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Greensboro Day School Announces Sloany Awards

The Greensboro Day School theatre department was thrilled to be back in person in Sloan Theatre to host the annual Sloany Awards. This is an evening to honor the excellence of the performing arts and recognize the accomplishments of middle and upper school students. Thank you to the MAD Society for hosting a wonderful reception!

Congratulations to the following students on their awards and recognition!

Middle School Awards
Outstanding Leadership Award – Will Thompson ’26
Most Valuable Crew (MVC) Award – Sébastien Lievens ’29
Crew Spirit Award – Maddy Davis ’26
Spotlight Award – Maria Biggerstaff ’26
Outstanding Supporting Actress – Libby Davis ’26
Outstanding Supporting Actor – Andrew Szott
Outstanding Actress – Indie Pollak ’29
Outstanding Actor - Allen Zhang ’26
Junior Thespian Award – Abby Aron ’26

Upper School Awards
Matthew Arnold Kusiak '10 Memorial Theatre Award – Logan Hayes  ’23
Outstanding Leadership Award – Henry Wilcox ’22
Most Valuable Crew (MVC) Award - Lucius Chappell ’22
Crew Spirit Award – Kathleen Whitener ’22
Crew Spotlight Award – Margot Manning ’24
Crew Spotlight Award – Thomas Dumbill ’24
Spotlight Award – Anna Brown ’22
Outstanding Supporting Actress (Drama) – Charlotte Saunders ’23
Outstanding Supporting Actress (Drama) – Gabriella Fernandes-Brough ’22
Outstanding Supporting Actress (Musical) – Marguerite Stanley ’23
Outstanding Supporting Actor (Drama) – Adam Wyscarver ’23
Outstanding Supporting Actor (Drama) – Jules Voorhoeve ’24  
Outstanding Supporting Actor (Musical) –  Matthew Dewey ’23
Outstanding Actress (Drama) – Annika Rogers ’23
Outstanding Actress (Musical) –  Anna Griffin ’23
Outstanding Actor (Drama) – Josh Hoffman ’22
Outstanding Actor (Musical) – Simeon Reich ’22
Thespian Award – Simeon Reich ’22

New Thespian Society Inductees
Students inducted into the Junior Thespian Society Troupe #88085:
Maria Biggerstaff ’26, Vivian Byerly ’28, Kayden Feinstein ’27, Delilah Greenberg ’27, Julia Soutto Mayor Guimaraes ’27, Arav Menon ’27, Hailey Nixon ’26, Rose Procton ’28, Sydney Robinson ’27, Adelaide Shaw ’27, and Chloe Thongteum ’28.

Students inducted into the International Thespian Society troupe #6570:
Matthew Dewey ’23, Lily Driver ’24, Gabriella Fernades-Brough ’22, Sam Head ’23, Margot Manning ’24, Lucas Pedroso ’24, Annika Rogers ’23, Charlotte Saunders ’23, Kate Wingate ’23, Adam Wyscarver ’23, and David Xiao ’22.

Greensboro Day School is pleased to announce the productions for the 2022-23 school year. Save the date for:

Upper School Musical, Little Women, November 3-6, 2022
Middle School Musical, Willy Wonka, Jr., February 23 -26, 2023
Upper School Drama, The Matchmaker, March 30 - April 2, 2023
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