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The 1970 Society was established in the year 2020 to celebrate our 50th birthday and recognizes parents, alumni, faculty, former faculty, staff, and friends who make an unrestricted gift of $1,970 to Greensboro Day School from July 1, 2020 - June 30, 2021.

In addition to showing a sign of celebration for our founding, 2020 required incredible energy and focus to open our school safely in COVID-19.  The funds generated from your 1970 Society membership directly help our school address the extra costs associated with safety measures implemented to ensure maximum safety for our students and teachers. Here are some of the safety precautions that your 1970 Society membership funds: 

  • A new Global Plasma Solutions air filtration system in every building
  • Swivl Technology provides a remote learning option
  • A renovated Health Center with a sick and well area
  • Eight tents for outdoor lunch, learning, and play
  • Outdoor tables 
  • New wayfinding systems and signage
  • A new key card system for building entry
  • An additional full-time nurse

To join the 1970 Society, you may submit your gift electronically, remit payment via check to the Office of Advancement, 5401 Lawndale Drive, Greensboro, NC 2755 or call the Office of Advancement with your credit card information at (336) 288-8590 ext. 254.

Members of the 1970 Society

Kim Ashley
Steve Ashley
Heidi Gingerich and Phillip Bales
Lynn Callicott Baranski '84 and  Marc Baranski
Kara Medoff Barnett '96 and Dov Barnett
Beth Barnwell
Donna and Scott Baxter
Mary Katherine and Durant Bell '98
Jackie and Steve Bell
Gail '76 and Steve Bernstein
Teresa and Daniel Biggerstaff
Derry and Harden Blackwell
Laura and Burns Blackwell '96
Jane Brabham
Sarah and Douglas Brokaw
Helen Brooks '80
Martha and David Brown
Molly and Jeb Burns
Cafegency Insurance
Kristin and Peter Carignan
Kris and Joe Carbone
DeAnn and James Carlson
Tracie and Mark Catlett
Dorothy Chappell
Ann Clark '76 
Joanna and Lawrence Cox
Amy Consiglio and Brian Criscuolo
Jill and Brey Curtis
Shannon and Stephen Dahlstedt
Dana and Andrew Davis
Kathy and Robert Davis
Sandra and Brian Dumbill
Fleming and Whit Edwards
Katie and David Egerton '93
Brooke and Joe Fowler
Josephine Galtelli
John Gandy
Anne and Randall Godette
Ginger and Haynes Griffin
Jennifer and Jason Griffin
Carrie and Will Griswold '81
Chip Hagan
Dang and Kelly Hahn
Beth Harrington
Ed Harrington
Berkeley Harris
Kim and Brad Hayes
Martha and David Howard '76
Christina and Robert D. Hudson
Ruth Watakila-Jackson and Nero Jackson
Dina and Burney Jennings
Janice and Jay Jester IV '86
Bradley Johnson
Liz and David Johnson
Mary Marr '75 and Freddy Johnson
Carla Smith Jones '83 and Steve Jones
Holly and David Jones
Mary and Chuck Jones
Amy and George Jordan
Erin and Anton Justad
Courtney and Brad Kamlet
Merrill and Chuck Keeley '81
Nyla and Taimur Khan
Beth and John King '87
Renee and Kevin Kuzma '96
Alexis and Chris Lackey
Ann '87 and Wade Legette
Cathy Levinson
Corie and Kyle Lewis
Loomis Foundation
Morgan and Scott Love
Diane and Kirk Lundblade
Terry and Patrick McDaid
Diane and Sam McDowell
Patty and Bill McIvor
Jennifer and John Moody '89
Judith Eidems and Alex Mueller
Tish and Joe Murray
Alicia and Don Noone
Betsy and Mitch Oakley
Matt Olin '89
Heather and Ross Parr
Lisa Anderson '86 and Patrick Parrish
Debbie and Ian Patrick
Elizabeth '97 and Phil Payonk
Flavia and Marcio Pedroso
Rachel Percival
Sabra and Chip Permar
Kate and Brian Pierce
Jennifer and Ron Pitts
Premedia Group LLC
Tessa and Bruce Procton
Mary and Mark Rainosek

Libby and Rick Ramsey
Elizabeth and Matthew Rankin
Laurie and Norman Regal
Rice Toyota
Lori and Tyler Richardson
Zane Hembree and Scott Risdon
Denise Turner-Roth and Chip Roth
Emilie and Arthur Samet
Houston and Adam Satterfield
Kathi and Worth Saunders
Ann and Phillip Sharp
Liz and Steven Shipman
Breeze and Stuart Smith '95
Sue and Bill Smith
Kate and Phelps Sprinkle
Kristin and Tim Stanton
Kimberly and John Strong
Sara and Taylor Stroud
Melinda Blietz and Kyle Talbot
Judy and Vernon Taylor
Fran and Ted Tewkesbury
Emily and Kenny Thompson
Kess and Boon Thongteum
Emilee and Stamps Transou
Jane and Chris Trevey
Sarah Warmath
Tim Warmath '80 
Comer and Ralph Wear
Anne and Tommy Webb
Jill and Thomas White '00
Margaret and Don White
Suzanne and Reid Wilcox
Cheryl and David Wyrick
Xianjuan Qian and Jindong Xu
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