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State Championship Swim Results

Congratulations to the Aqua Cats on their swim season! The team competed recently in the 2019 NCISAA Division 1 State Championships. Overall, the girls placed 6th and the boys placed 9th.

Girls 200 yard medley relay
4th place
Morgan Jones ’20, Lillie Smith ’22, Anna Marie Harding ’21, Ginny Roman ‘20

Boys 200 yard medley relay
8th place
Josh Turner ’19, Drew Bennett ’20, Jack Reilly ’22, Burke Sullivan ‘19

Girls 200 Yard IM
Anna Marie Harding ’21, 7th

Boys 200 Yard IM
Drew Bennett ’20, 7th

Girls 50 Yard Freestyle
Ginny Roman ’20, 9th
Lillie Smith ’22, 13th

Girls 100 yard Butterfly
Morgan Jones ’20, 6th
*Morgan Jones broke the GDS school record set in 1996.
Anna Marie Harding ’21, 9th

Boys 100 yard Butterfly
Jack Reilly ’22, 6th

Girls 100 yard Freestyle
Ginny Roman ’20, 10th

Boys 100 yard Freestyle
Max Navratil ’20, 13th

Girls 200 Freestyle Relay
Anna Lewis ‘23, Solveig Andersen ‘24, Claire Yonce ‘24, Elsa Rose Karcher ‘19, 13th

Boys 200 Freestyle Relay
Jack Reilly ‘22, Burke Sullivan ‘19, Max Navratil ‘20, Drew Bennett ‘20, 6th

Girls 100 Backstroke
Morgan Jones ‘20, 2nd
Lillie Smith ‘22, 9th

Boys 100 Backstroke
Jack Reilly ‘22, 10th

Girls 100 Breastroke
Anna Lewis ‘23, 15th

Boys 100 Breastroke
Drew Bennett ‘20, 8th

Girls 400 Yard Freestyle Relay
Lillie Smith ’22, Anna Marie Harding ’21, Ginny Roman ’20, Morgan Jones ’20, 4th
Boys 400 Yard Freestyle Relay
Sterling Sharpe ’23, Michael Harding ’24, Will Presson ’20, Max Navratil ’20, 9th
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