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GDS Experience

Upper School Award Recipients 2020-21

The Upper School held its annual Upper School Awards Ceremony on Friday, May 21, 2021, to recognize the many accomplishments of the upper school students. 

Congratulations to the following recipients:
Kimberly Susan Bates ’84 Memorial Award: Anna Newsom ’22
This award is given in memory of Kimberly Susan Bates ’84 and presented to a Greensboro Day School junior who strives for excellence in academics and has a positive impact throughout the school through his involvement in extracurricular activities.
Lenwood Edwards Endowment Award: Melia Hopkins ’22 and CJ Collins ’22
This award is given to two Greensboro Day Upper School students of diverse backgrounds whose personal achievements and values exemplify the school motto of Friendship, Scholarship, and Sportsmanship. The award is made in honor of Lenwood Edwards, the school’s first of athletics.

John F. Johnson Scholar-Athlete Award: Xander Craven ’22
This award is given to a junior who exemplifies the best combination of values of outstanding sportsmanship while participating in the Greensboro Day School sports program and exemplary scholarship in his or her classwork. The award is made in honor of the late John F. Johnson’s dedication to young people and their healthy intellectual and athletic development.

Mekia S. Valentine ’06 Award: A’Shauna Robinson ‘23
The Mekia S. Valentine '06 Award will recognize a female student of color in the Upper School who makes outstanding efforts in several of the following areas: academics, extra-curricular activities, leadership, and community involvement. 

Athletes of the Year: Je’Bria Fullwood ’21 and Julius Reese ’23
Poet Laureate: Jack Clodfelter '23
Each grade level votes on two students to represent their grade to receive the Citizenship Award. Congratulations to the following recipients:
9th Grade: Sarah Parrish ’24, Tyler Johnson ’24
10th Grade: Hetti Price-Bailey ’23, Rishal Sood ’23
11th Grade: Georgia Severa ’22, Boone Pool ’22

Department Awards
9th Grade: Grayson Stanley ’24
10th Grade: Annika Rogers ’23
11th Grade: Frannie Goodman ’22
12th Grade: Caroline Ferguson ’21
9th Grade: Jeffrey Haile ’24
10th Grade: Anchi Li ’23
11th Grade: Kyle Feinstein ’22
12th Grade: Cady He ’21

9th Grade: Garrett Carignan ’24
10th Grade: Sasha Nikiforov ’23
11th Grade: Aaron Feng ’22
12th Grade: Lauren Sar ’21

History / Social Sciences
9th Grade Scott William Patterson Memorial History Award: Sarah Parrish ’24
10th Grade: Jack Clodfelter ’23
11th Grade: Zoe Wen ’22
12th Grade: Celia Funderburk ’21

9th Grade: Thomas Dumbill ’24
10th Grade: Makayla Blount ’23
11th Grade: Louise Voorhoeve ’22
12th Grade: Vickey Shi ’21

Visual Art
9th Grade: Sarah Parrish ’24 
10th Grade: Payton Wagner ’23
11th Grade: Zoe Wen ’22
12th Grade: Steve Liang ’21

10th Grade: Adam Wyscarver ’23
11th Grade: Arjun Ramachandran ’22
12th Grade: Charles Irvine ’21

9th Grade: Carson Goodrich ’24
10th Grade: Courtney Kim ’23
11th Grade: Kathleen Whitener ’22
12th Grade: Leah Tang ’21

9th Grade: Audrey Shaw ’24
10th Grade: Julius Reese ’23
11th Grade: Elizabeth Adams ’22
12th Grade: James Kirkland ’21

World Languages 
9th Grade: Folu Amao ’24
10th Grade: Cole Talbot ’23
11th Grade: Jack Phillips ’22
12th Grade: Gracie Silides ’21

9th Grade: Jeffrey Haile ’24
10th Grade: Payton Wagner ’23
11th Grade: Arjun Ramachandran ’22
12th Grade: Keira Dandy ’21

9th Grade: Hannah Armstrong ’24
10th Grade: Mohammad Qureshi ’23
11th Grade: Margaret Howell Pierce ’22
12th Grade: Anna Marie Harding ’21
Greensboro Day School develops the intellectual, ethical, and interpersonal foundations students need to become constructive contributors to the world.