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Upper School Students Recognized during Closing Ceremony

During the Upper School Closing Ceremony held on Tuesday, June 4, several awards were presented. These include departmental awards, and annual awards to recognize individual student accomplishments inherent to the school motto of "friendship, scholarship, and sportsmanship."
Congratulations to the following students on these honors:
Catherine Gwinnett ’20, Kimberly Susan Bates ’84 Memorial Award
Noel Harris ’20 and Christian Bailey ’20, Lenwood Edwards Endowment Award
Audrey Kim ’20, John F. Johnson Scholar Athlete Award  
Kayla Rafkin ’20, Meg Steedle '04 Scholar Artist Award    
Ryan Fowler ’22 and Adelaide Wood ’22, 9th grade
Dominick Bontempo ’21 and Corinne Alt ’21, 10th grade
John Thomas Chappell ’20 and Zaira Arfeen ’20, 11th grade
Zoe Wen ’22, Outstanding 9th Grade English Award          
Zoe Wen ’22, Scott William Patterson Memorial History Award
Frannie Goodman’22, Outstanding 9th Grade Math Award
Wesley Penfield ’22, Outstanding 9th Grade Science Award
Chase Risdon ’22 - Latin, Zoe Wen ’22 - Spanish, Xander Craven ’22 - Chinese, Outstanding 9th Grade World Language Awards       
Greta Andersen ’22, Outstanding 9th Grade Art Award
Wesley Penfield ’22 - Choral, Arjun Ramachandran ’22 and Kathleen Whitener ’22 - Instrumental, Outstanding 9th Grade Music Awards
Simeon Reich ’22, Outstanding 9th Grade Theatre Award
Caroline Wyrick ’21, Outstanding 10th Grade English Award
Keira Dandy ’21, Outstanding 10th Grade History / Social Studies Award
Cady He ’21, Outstanding 10th Grade Math Award
Cady He ’21, Outstanding 10th Grade Science Award
Tori Frahm ’21 - Chinese, Keira Dandy ’21 - Latin, Cecilia Wang ’21 – Spanish, Outstanding 10th Grade World Language Awards
Lauren Sar ’21, Outstanding 10th Grade Art Award
Olivia Gwinnett ’21 – Choral, Jeffrey Jones ’21 – Instrumental, Outstanding 10th Grade Music Awards
Cecilia Wang ’21, Outstanding 10th Grade Theatre Award
Max Walters ’20, Outstanding 11th Grade English Award
Kate Hodgin ’20, Ted Sturm Award, Outstanding 11th Grade History / Social Studies Award
Cason Pierce ’20, Outstanding 11th Grade Math Award
Cathy Chen ’20, Outstanding 11th Grade Science Award
Max Walters ’20 - Chinese, Eli Bensimhon ’20 - Latin, Cason Pierce ’20 - Spanish, Outstanding 11th Grade World Language Awards        
Camden Snyder ’20, Outstanding 11th Grade Art Award
Max Criscuolo ’20 - Choral, Coco Lyu ’20 - Instrumental, Outstanding 11th Grade Music Awards
Max Criscuolo ’20, Outstanding 11th Grade Theatre Award
Skye Law ’20, Dartmouth College Book Award
Catherine Gwinnett ’20, Randolph College Book Award
Chris Delligatti ’20, Brandeis University Book Award   
Cason Pierce ’20, George Washington University Book Award
Henry Peng ’20, Cason Pierce ’20, Will Presson ’20, Nick Saunders ’20
These four students are among the top 50,000 scorers of the 1.6 million who took the PSAT in October 2018.
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