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GDS Experience

Upper School Students Discuss Digital Citizenship with Middle Schoolers

Many schools have found that younger students respond positively to advice from older students; based on our experience last week, we are no different. Last week and this week, upper school students are presenting to their middle school peers about their social media use and gaming habits and discussing how their digital habits have changed over time. They are also sharing advice they wished they had known when they were younger.

Middle schoolers were able to submit questions ahead of time and also ask questions directly of the upper school panel. Throughout the session, upper school students not only shared their own perspectives and advice, but also encouraged middle schoolers to talk with their parents about technology use, device and app purchases, digital behavior, and family values. We look forward to continuing these important conversations this week.

Thanks to the the following upper school students for sharing their time and advice with our middle schoolers: Jabar Akintayo ’23, Abby Gwinnet ’24, Tyler Johnson ’24, Kenji Kobi-Jackson ’25, Anchi Lin ’23, Allie Patrick ’25, Lucas Pedroso ’24, Isabella Sadjewski ’24, Audrey Shaw ’24, Rishal Sood ’23, and Adam Wyscarver ’23.
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