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Iraida Fung Named 2020-21 Brooks Sabbatical Recipient

Since 1996, Greensboro Day School annually selects a faculty member to receive a unique multi-cultural experience through an endowment created by one of our school’s founding members. Dr. Jean Brooks, now deceased, was the parent of two children and one grandchild, all of whom are GDS graduates. Years ago, Dr. Brooks created the Brooks Endowment for Sabbatical Leave, to support one GDS faculty member to travel and learn from an exceptional (and usually international) trip. 

Proposals must include a description of the anticipated travel and explain how the time used will benefit the teacher and their students. The applications this year were both thoughtful and exciting.
Congratulations to the 2021-22 Brooks Sabbatical recipient, Iraida Fung, Upper School Spanish teacher and Service without Borders advisor. Her application includes a rich combination of cultural, literary, and language research so she can help her students better understand the connections between the Polynesian civilization of Easter Island and the indigenous groups of Chile, Peru, and Native Americans. Ms. Fung will travel to Chile’s Easter Island with her family.  

A 21-year GDS veteran teacher who knows many cultures through her life and experience, Ms. Fung supports GDS, her students, and her Greensboro community in very significant ways. Ms. Fung is also the recipient of a GDS TEEF grant, and the James P. Hendrix, Jr. Award for Excellence in Teaching. She has attended and presented at AP workshops and local foreign language workshops. 

Other Brooks’ Sabbatical recipients in the current GDS faculty include Kim Burroughs, Trish Morris, Don Lahey, Kelly Sipe, Kathy Gillespie, Karen Baldwin, Jose Navarro, Carey Jackson-Adams, and Marvella Taylor. They traveled to four continents around the world. These life-changing experiences have also enriched Greensboro Day School, the faculty, and our students.

Congratulations to Iraida Fung!
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