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Middle School Closing and Eighth Grade Celebration Awards

During the Middle School Closing Ceremony on Tuesday, June 4 several students received special recognition. Selected by their peers, the following students received citizenship awards:

5th grade: Reston Wood ’26
6th grade: Addison Smith ’25
7th grade: Tyler Johnson ’24 and Sarah Parrish ’24

Rishal Sood ’23 and Logan Hayes ’23 were honored with Student Council Awards

During the Eighth Grade Celebration on Wednesday, June 5 the following students received awards for citizenship, leadership, and scholarship.

8th grade citizenship: Matthew Dewey ’23
8th grade Leadership: Logan Hayes ’23
8th grade Scholarship: Sasha Nikiforov ’23

Rishal Sood ’23 and Claire McDowell ’23 served as the student speakers during the Eighth Grade Celebration.

Congratulations to the Class of 2023 on your many accomplishments!
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