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Middle School Awards 2020

During the Middle School End of Year Closing Ceremonies and Celebrations on Wednesday, May 27, many students were recognized for citizenship, service, leadership, and scholarship awards. Student speakers were selected for each grade.

Citizenship Awards
5th Grade: Eli Davis ‘27
6th Grade: Alexandra Dewey ‘26
7th Grade: Walker Stanley ‘25
8th Grade: Tyler Johnson ‘24

Student Council Service Award: Margaret Manning ‘23
8th Grade Leadership Award: Folu Amao ‘23
Scholarship Award: Tilley Lie-Nielsen ‘23 and Sarah Parrish ‘23

Student Council Speeches: Margaret Manning ‘23 and Lucas Pedroso ‘23, Student Council Co-Presidents
5th Grade: Tilly Hamer ‘27
6th Grade: Lucy Eggleston ‘26
8th Grade: Annelise Oswald ‘24 and Riley Anderson ‘24
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