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GDS will partner on arts project with GreenHill Center for NC Art

We are proud to announce a partnership with the GreenHill Center for NC Art to support the “H₂O” exhibit, which will be on display at the GreenHill Center from March 5–June 25, 2022. The goal of the “H₂O” exhibit is “to raise awareness for the role industries and individuals can play to protect our water systems.”

Our partnership with GreenHill will center on a large public art installation by the artist Bryant Holsenbeck that will create a waterfall out of disposable plastic water bottles. This is where everyone in the GDS community can help! The artist needs at least 10,000 empty disposable plastic water bottles to create her piece. GDS will collect donations of water bottles from families beginning Monday, December 6, 2021, and extending through January of 2022. Please collect your empty water bottles and donate them! If 400 students collect 25 bottles each, we will meet our goal!

Here are the donation details:

  • The water bottles must be 16.9 ounces. Please remove the caps and labels before donating, with one exception: Dasani labels can remain on the bottles.
  • Donations will be accepted every day in carpool for all three divisions.
Later this year, there will be service opportunities for students to prep the water bottles for use in the exhibit and to participate in community waterway cleanups. We also hope to bring some speakers to campus to talk with students about arts in the community and the importance of protecting our water systems.

Our Strategic Plan calls for us to connect our students to public purpose projects that serve the greater Greensboro community, and we are proud to partner with GreenHill and to assist with their mission of supporting the arts in North Carolina.
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