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Upper School Awards 2020

During Greensboro Day School’s virtual Upper School Closing Ceremony on May 28, several awards were presented to upper school students. These include departmental awards and annual awards to recognize individual student accomplishments inherent to the school motto of “friendship, scholarship, and sportsmanship.” Watch a recording of the ceremony here.  

Annual Awards

Annual Awards

Annika Deshpande ‘21 - Kimberly Susan Bates ’84 Memorial Award

Je’Bria Fullwood ‘21 and Devin Tonkins ‘21 - Lenwood Edwards Endowment Award

Emily Hall ‘21 - John F. Johnson Scholar-Athlete Award

Cady He ‘21 -  Meg Steedle '04 Scholar Artist Award

Citizenship Awards
Mae Moody ‘23 and Rishal Sood ‘23, 9th Grade
Zoe Wen ‘22 and Henry Wilcox ‘22, 10th Grade
Je’Bria Fullwood ‘21 and Dominick Bontempo ‘21, 11th Grade 

Departmental Awards
Payton Wagner ‘23, Outstanding 9th Grade English Award
Claire McDowell ‘23, Scott William Patterson Memorial  History Award
Anchi Li ‘23, Outstanding 9th Grade Math Award
Sasha Nikiforov ‘23, Outstanding 9th Grade Science Award
Rishal Sood ‘23, Outstanding 9th Grade Chinese Award
Payton Wagner ‘23, Outstanding 9th Grade Latin Award
Saa'nyah Keaton, Outstanding 9th Grade Spanish Award
Lindy Lin ‘23, Outstanding 9th Grade Art Awards 
Joseph Carbone ‘23, Outstanding 9th Grade Band Award
Logan Hayes ‘23, Outstanding 9th Grade Strings Award
Courtney Kim ‘23, Outstanding 9th Grade Strings Award
Kate Wingate ‘23, Outstanding 9th Grade Chorus Award
Marguerite Stanley ‘23, Outstanding 9th Grade Theatre Award

Kyle Feinstein ‘22, Outstanding 10th Grade English Award
Henry Wilcox ‘22, Outstanding 10th Grade History / Social Sciences Award
Aaron Feng ‘22, Outstanding 10th Grade Math Award
Zoe Wen ‘22, Outstanding 10th Grade Science Award
Jack Reilly ‘22, Outstanding 10th Grade Chinese Award
Boone Pool ‘22, Outstanding 10th Grade Latin Award
Wesley Penfield ‘22, Outstanding 10th Grade Spanish Awards
Jimmy Belcher ‘22, Outstanding 10th Grade Art Award
Arjun Ramachandran ‘22, Outstanding 10th Grade Band Award
Coco Guan ‘22, Outstanding 10th Grade Band Award
Kathleen Whitener ‘22, Outstanding 10th Grade Strings Award
Elizabeth Adams ‘22, Outstanding 10th Grade Chorus Award
Lucius Chappell ‘22, Outstanding 10th Grade Theatre Award

Caroline Ferguson ‘21, Outstanding 11th Grade English Award
Tori Frahm ‘21, Ted Sturm Award for History
Cady He ‘21, Outstanding 11th Grade Math Award
Lauren Sar ‘21, Outstanding 11th Grade Science Award
Annika Deshpande ‘21, Outstanding 11th Grade Chinese Award
Lauren Sar ‘21, Outstanding 11th Grade Latin Award
Celia Funderburk ‘21, Outstanding 11th Grade Spanish ward
Steve Liang ‘21, Outstanding 11th Grade Art Award
Ben Griffin, Outstanding 11th Grade Band Award
Annika Deshpande ‘21, Outstanding 11th Grade Strings Award
Olivia Gwinnett ‘21, Outstanding 11th Grade Chorus Award
Madelyn Shaw ‘21, Outstanding 11th Grade Theatre  Award
Abby Samet ‘21, University of Vermont Book Award
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