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2022 Faculty Awards

At the end of each school year, GDS is proud to honor exceptional faculty members with the award listed below. Congratulations to this year’s award recipients!

The James P. Hendrix Jr. Award for Excellence in Teaching is presented annually to a faculty member who exemplifies the highest standards of teaching and professionalism. This year’s recipient is Peter Buxenbaum.

The Carla D. Dowler Tradition of Caring Award is presented annually to a member of the lower school community (teacher, parent, or other adult) who reflects an approach to learning and life that values kindness and sensitivity to others, a determination to succeed, a love for learning, and an abiding respect for teaching children. This year’s recipient is Michelle Osborne.

The Brooks Endowment for Sabbatical Leave is presented to encourage research, writing, and unique cultural experiences. The multicultural emphasis creates the opportunity for our teachers to expand their own horizons and then to return to teaching to share a renewed and different sense of purpose with their students. This year’s recipient is Mara Montana.

The Alumni Extra Yard Award is presented annually to two recipients by the GDS Alumni Association. This award recognizes teachers who go “above and beyond” to impact another person’s life, a program or their community. This year’s recipients are Courtney Sowers and Will Muse ’97.

The Edward G. Dickinson Environmental Award is given annually to faculty, students, board members, groups, or staff within our community who exhibit extraordinary environmental leadership. The award is named after the first recipient, former Middle School Director, Dr. Ed Dickinson. This year’s recipients are Nathan Ross and Cory Stephenson.
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