Boyer '00
    Daniel Boyles '03
    Ninoshka and Brandon Boylston
    Jane G. Brabham
    Erin and Stephen Brackbill '91
    Louise Freemon Brady '82 and Jim Brady
    Caroline A. Brantley '05
    Jane Andrews Nelson Brantley '04 and Andy Brantley '04 
    Frances Andrew Brayshaw '93
    Kit Fisher Bredrup '85
    Angela and Ralph Breeden
    Anne C. Brennan
    Christine and Matt Brennan
    John B. Brennan
    Matthew I. Brenner '03
    Nancy and Frank Brenner
    Sherri and Alan D. Breslow '76
    Zelda and George Breslow
    Rachel and Adam Britner
    Charlie Britt '88
    Hannah and Sydney P. Britt
    Nancy and Jack Walter Britts
    Dora and Bruce Brodie
    Sarah and Douglas Brokaw
    Helen Brooks '80
    Jeb Brooks '01 
    Vanessa Bennison Brooks '90
    Hillary Davis Brower '03 and Andrew Brower
    Ann Wilson Brown '18
    Anne and F. Marshall Brown
    Caroline Brown '10
    Carolyn Kates Brown '80
    Deborah and Robert Brown
    Demetria Brown
    Edwin L. Brown III '09
    Frank M. Brown '08
    Kathy and David R. Brown
    Margaret Farrell Brown '97 and Stephen Brown
    Martha and David Brown
    P. David Brown
    Linda B. Browne
    Michelle Browning
    Evelyn Brownlee
    Elizabeth Falk Brownridge '82
    George R. Brumback
    Michael Brumback '89
    Jimbo Brumley '10
    Suzanne Digby Brummel '00
    Alexandra Bruno '10
    Clay Bryan III '90
    Mary Bryan
    Nancy and James Bryan Jr.
    Jennifer and Gregory Bryer
    Carolyn and James Buck
    Monty Bumper '90
    Kevin P. Burbine '95
    Shannon E. Burbine '01
    Allison Rendall Burgun '94
    Rhonda Burnett
    Elizabaeth and Patrick Burns
    Sabrina and Kim Burroughs
    Laura and William Burton
    Yasten Burton
    Karen and Terry Buxton
    Faera and Bryan Byerly
  • C

    C. D. Spivey Refrigeration Company, Inc.
    C. H. Smith, Sr. Foundation
    Preeti and Sonny Caberwal '97
    Dechen Dolma and Sean Cady
    Laura Amend-Caffey and Chris Caffey '84
    Christopher P. Caffrey '14
    Vassie and William Cain
    Jordan Hinkley Calfee '05
    Anne and Joseph N. Callicott
    Rosemary and Ed Caluori
    Becky and Bill Campbell
    Divine and Andrew J. Campbell '80
    Jonathan Campbell '12
    Ryan Campbell '09
    Shelley and Geoffrey Campbell
    Nancy and Tom Cannon
    Sara and Jay Cantrell '96
    Kris and Joseph Carbone
    Carey Sound, Inc.
    Kristin and Peter Carignan
    Elizabeth Obermeyer Carley '11
    DeAnn and James Carlson
    Kim and Paul Carlson
    Teddi and Jonathan Carr '92
    Gina and Chuck Carrick
    Ashley and Tom Carson '97
    Kathryn Stokes Cartee '79 and Thomas Cartee
    Alison and John Carter Jr. '98
    Kimberly and Danny Cash
    David G. Cashwell '04
    William L. Cassell
    Tracie and Mark Catlett
    CEMALA Foundation
    Century Furniture
    Lauren Chambers
    Rose W. Chamblee
    Dorothy Chappell
    Lois and Eric Chen
    Sue Chen
    Amanda R. Cheney '02
    Copeland C. Cherry '00
    Sushmi Ghanpur and Anil Chinapaga
    Ally D. Chrystal '07
    Kristi and David Ciener
    Wendi and Richard Cimino
    Janna Civils
    Betsy and Jerry Clapp
    Meg and Jonathan Clapp
    Ann Clark '76 
    Kullen Clark '14
    Lynn T. Clark '08
    Sherry and Kerry S. Clark
    Vickie and Jimmy D. Clark
    Class of 2017
    Classic Construction
    Sarah Clegg and Sangbo Lawrence
    Frances Clerk and Sebastian Pauli
    Becky and James D. Clodfelter
    Tracey S. Cloninger '82
    Clyda's Gifts
    Brittany Bergin Clyne '92
    Jennifer Connors Coby '99
    Carl R. Cohen '02
    Lauren and Ned S. Cohen '00
    Sally Dillard Cohen '76 and John Cohen
    Dina Coker
    Sue W. Cole
    Collegiate Kids Books LLC
    Jessica and Casey J. Collins '93
    Karen and Mark Collins
    Michelle Collins and Razzan Zara Yakob
    Stephanie Elliott Collins '86 and Ron Collins
    Rebecca and Charles Coltrane
    Coltrane & Overfield PLLC
    Colvin Sutton Winters & Assoc. LLC
    Community Foundation of Greater Atlanta
    Community Foundation of Greater Greensboro
    Elijah Cone '10
    Lisa Scheer Cone and Edward F. Cone '80
    Sydney Cone '12
    Sydney M. Cone Jr.*
    Becky and Nathan Conner '92
    Nicole and Wayne Connors
    Mary Ann and Michael Conrad
    Annelise and Ian Conway
    Leslie and John Conway
    Elisa and Tim Cook
    Phil Cook
    Rose Marie and Richard Cook
    Dorothy Allen and Travis Cooke '06
    Jan and Bob* Cooke
    Jason Cooke '04
    Julie and Philip Cooke '86
    Phyllis and Jerry M. Cooke
    Brantley Cooper '02 and Ryan Fitzgerald
    Rodney L. Cooper
    Jean and Douglas W. Copeland Jr.
    Mary Copeland '79 and Joe Guy
    Kristen Powell Cornelison '91 and Christopher Cornelison
    Cortright Family Charitable Foundation
    Karen Bowers Cotchett '88
    Gwyneth and John Cote
    John P. Cote Jr. '16
    Luciana Maranhao Couceiro and Fernando Couceiro
    Debra and Mark Cowan
    Joanna and Lawrence Cox III
    Stephanie Koury Craft '89
    Alice and Everett S. Cramer '78
    Megan Sudnik Craven '06 and Brady Craven
    Corinne and Connor Crews '09
    Sara and Dixon Crews '12
    Amy Consiglio and Brian Criscuolo
    Colin Crossman '97
    Marcy Guterman Crump '97
    Caroline Purser Cruz '76
    Roger W. Cummings
    Charles D. Cunningham III '80
    Margot H. Cunningham
    Meredith and Tripp Cunningham III '02
    Sarah C. Cunningham '05
    Sarah and Geoffrey M Curme
    Jill and Derek B. Curtis
    Rachel Fish Curtis '92
    Diane H. Czornij
  • D

    Shannon and Stephen Dahlstedt
    Lisa Dai and Timothy Liu
    Rachel and Jon Daly Jr.
    Katherine and Simon Dandy
    Mary Schenck Dator '82 and Robert Dator
    Yolanda and Calvin Davenport
    Dana and Andrew Davis
    Dorsett and Preston Davis
    Fran and Bert Davis
    Jordan Davis
    Julie and Ronald R. Davis
    Karen and Barry Davis
    Kathy and Robert Davis
    Liz Davis '00
    Meghan and Paul B. Davis '89
    Sandra and Lawrence Davis
    Susan and Charlie Davis
    Jean and Ralph Davison
    Mary and Scott Dean
    Rachel and Thomas Decker
    Kara Harrington and Conal Deedy
    Caroline Parker Deichmann '04 and Donald Deichmann
    Sherrie and Robert Delk
    Erin Dell and Kyle Dell
    Kari and Tony Delligatti
    Deborah DeLoach
    Martha and Robert H. Demaree Jr.
    Martha Krick Derbyshire '04 and Adam Derbyshire
    Julie and Dharamendra Desai
    Aditi and Aniruddha Deshpande
    Jennifer Conowall Dew '94
    Linda and Michael L. Diamond
    Michael S. Diamond '99
    Morgan A. Diamond '03
    Emily and Pepe Diaz-Llaneza '97
    Charles Dick '12
    Sherry and Paul Dirk
    Jackie and Bill Dodson
    Helen Margaret Law and Paul Domnick
    Brianna Donabedian
    Jamie Donaldson '08
    Caroline R. Doss '20
    Susan and Randy Doss
    Barbara Doughten
    Lisa M. Doughten '85
    Carol Cone Douglas
    Gaines Donaldson Douglas '03
    Caron B. Dover
    Julie and Kevin Dover
    Kirstin Dowd
    Susan and James M. Dowtin Jr.
    Eileen Dransfield
    Mark T. Dransfield '89
    Timothy J. Dransfield '91
    Julie C. Drinkard '06
    Cristole Phillips Driver '86 and Michael Driver
    Carol and Mark Drusdow
    Martha and Blaine DuBose
    Paige Brown DuBose '79 and Will DuBose
    Jane and Joel Dubs
    Anna Beaver Duffy '03
    Joanne and Scott F. Duggan
    Martha Duke '80
    Sandra and Brian Dumbill
    Elizabeth and Robert Dunbar
    Carolyn and Thomas C. Duncan
    Catherine and Jeff Dunham
    Davis Dunham '17
    Lucy C. Dunham '15
    Gwyn and James E. Dunn Jr.
    Michael Dunn
    Patricia Dunn
    Kate and Dennis W. Duquette
    Mary Katherine Davis Durham '99 and Joey Durham

List of 4 items.

  • E

    Ashton and Christopher* L. Earnhardt '89
    Laura and Adrian Eckenrod '97
    Katherine Obermeyer Ector '07
    Beverly Edwards
    Fleming and Whit Edwards
    Kristin Peterson Edwards '88
    Lyn and J. Scott Edwards Sr.
    Mary and Pearse Edwards III '87
    Juanita and Larry Eftefield
    Katie and David Egerton '93
    Egerton Family Foundation
    Lia Vuncannon Eggleston '99 and Scott Eggleston
    Catherine and Wes Elingburg
    Nolan Elingburg '07
    Elizabeth's Pizza
    Kathleen and David Elliott
    Landy Douglas Elliott '00
    Ericka Ellis-Stewart '92
    Ashley and Fadi Elsalameen
    Anne and Ian Erickson
    Carolina Castanos and Douglas Estremadoyro
    Kathleen and Reed A. Evans '02
    Kelly Connelly Evans and David Evans
    Lillian Evans '11
    Sarah and Peter Evenson Jr. '01
    Ariel Everett
    Stephanie and Alexander Ezerman
  • F

    Mary Dixon Fabrikant '79
    Patricia and Doug Faris
    Rachel Wolff Farley '03 and Brendan Farley
    Mary Ruth Cooke Faulkner '83 and Rennie Faulkner '81
    Ginger Fay '90 and Kenneth Rona
    Maureen Fay
    Federal Law Enforcement Officer Association Inc. Chapter 92
    Susie and Rasmus Fenger
    Linda and Carl E. Fenske
    Allison and John G. Ferguson '89
    Susan and Todd Ferguson
    Nancy Powell Ferri '85
    Sara M. Ficken '98
    Fidelity Charitable Gift Fund
    Courtney and Kenneth B. Field
    John Fields '97
    Polly and Jeff Finn '04
    Beth and AJ Fischer
    Sarah Fish '78
    Five Star Facility Maintenance
    John C. Flanagan '88
    Melissa McIntosh Flanagan '91
    Andrea Pate Fletcher '00 and Sean Fletcher
    FLH Properties LLC
    Allison Fligel
    Diane and Charles H. Flynt Jr.
    Peggy and Marion G. Follin III
    Tracey Fooshee '91
    Miriam and Patrick Forbis
    Forbis & Dick Funeral Service, Inc.
    Jennifer Ford
    Debbie and Randy Fortenberry
    Alexandra Fortune '10
    Foundation for the Carolinas
    Four SSSS LLC
    Andrea Oakley Fox '91
    Susan and Aaron Frahm
    Claudia Fajardo and Marc Franco
    Alexandra Jasinowski Frey '05
    Lindsay and Robert Fricke
    Lisa Friendly
    Lisa Barry Frist '98
    Mary and Joel Malone Funderburk Jr.
    Norma and Joel Funderburk
    Iraida Fung
    Future Basketball Stars, Inc.
  • G

    Ela Yevrukhina and Ildar Gabitov
    Courtney and Justin D. Gainey '96
    Joshephine and Raymond Galtelli
    John W. Gandy
    Berkeley Harris Gardner '87
    Anna Dixon Garrett '77
    Cynthia and Charlie Garrison
    Kristy Starr Garrison '89 and Harley Garrison
    Laura Wagg Gasiorek '82 and Stephen Gasiorek
    Karlton P. Gaskin Sr.
    Gate City Titans
    Masiku Mdala-Gausi and Mwiza Gausi
    GE Foundation
    Charlotte and William P. Gee
    George Andreve Foundation
    Maribeth Geraci '78
    John W. Gerhardt '08
    Rebecca and Adam Gibboney
    Margaret Rowlett and David Gilbert
    Jenna and Jason Gilfillan
    Kathy and John Gillespie
    Pamela Gillette
    Stephanie and Kyle Gilmer
    Danielle and Ryan W. Gioffre '93
    Alice Tenille Givens '90 and Ron Givens
    Ellen Gladding
    Katie Glaser '16
    Margaret and Thomas A. Glaser
    Celia A. Glass '05
    Sarah and Justin Glazer
    Brenda and John F. C. Glenn Jr.
    Ivan and Michael Godette
    Mary Goins
    Sarah Wall Goins '05
    Crystal and Jeffrey Goldberg
    Emily Lewis Golden '08
    Kathy Goodkin and RJ Hooker
    Adina and Sean Goodman
    Alison McMillian-Goodman and John Goodman
    Dixon Hughes Goodman
    Frances Goodman '22
    Gillian and Robert Goodman
    Michelle and Robert Goodrich
    Caroline Gorga '05
    Carolyn P. Gorga
    Got You Floored, Inc
    Grace Jones Richardson Trust
    Danielle Grady
    Anita and Gary Graham
    Briana and Anthony Graham
    Naomi Lifschitz-Grant and Stefan Grant
    Katy and David Grapey
    Annalise C. Graves '15
    Kelly and Arthur Galen Graves
    Penny and John Lee Graves
    Liz Wagg Gray '87
    Debbie Lee Grayson '87
    Carter Green '19
    Charlene Green and Steve Green
    Cynthia R. Green '79
    Jennifer Cross Green and Michael Green
    Kathy Mincher Green '84 and Christian Green
    Maryann and James Green Jr.
    Lana and Brent Greenberg
    Eddie Greene '79
    Hanna Greene '09
    Kimberly and Robert G. Greene Jr.
    Sandra and Kenneth M. Greene
    Terri Moreau and Christopher Gremillion
    Ann and Tom Gresalfi
    Mary and Peter Gresens Sr.
    Jennifer and Jason Griffin
    Virginia and Haynes G. Griffin
    Griffin Family Foundation
    BJ Grinage '93 
    Carrie and Will Griswold III '81
    Demetra and Brian Groat '99
    Elizabeth and Richard Scott Groat '98
    Sarah and James Groce III
    Annie-Laurie and Richard Gunther
    Carrie Moore Guthrie '05
    Lisa McCutcheon-Gutknecht and William Gutknecht
    Bridget and Christopher Gwinnett
  • H

    Caroline Tedder Hacker '06
    Tilden Hagan '02
    Jeanette Hagan '98 and Martin Wipf
    John C. Hagan
    Hagan Family Fund
    AJ Haggarty '14
    Dang and Kelly Hahn
    Walter N. Haldeman III '85
    Linda and Mark Hale
    Mary and James Hale
    Patrick T. Hale '09
    Elizabeth and Jonathan C. Hall IV '97
    Liddy Davis Hall '95
    Mary Elizabeth and Brian Hall '84
    Alexandra and Monte Hammouri
    Stacy and Amit Hampel
    Lauren and James Hamrick
    Paul K. Han '05
    Kathleen and Michael Hanbury
    Toiya and Jason Hancock
    Laura and Michael Handy
    Kristin O'Neill Hanis '99
    Ashley Hankins
    Gidget and Scott Hanley
    Molly Lambert Hanlon '88
    Molly Brenner Harbaugh '05 and Mark Harbaugh
    Morgan Bryant Hardwick '99
    Beth Hardy
    Jill Hare
    Forest Michaels Harger '98
    Nandita and Vallathucherry Harish
    Anne Harkavy '91
    Nahomi and Jonathan R. Harkavy
    Kendall McCoy Harler '86
    Kelly Koury Harrill '83
    Beth Harrington
    Ed Harrington
    Edward M. Harrington Jr. '00
    Ashley Harris
    Berkeley H. Harris
    Ross Harris
    Harris, Berkeley and George Charitable Foundation
    Lisa and Frankie Hart
    Dale and Joseph Harwell
    Louisa H. Hassenfelt '01
    Molly Hassenfelt '03
    Pam and Steve Hassenfelt
    Jessie McComb Hasty '04
    Sona Isharani and Steven Hatcher
    Jarrette and Fred Hatchett '84
    Franklin Hatchett '79
    Meredith Hull Hawkins '05
    Kim and Brad Hayes
    Michael Hayes '10
    Michelle and Mark Hayes
    Kristen Beavers Haynes '02
    HBD, Inc.
    Janet and David Head
    Tiffany and Craig Head
    Paula Buzzi Hedin '06
    Ellen and Thomas Hefner
    Jen and Kayvon Hejazi '04
    Zane Hembree and Scott Risdon
    Pam and Ross Hemphill
    Stephanie R. Hemphill '12
    William L. Hemphill '16
    Lindsay and Bunky Henderson
    James P. Hendrix Jr.
    Kate Snider Henry '04
    Carmaletta and David S. Henson '91
    Amy Saperstein Herman '90
    Colin Hickey '97
    Betty and W. M. Hicks Jr.
    James Hightower
    Ginny Shogry Hill '08
    Kristin Hill
    Hillsdale Fund, Inc.
    Laura and Palmer Hines
    Brianna Lynn Hodges
    Kimberly Beavers Hodgin '89 and Whit Hodgin
    Emma Hofbauer '21
    Holly Barnes Hofbauer '92 and Stephen Hofbauer
    Ben Holcombe '10
    Jake Holcombe '07
    Donna Taylor-Holden and David Holden
    Elizabeth and Quinten Holdren
    Victoria and Darren R. Hollis '84
    Jessica and Scott Hondros
    Aubrey Hood '11
    Julianna King Hooks '08 and Eric Hooks
    Elizabeth Hopkins
    Tramaine and Alphonso Hopkins Jr.
    Heather R. Hopkinson '99
    Patricia and Kenneth J. Horvath
    Kilby Dixon Hoskins '86
    Hospice and Palliative Care Greensboro
    Molly House
    Sara and George W. House
    Scottie House
    Helen Lineberry Houser '91
    Ben Howard '11
    Martha and David R. Howard '76
    David A. Hudgins
    Chris and Bob Hudson
    Matthew M. Hudson '16
    William T. Hudson '11
    Hudson Financial Services
    Amanda and Tim Huestis
    Anne and Sam Hummel
    Jackie Humphrey
    Andrea and Mark Hunt
    Mary P. Hunt '78
    Susan and Robert N. Hunter
    Elizabeth B. Hurd
    Anne Davis Hutchinson '03
    Betty Ho Hutchinson '83

List of 4 items.

  • I

    Jackie and Anthony Inge
    Katelyn Powers Ingle '11 and Troy Ingle
    Ingrid Reynolds Avera Charitable Fund
    Inside Out, Inc
    Chris F. Irvin '05
    Tess and Grant Irvine
  • J

    Ruth Watakila-Jackson and Nero Jackson
    Susan and David Jackson
    Terri and Clint Jackson
    Carey and James Jackson-Adams
    Gail and John Jacobson
    Susan P. Jacobson
    Jennifer Jellicorse
    Dina and Burney Jennings, Jr.
    Katharine and William Jennings
    Maurice Jennings, Sr.
    Alana Jerins '80
    Jay Jester '86
    Jewish Community Foundation of Durham-Chapel Hill
    Jewish Foundation of Greensboro
    Bradley Johnson
    Christy Johnson '88
    Clyda and David Johnson
    Denise and Marshall Johnson
    Erin and Ed Johnson Jr. '83
    Jacqueline Humphrey Johnson '88
    Leslie Celeste Johnson '08
    Liz and David Johnson
    Mary Marr Dillard Johnson '75 and Freddy Johnson
    McKinley and Robert Johnson '05
    Melanie and Chris Johnson
    Miranda and Adam Johnson
    Nicholas Johnson '09
    Willie S. Johnson
    Meg Tilley Jokinen '96
    Andrea and Jeffrey Jones
    Carla Smith Jones '83 and Stephen Jones Jr.
    Ellen Easter Jones '06
    Ena and Jeffrey Franklin Jones
    Holly and David Jones
    Kathryn and Bryan R. Jones '94
    Kelly and Daniel Jones
    Kimberly Jones
    Lorie and Griffin Jones
    Marcia and Orton Jones
    Marilyn and Morgan Jones
    Mary Gorrell Jones and Cranford A. Jones
    Marylynn and Michael Jones
    Richard Jones III
    Tiffany and Chad Jones
    Wendy and Ralph Jones III
    Amy and George Jordan
    Claire Bowers Jordan '94
    Kenneth V. Joyce '00
    Sherry Joyce
    Wade Jurney
    Beth and Chris Just
  • K

    Benjamin Kahn
    Jayme Wainer Kahn '10
    Sarah K. Kahn '15
    Molly and Robert B. Kaiser
    Courtney and Bradley Kamlet
    Kathy Manning and Randall Kaplan
    Liz Kaplan '04
    Vlatko Kasic
    Wayne Kattner
    Gulnaar Kaur '08
    Jo Ann and Lewis A. Kay
    Christine and Jukka-Petri Kayhko
    Stephanie and Stephen Keaney
    Kim and Eric Kearney
    Zachary M. Kearney '15
    Amanda Faye and K. Casey Keating '05
    Charlie Keeley '11
    Fletcher Keeley '12
    Heidi Keeley
    Jake Keeley '16
    Merrill and Chuck Keeley '81
    Michele and Dustin Keene
    Amy Wright Keith '86 and Julian Keith
    Stephanie Verch Kelley '90 and Nathan Kelley
    Charli Kelly
    Robbie Kelly '09
    Michelle Kuzma Kempf '01 and Kevin Kempf
    Tommye Beal Kepp '78
    Julie and Trip Kern '84
    Rhonda Morton and James Kernodle
    Wendy and Kyle Kesselring
    Christina L. Kester '93
    Leslie and Robert C. Ketner
    Betsy Key '01
    Pam and Perry Key
    Amina A. Khan '14
    Nyla and Taimur Khan
    Saad A. Khan '13
    Dory Sutton Kidd-Smith and Jeff Smith
    Jennifer Jacobson Kilpatrick '91
    Elizabeth and John E. King '87
    James A. King III '79
    Layne and Reaves King
    F. M. Kirby Foundation, Inc.
    Fred M. Kirby III
    Joanna and Thomas Scott Kirkland
    Janice and Robert Kirkman
    Spencer L. Kirkman '04
    Kristin Kirkman-Hall '91 and Brian Hall
    Charles E. Kirkpatrick
    Katharine Hall Kirkpatrick '96 and Jay Kirkpatrick III '95
    Leigh Kirby Klein '04 and Jon Klein
    Susan and Bill Kluttz
    Allie Knowles '12
    Cynthia and John L. Knowles Jr.
    Libby Knowles '15
    Linda and Bill* Knox
    Lori and Tim Knox
    Virginia Harris Knox '83 and David S. Knox '82
    Solange Balaga and Ambrose Kobi-Jackson
    Jean and Adam Kohler
    Aleksandar Korda '11
    Milos Korda '04
    Emily May Koster '05
    Asheley and Marty Kotis '87
    Annabelle Kramme '15
    Isabelle and Rainhard Kramme
    Emily Krick '09
    Sally Gorrell Kuratnick '75 and David Kuratnick
    Jeanne and Philip F. Kusiak
    Manijeh and Oliver Kutz
  • L

    Amanda Smith Lacoff '93
    Lady Gaters Basketball Association
    Thomas LaGrega '04
    Joanne and Donald Lahey
    Eleanor Hill Lamb
    Barbara D. Lambert
    Tom Lambeth '77
    Anne and Pearce Landry
    Betsy and Richard A. Lane
    Jennifer and Charles W. Langdon
    Deborah and Samuel H. Lankford
    Sam H. Lankford '13
    Bernice and Chiles Larson
    Gaynor and Stephen Lauchlan
    Wendy K. Lavine '85
    Corinne and S. Alex Lawson '99
    Sunny and James D. Lawson
    Taylor Lawson '92
    Karen and Grant Lawyer
    Aaron J. LeBauer '92
    Gail and Eugene S. LeBauer
    Matthew S. LeBauer '98
    Sara and Joseph LeBlanc
    Liza and Jim Lee '83
    Ann Davis Legette '87 and James Legette
    Joan and James Legette
    Melissa and Pat Lehman
    Melissa and Jeffrey Leonard
    Carole and R. Glenn Lesley
    Robert G. Lesley, Jr. '89
    Cathy K. Levinson
    Jane and Richard D. Levy
    Michele Gordon and Edgar Levy
    Anna Lewis '23
    Jamel Lewis '11
    James Lewis '27
    Jessica and Jay Lewis '09
    Kara Lewis
    Sally and Jeff Lewis
    Lincoln Financial Group Foundation
    Smedes and Doug Lindner
    Harvey Lindley Lineberry II
    John H. Lineweaver '81
    Kathleen and F. Dean Little III
    Chen Xu and Yang Liu
    Erin Hess LiVecchi '98
    Avery and David Lloyd
    Laurie Nehmen Lloyd '97 and Oliver Lloyd
    Julian London '94
    Noni Thomas Lopez '90 and Rodney Lopez
    Raymond E. Lopez
    Euridice and Victor Loria
    Cheryl and William Love
    Morgan and Robert Love
    Gwen and Christopher Lowe '90
    Margaret Ray Lowe '92 and Bradley Lowe '92
    Samantha and Dana Lowell
    Mary Ellen Kavanagh Lowry '95
    Carly Lucas
    Carol and Charles I. Lucas
    Michelle and James Lunney V
    Brittany and Nick Lutzweiler
    Nancy-Kerr Lynch

List of 4 items.

  • M

    Marie and Brian MacKay
    Lori Fowler MacLeod '93
    Melissa and Mark E. Macpherson '98
    Emily Hicks Maggart '99
    Andrew Magod '11
    Ben Magod '13
    Kristen and Marc E. Magod
    Linda and Mac Mahaffee II '88
    Jessica Morton Maj '02
    Majelle Janette Soles Nelson Estate
    Diane and Scott Majestic
    Catherine and Scott M. Manchester '89
    Barbara Eisenberg and Scott Mandelsohn
    Larry Mann '88
    Veena Nandigam-Mannam and Praveen Mannam
    Allison and Matthew Manning
    Jamie Manning-Soule
    Julia and Ted Manny
    Myles B. Mansfield '12
    Marie Dennett Foundation
    Jay Marks III '06
    Joyce and Mark Markwell
    Margaret and Stephen Marler '76
    Marsh & McLennan Companies, Inc
    Amanda Taylor Marshall '93 and Alex J. Marshall '93
    Clarissa and Jason Marshall
    Maggie and Seth R. Marshall '97
    Stephanie Marshall-Thompson '98
    Martha & William Murray Foundation
    Laurie Jones Martin '96
    Millie and Matthew B. Martin Jr. '03
    Pat and Riley Martin
    Mary Hooker Taylor Scholarship Fund
    MASCO Corporation
    Katharine Matthews '02
    Sandrine Maucourt and Rob Iuppa
    Leigh E. Maxwell '07
    Samantha and Ryan H. Maxwell '04
    Susan and James H. Maxwell
    Jackie and Tommy May
    John S. May III '89
    Lanier Brown May '78
    Mallory May '86
    Nancy R. May
    Beth and Kenneth Mayer
    Betsy Wilson Mayer '95
    Charles Mayer '15
    Margaret Holloman Mayer '12
    Michelle and Corey Mayer
    Barbara and Miles Maynard
    Heather Soden and David Maynard '84
    Ashley and Bret Mazzei
    Judy and Brantley McAdoo Jr.
    Stephanie King McCabe '07 and Robert McCabe
    Suzanne English and Gary McCartney
    Ann Browning and John McCarty '01
    Anne M. McCarty '08
    Rebekah McConnell
    Sims and Brad McCorkle
    Kristin and Brad McCormick '96
    Louise Boney McCoy '78 and Steve McCoy
    Elizabeth Girardi McCutcheon '98 and H. McCutcheon
    Carol McDaid '78 and John Shinholser
    Teresa and Patrick R. McDaid Jr.
    Melony and Clarence McDonald
    Diane and Samuel G. McDowell
    DJ McDuffie '97 
    Tammy and Todd McElroy
    Angela and Brian McGinn
    Judy and Dan McGinn
    Mary Katherine Strong McInnis '04 and Matt McInnis
    Craig Hassenfelt McIntosh '98 and Beau McIntosh '97
    Cassandra and Dwayne McIntyre
    Matthew A. McIvor '14
    Patty and Bill McIvor
    Kelly and Jim McKee
    Marcy McKenzie '98
    Amanda Dowtin McLaughlin '97 and Adam McLaughlin
    Shirley D. McLellan
    Karen and Robert McMichael
    Laura Ann and Dan McWhorter
    Leslie Simpson Meadows '89 and Chris Meadows '85
    Carmi Medoff '10
    Debra Silber and Jeffrey Medoff
    Diana and Ari S. Medoff '99
    Elizabeth Medoff and Sar Medoff '05
    Gena Medoff '12
    Mica Medoff '07
    Brittain Knight Mehler '01 and David Mehler
    Ginny Younger Meier '02 and Doug Meier
    Merck Partnership for Giving
    Sarah Cone Merriman '79
    Fallon and Neal Merry '01
    Ashley Knapp Meyer '97 and Robert Meyer
    Emily Lawrence Meyer '97
    Nancy and Stephen Meyers
    Bonnie and Mark Michael
    Meg and Shannon Michael
    Kate Middleton '96 
    Blair Milam '06
    Anja Milicevic ‘08
    Dajana Milicevic '11
    Meliha and Branislav Milicevic
    Beth and Buddy Milks '90
    Emily and Todd Miller '94
    Merrill Miller
    Molly Moore Miller '05
    Steven L. Miller '07
    Merrill McCarty Mills '04
    Katherine Zimmerman Milne '98
    Megan Mimms
    Robert Mimms
    Elizabeth Huffine Minto '02 and Ryan Minto
    Janet and Randy Mintz
    Gregory Mitchell '13
    Kelly Mitchell and Duane Gilbert
    Mitchell, Bartlett, and Bell Orthodontics
    Angela and Edo Mlatac '97
    Alex S. Mohler '03
    Mara and John Montana
    Jennifer and John Moody '89
    Karan and McLean Moore '87
    Lara McCulloch Moore '92 and Malcolm Moore
    Margaret and Richard Moore
    Roseo and Roger L. Moore
    Wayne Moore and Laura Kaufman
    Brooke Marshall Moran '99
    Amanda and Alex Morcos '93
    Morgan Stanley Matching Gift Foundation
    Melinda Powel Morgenstern '86
    Laurie and James D. Morris Sr.
    Meagan and Christopher Morris
    Trish and Mac Morris
    Allison and Bill Morrisette Jr. '75
    Eleanor Schaffner-Mosh and Stevan Mosh
    Kristen and William Moss
    Sara Moss
    Sarah Rose Mosh Mostafa '06 and Osman Nadir Mostafa
    Rozy and Stephen Moule
    Judith Eidems and Alexander Mueller
    Molly Mullin
    Zach Mullinax '04
    Rita Mullins-Hodgin
    Karla Munden
    Todd Munsey '90
    Elaina and Phillp Murdock
    Al Murphy '94 
    Christina Murphy
    Lindsey and Tim Murphy '00
    Murphy/Wainer Orthopedic Specialists
    Charles DeRosset Murray '08
    James H. Murray '75
    Kimberly and Robert Murray
    Laura and Robert Murray
    Magen E. Murray '04
    Lori and Wilson R. Muse '97
  • N

    Rebecca Nadel '93
    Ginger and Henry Nading '03
    National Christian Foundation - Piedmont
    National Philanthropic Trust
    Maria and Jose Navarro
    Jody and Jeff Needham
    John B. Neese
    Elisa and Aaron M. Nelson '96
    Joan and Thomas A. Nelson
    Julie and Thomas M. Nelson
    Nicholas G. Nelson '14
    Eno Amao and Greg Newlin
    Leslie and John Newman Jr.
    Fran and Jim Newsom
    Julia Jackson-Newsom and Glenn Newsom
    Elizabeth Kavanagh Newsome '03
    Diana Nguyen '11
    Yuni Nguyen
    Rebecca Fish Nichols '80 and Robert Nichols
    Samuel Nichols '11
    Allison Brown Niekras '98 and Brian Niekras
    Boris J. Nikolic '03
    Lynn and John W. Noecker
    Patrick Nolan '09
    Annabel and Dean G. Norman Jr. '05
    Mary and Matt Norman '97
    Carrie Sloan Norry '89
    Northwestern Mutual Life
    James R. Novak Sr.
    James Nussbaum '10
    Carolyn and Jeff C. Nutt '80
    Dorothy and William V. Nutt Jr.
    William V. Nutt III '05
    Eden Nystrom
    Jennifer and Scott Nystrom
  • O

    Tracy and Edward O'Donnell
    Stephen O'Neil '02
    Betsy and C. Mitchell Oakley Jr.
    Heather and Allen M. Oakley '97
    Mindy and Chad Oakley '90
    Katherine A. Ognovich'14
    Jeffrey E. Oleynik
    Julie Olin
    Mary Olin
    Matt Olin '89
    PerMar and Jon Olin '91
    Chrissy Olson '85 
    Fran and Don Olson
    Optimental, LLC
    OrangeTheory Fitness
    Emily and Jordan Orr '04
    Michelle and Bryson Osborne
    Irene Chan and Jules Osias
    David P. Overman '86
    Laura and David Owens
  • P

    Anne Lucas Pace '10
    Barbara Palmer
    Paragon Marketing Group, LLC
    Parents' Association
    Caroline and Ralph Paris III
    April and David Parker
    Barton F. Parker '07
    David Parker Jr. '08
    Morgan and Ryan Parker '04
    Rebecca and John Parker
    Chelsey Miller and John Parks '00
    Heather and Ross Parr
    Kelly and Patrick Parr
    Bonnie and David H. Parsons
    Erin Beavers Pate '05
    Sima Govind and Hetal Patel
    Colleen J. Paterson '12
    Amanda and Lee S. Patterson '96
    Tina Patterson
    Ed Pavoris
    Lindsey Payne
    Elizabeth Harrington Payonk '97 and Philip Payonk II
    Isabelle and Phil Payonk
    Kate and Peter A. Pearce Jr. '90
    Haley E. Peck '12
    Parrish and Jonathan Peddrick '98 
    Flavia and Marcio Pedroso
    Kara and Randall Penfield
    Amy Zhang and Hong Peng
    Penn Mutual Life Insurance Matching Gift
    Pepper Moon Catering
    Rachel Percival
    Cameron Howard and Max Perkins '00
    Caroline Perkins '08
    Reida and Randy Perkins
    Sarah and Cody Perkins
    Sarah Cantrell Perkins '02 and Ross Perkins '02
    Sabra and R. H. Permar III
    Jordan Kime Perry '98
    Nan Perry '17
    Todd C. Perry '99
    Pest Management Systems/Groundworks
    Judy and Mark Peters
    Jane and Lloyd J. Peterson
    Jim Pettit
    Laura Pollak and Jeffrey Petrinitz
    Mary and Scott Petriskie
    Julia Pfenning
    Pfizer Foundation Matching Gifts Program
    Christine R. Phelps
    Shawna and James Phelps
    Phenom Hoop Report LLC
    Kelly Robinson Phillips '99 and Eric Phillips
    Mary Beth and William Phillips
    Ruth Phillips and Wendell Phillips
    Piedmont Eye Surgical & Laser
    Piedmont Retina Specialists, P.A.
    Kate and Brian Pierce
    Pilgrimage Professional Development Group LLC
    Anne Alspaugh Pinkelton '78 and Allen Pinkelton
    Caroline Pinto '09
    Hilary Humphrey Pitts '86
    Jennifer and Ronald Pitts
    Plexus Capital, LLC
    Andrew Plotnikov '13
    Daniel Ham and Justin Plummer '04
    Pam and Charles C. Poindexter II '80
    Leigh Ann and Henry A. Pool
    Hilary Dentler Pope '07
    Zosya and Jason Popik
    Michelle and Lee M. Porter IV '84
    Lisa and Alan Powell
    Melissa Trovato Powell and Christopher Powell
    Meriwether Maddux Powell '97 and Tanner Powell
    Nicole Powers '11
    Rhonda and Darrell Powers
    Sead Pozderac
    Abby Smith Presson '88 and Thomas Presson '87 
    Lee and William C. Presson '90
    Prevention Strategies LLC
    Adam Preyer '84
    Elizabeth K. Prickett
    Tessa and Bruce Procton
    Elyse Balderacchi Puckett '86 and Brooks Puckett
    Janelle and David Puckett '03
    Ann and Mac Pugh
    Maggie and Jonathan C. Pugh '01
    William M. Pugh '08
    Donna and Donald R. Pulitzer
    Jacob Pulitzer '11
    Christian Pulliam '10
    Larry Pulliam
    Jessica D. Pusch '15

List of 4 items.

  • Q

    Jessica Elovsson Quarello '05
    Charlotte Davidson Quinn '05
  • R

    Letitia Radford
    Terri and Scott Rafkin
    Mary and Mark Rainosek
    Anu and Andres Ramgoolam
    Libby and Rick Ramsey
    Elizabeth and Matthew Rankin
    Grant Rankin '10
    Jean and Robert C. Rapp Jr.
    Allison and David M. Ray '95
    Katie and J. A. Redhead III
    Linda Knox Register '79 and Thomas Register
    Amy and Jack Reilly
    Ann and James Rembach II
    Elene and William J. Rendleman Jr.
    Jayne and David Riboldazzi
    Helen Alspaugh Rice '80 and David Rice
    Mary Catherine Rice '98 and Andy Slaughter
    Grier Booker Richards '97
    Anne and Peter Richardson
    Lori and Tyler Richardson
    Alicia and Marcus Richmond
    Misun Rie and Sejong Kim
    Zackery V. Risdon '19
    Mary Ben Craven Roach '76
    Kimberly and Charles Roberson
    Kimberly and Christopher Roberts
    Marcie Dove Roberts '87
    Nancy Roberts
    Thomas Roberts '89
    Diana Nappi Robertson '86
    Katie and Jonathan Robertson
    Deborah and Sonny Robinson '80
    Karen and Neill Robinson
    Kim and Tom Robinson
    Deborah and Michael Robson
    Rockingham Fishing Club, Inc.
    Rachel and Dediako Rodgers
    Scott Roe
    Lori Rogers
    Ronata E. Rogers '13
    Teresa Austin and Brian Rogers
    Virginia and Douglas C. Rogers
    Gail and Paul Rohlfing
    Grant Rohlfing '16
    Pierce Rohlfing '19
    Hollie and Samuel B. Rollins '87
    Lyn Rollins '80
    Sara Knox Roman '87 and Douglas Roman
    Carrie and Alex Rosario
    Danny Rose
    Emily Burbine Rose '97
    Andrew J. Rosen '10
    Alex B. Rosenbower '12
    Eric T. Rosenbower '14
    Leanne and Todd Rosenbower
    Roskelly Management Associates
    Greta and Nathan Ross
    Sophie and Daniel Ross '78
    Densie Turner-Roth and Charles Roth
    Sarah Levinson Rothman '96
    Delaine and Richard Routh
    Virginia and Peyton L. Rowlett
    Melinda and Jim Rucker '82
    Grace Ruffin '18
    Mark A. Ruffin '77
    Paula and Dalton Ruffin
    Mary C. Runstedler '84
    Marilyn Carlson Rush '02
    George Russell '11
  • S

    Georges Saab '85
    Jennifer Saake
    Camille and J. Alexander Salisbury
    Salisbury Community Foundation
    Emilie and Arthur Samet
    Norman Samet
    Beth and Jason Sanders
    Natalie and Craig Sanders
    Sanofi Genzyme
    Edward W. Sapp '12
    Jenny and David Sar
    Wendy E. Sarratt '91
    Houston and Adam Satterfield
    Katie Cockrell Satterly '02 and Stephen Satterly
    Katherine and Worth Saunders
    James S. Schenck III*
    Robin and Dodson Schenck
    Thomas Schenck '76
    Demetra Schermerhorn '08
    Janse Schermerhorn '14
    Sophia Schermerhorn '11
    Theodora Vaporis and Thomas Schermerhorn
    H. Vance Schiffman '79
    Stacy and Frederick Schneid
    Katie Schneider '10
    Aggie and Jon Schner
    Zac T. Schner '14
    Emily Schroeder
    Sandra and Mike Schulte
    Ellen M. Williams Schumak '79 and Bern Schumak
    Schwab Charitable
    Coridalia and John Scott
    Mary and Andy Scott
    Meredith and J. Scott '90
    Noel W. Scott '94
    Sandi Scragg
    Pat and Bob Sevier
    Kelly and William S. Seymour
    William Seymour '08
    Emily McDaid Shagena '08 
    Qingyang Shang and Shengteng Hu
    Hope Gruber and Richard Shannin
    Richard T. Shannin
    Seth Shannin '08
    Anisha C. Sharma '16
    Indu Sharma and Himanshu Dobhal
    Ann and Phillip Sharp
    Ned Sharpless '84
    Stephen E. Shavitz
    Janet and Kevin M. Shaw
    Lori and Thomas Shaw
    Linda and Michael Shearer
    Melissa and Jeremy Shearer
    Sheetz, Inc.
    Rhonda Purser Shell '78
    Shell Oil Company Foundation
    David Shelor '86
    Ginny Shelton '01
    Anne and William Sherrill
    Angelia M. Sherrod '91
    Jean and Richard Sherwood
    Jessica Kasik Shields '05 and Claude Shields
    Liz and Steven Shipman
    Kerri and Chris Shirley
    Anne and Josh Shoemaker
    Elizabeth M. Shoemaker '00
    Christine and Scott Shoener
    Davis J. Shoener '16
    Laura and Jeff Shue
    Josephine Ward Shuford '84 and James Shuford
    Nancy and Alex Shuford
    Linda Siegmund
    Janet and Alex Sigmon '99
    Jessica and Christopher A. Siler '00
    Hunter and George Silides
    Amber and Daniel Silvers
    Dana Simel '78
    Jan and Raymond C. Simmons Jr.
    Katherine B. Simmons
    Kamryn and Andrew Simons
    Kristine Sims and Todd Pittman
    Sara and Anoop Singh '03 
    Monica and Benjamin Sintay
    Kelly and John Sipe
    Laura Cockrell Skelton '03
    Tamara and James Slaughter
    Ashley Holt Smallwood '04 and Warren Smallwood
    Mary Davis McLendon Smart and Roy Smart
    Amanda and Greg Smith
    Dana and Phillip Smith
    Ethan T. Smith '14
    Gail and Alex Smith
    Jill and Ryan Smith
    Karen and Travis F. Smith
    Kate and Kerrigan Smith
    Kim and Rick Smith '77
    Lucy K. Smith '11
    Madeleine Berry Smith '97 and Dixon Smith
    Margaret and Lanty L. Smith
    Marguerite and J. Matthew Smith
    Reid W. Smith '14
    Sue and Bill Smith
    Velma and Robert O. Smith
    Smith Marketing Inc
    Smith, Salley, & Associates, LLC
    Brianne Smithonic
    Jane Smolen
    Jozi Snowberger '03 
    Eileen and Bill Soles Jr. '75
    Reid Soles '09
    Jon B. Solomon '12
    Katrina K. Solomon
    Sarah and Lee Solomon
    Shira K. Solomon '07
    Sondra and Simon Solomon
    Barbara and Thomas Somerville IV
    Thomas Somerville '90
    Elizabeth and George R. Sondecker IV '05
    Poonam and Vineet Sood
    Courtney and Travis Sowers
    Jill Spencer
    Spencer's Landscaping, Inc.
    Liz and Jeremy Spidell
    Kristin and James Christian Spinder III
    Courtney and Michael Splawski
    Katie Robinson Springer '95
    Katherine and Phelps Sprinkle
    Pam and David Sprinkle
    Susan and John Stahl
    Parker and Matthew Stall
    Zoe and Leonard Stallings
    Brooke N. Stan '98
    Cindy Stan
    Ron Stanfield
    Dallas and Christopher Stanley
    Elizabeth L. Stanley
    Kelly and Wes Stanley III '94
    Sarah and Chris Stanley '96
    Wesley Crowe Stanley '99
    Kristin and Timothy Stanton
    Lacy and John D. Starr
    State Street Jewelers
    Ashley E. Staton
    Geoffrey Staton '03
    Statrow LLC
    Pam and Dennis Stearns
    Fred H. Steck III '86
    Meg Chambers Steedle '04
    Michael Steen
    Miranda Stephani
    Peter Stephens '85
    Cory Stephenson
    Barbara Steslow and Terrence Akin
    Tina and William Stevens III
    Ben Stevenson '09
    Katie Stevenson '99
    Carrie Hagan Stewart '05 and Will Stewart '05
    Sherrie and W. Harrison Stewart Jr.
    Jennifer Stickrath
    Kenneth Stickrath
    Victoria and J. T. Still III
    Amy Pope and Michael Robert Stinnett
    Joan and Douglas M. Stone
    Susan and Thomas P. Storrs
    Hunter Strader '08
    Sara Stoneburner and Gregg Strader
    Jace Strandberg '03
    Maria and Christian Streck '90
    Andrew Strong '06
    Caroline Strong '10
    Kimberly and John Strong
    Morgan Stroud '05
    Sara and Taylor Stroud
    Laura Sturm '86 and Lewis Lain
    AnneMarie Stuth
    Danielle and Nathan Styles
    Kimberly and Gary K. Sue
    Claire and Thomas Sullivan
    Lori J. Sullivan '84
    Rachel and Justin Sullivan '92
    Liz and Michael Summers
    Alyse and Michael Sumner Jr. '04
    Christina and Stephen M. Sumner
    Marty and Brian Sumner
    SunTrust Foundation Matching Gift Program
    Stephanie Sutter-Shoaf and Tricia Sutter-Shoaf
    Erin Sutton
    Ty Sutton '88
    Virginia and Alan W. Sutton
    Dana and Jason Swayze '01
    Ayesha Swinton
    Margaret and Thomas Szott
  • T

    Adeline and David C. Talbot
    Melissa Tankersley
    Nancy and Pete Tannenbaum '80
    Carrington Cunningham Tarr '82
    Jenny Lilly Taylor '05 and William Taylor '05
    Marjorie and Roger W. Taylor
    Marvella Taylor
    Patrick Taylor
    TE Connectivity Matching Gift Program
    Joel Teah '11
    TEGNA Foundation
    Jennifer Gilrain Teller '01 and Lane Teller
    Christy and Jim Telleysh
    Ten Thousand Villages
    Carol Terry
    Billy Tesh
    Anne Tewkesbury '12
    Fran and Edward P. Tewkesbury
    The 2A Foundation Inc
    The Charles Schwab Foundation
    The Lookout Foundation
    The Michael W. Haley Foundation, Inc.
    The Outpost, Inc.
    The Sharp Charitable Trust
    The T. Henry & Dell B.Wilson Family Fund
    Sharon Carr Theismann '97 and Patrick Theismann
    Jonathan Thielen
    Amy McMichael-Thomas and Ralph Thomas
    Jason Thomas
    Jenipher and Derek Thomas '92
    Jessica R. Thomas '16
    Michael C. Thomas '95
    Parker and William G Thomas
    Emily and Kenneth Thompson
    Kess and Boon Thongteum
    Wendy and Thomas Thornton III '88
    Beverly and Thomas Thurber
    David E. Tibbals '86
    Timken Corporation
    Charles Tinsley, Jr. '81
    Maggi J. Tinsley '78
    Justin A. Todd '05
    Lisa Johnson-Tonkins and Elbert Tonkins
    Kathy Rivera-Nieves and Ruben Torrealba
    Maryclare and Eric Tracy
    Emilee and Stamps Transou
    Christopher J. Trentini
    William Trentini '12
    Jane and Chris Trevey
    Triad Custom Alarm Services
    Triad Elite Lacrosse
    Triangle Community Foundation Inc.
    Jenks and John B. Trotter
    Yukiko and Naofumi Tsuboyama
    Leslye and Marshall Tuck
    Michael Tuck '10
    Kristen and Brian Tuma
    Flossye and Samuel Turner
    Susan Turner and Bahram Kiani
    Traci and Samuel Turner
    Laura Tutterow '17
    Ruthie and Alan Tutterow
    Brooke and W. Austin Tyler '96

List of 4 items.

  • U

    United Jewish Foundation of Metropolitan Detroit
    Kaitlin Holcombe Upchurch '03
    Suzanne Uzzell
  • V

    V & L Master Cleaning Services
    Leslie Valentine '92
    Faye Valoris
    Brittany and Ross Van der Linden '94
    Marian A. Van Noppen '08
    Vanguard Charitable
    Missie Sue Vaughan '81
    Nathan H. Vercaemert '11
    Valerie Vickers and Paul Mitchell
    Meredith L. Viguers '97
    Karin and Eric Vincent
    Vital Signs & Graphics
    Kristen Raizada and Khoi Vo
    Lilly Cohen Voelker '10 and Pat Voelker
    Ashley Finn Volpenhein '96
  • W

    Waccamaw Community Foundation
    Paige Wagner and Jennifer Etnier
    Emily Mosh Wagoner '09 and Philip Wagoner
    Michele and Bryan Wagoner
    Tiana and Chiwahn Walden
    Caroline L. Walker '03
    Charlie Walker '04 
    Christine L. Walker '08
    Claire Thomas Walker '05 and Will Walker 
    Conny Waltemath and Cameron Walker
    David H. Walker Jr. '06
    Haley Walker '10
    Kaler E. Walker '99
    Katie Cohen Walker '08 and Jordan Walker '08
    Linda and T. N. Walker
    Ashley P. Wall
    Barbara Wallace
    Carlen H. Walters
    Alex Walthall '11
    John Walton
    Pamela and Anthony Wampler
    Yan Feng and Honghai Wang
    Ward Black Law
    Carolyn Warhaftig
    Laura and Joseph Warman '06
    Louise and John Warmath '78
    Sallie Warmath '76 and Ray Tohinaka
    Sarah D. Warmath
    Tim Warmath '80 and Ed Comber
    Katie Watson '15
    Laurie and John Watson III
    Lynne and William Watson
    Shonel Watson
    Suzanne and Patrick Watson
    Comer and T. Ralph Wear III
    Kendall Weavil '11
    Lucas Weavil '10
    Mila and David C. Weavil
    Anne and Tommy Webb
    E. Keats Webb '03
    Lockhart Webb '01 and Stephan Wasilewski
    Patricia and Christopher Webb
    Jennifer Graham and Matthew Weingold
    Ashley Wainer Weiss '07 and Stephen Weiss
    Molly Rhoads Weisselberg '04 and Marc Weisselberg
    Bill Welch
    Well Spring Retirement Community
    Wells Fargo Community Support Campaign
    Wells Fargo Educational Matching Gift Program
    Wells Trophy, Sportswear & Specialties, Inc.
    Michael Welter
    Anja Wenrick '78
    Christina and Michael Wert
    Mia Westbrook Gray
    Heather and Chris Wetzel '97
    Pamela Wheeler
    Deanne and Stephen A. Wheless '02
    Von and Roy Whitaker, Jr.
    Janet and John A. White '91
    Jennifer and James C. White
    Jillian and Thomas L. White III '00
    Julia and Thomas L. White Jr.
    Margaret and Donald White
    Margaret and Lee White III
    Sue Donathan White
    Elissa Adams Whited '03 and Bryce Whited
    Thomas Whitfield
    Jeanne and Mark Whitley
    Marilyn and James Whitley Jr.
    James Whitton
    Alec Whyte '16
    Emogene and James R. Wikle Jr.
    Suzanne and Reid Wilcox Jr.
    Nell Lambert Wilder '90
    Vivian and Charlie Wilder
    Anne and Dillard Williams '01
    BJ Williams '09
    Carol G. Williams
    Carol Williams
    Celeste Williams
    Delana and Carnell Williams
    Ellen Williams
    Greg Williams
    Holley and Derrick Williams
    Jillian and Peter Williams
    Maria and Juan Williams
    Patrick L. Williams '99
    Rabiatu and Rowland Williams
    Carol and Ed Willingham
    Katherine Johnson Willingham '07 and Davis Willingham
    Roslyn and Sonny J. Willis '96
    Elizabeth and Mark R. Wilson
    Heather and SirMawn Wilson
    Sloan Calhoun Wilson '92 and Johnny Wilson
    Laura and Scott Windham '89
    Brook and Paul Wingate Jr.
    Sandra and P. Lawrence Wingate
    Cecile Winstead
    Winston-Salem Foundation
    Chip Wintringham '08
    David C. Wintringham
    John Woltz III '83
    Carolyn and David Womble
    Adair Wood '23
    Katherine Rapp Wood '93 and Jon Wood
    Megan Hayes Wood '04 and Andrew Wood
    Sharon Siler Wood '97 and Tony Wood
    Katharine Ridenhour Woodard '91 and Stacy Woodard
    Peg and Jon Woods '78
    Kerensa Wooten
    Dottie Worsham
    Jonathan M. Worth '04
    Lauren and David M. Worth
    Tess Stakias Worth '04 and Alex Worth '01
    Tina and Todd Wrenn
    Heather and Danny Wright '89
    Katie M. Wyatt '15
    Cheryl and David Wyrick
  • X

    Sarah Xiu
    Xianjuan Qian and Jindong Xu

List of 2 items.

  • Y

    Suzanne Cole Yavor '01 and Robert Yavor
    Jianhua Zhang and Ping Yin
    Karla and Stephen Yonce
    Caroline and Kyle Young
    Kim Hundgen Young '12 and Benjamin Young
    Ellen and Carl Younger '97 
    Taylor Haley Younts '09 and Bennett Younts
    Taehee Kim and Yeoheung Yun
    John D. Yurcisin '89
  • Z

    Rosalyn Zakheim and Gayle Dukelow
    Will Zhang '17
    Hawa and Jeffery Zigbuo
    Scott W. Zimmerman '04
    Takako and David Zimmerman
    Ann and Ben Zuraw
    Lucy Zuraw '08
*denotes deceased
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