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Middle School students named to Head of School List and Honor Roll, 2017-18

101 Middle School students were recognized for inclusion on the Head of School List and Honor Roll for the 2017-18 school year.
Head of School List: Year average of 90 or higher, with no course grades below 70.
Honor Roll: Year average of 85-89, with no course grades below 70.
7th Grade
Allie Bensimhon
Adrianna Bevis
Joseph Carbone
Audrey Chen
Alec Cohen
Anshu Desai
Matthew Dewey
Sara Evans
Alexandra Green
Anna Griffin
Carleigh Hanbury
Logan Hayes
Courtney Kim
Ada Kirkland
Kiersten Kohler
Anna Lewis
Clara McCartney
Claire McDowell
Mae Moody
Emma Nevin
Sydney O'Donnell
Ellis Parr
Kendall Parr
Hetti Price-Bailey
Alana Rodriguez
Annika Rogers
Charlotte Saunders
Rose Schulte
Jacob Shepperson
Adam Shirley
Rishal Sood
Marguerite Stanley
Cole Talbot
Payton Wagner
Daisy Whiting
Lily Kate Wilson
Kate Wingate
Adair Wood
8th grade
Greta Andersen
Garland Bell
Anna Brown
John David Civils
Jamie Danis
Kyle Feinstein
Gabriella Fernandes-Brough
Ryan Fowler
Caroline Garrison
Frannie Goodman
Janna Goodman
Sarah Grapey
Amy Iuppa
Charlie Jennings
Anna Newsom
Wesley Penfield
Boone Pool
Arjun Ramachandran
Siva Ramgoolam
Simeon Reich
Chase Risdon
Will Schenck
JT Shepperson
Zoe Wen
Ellie Wilcox
Adelaide Wood

7th grade
Jake Bensimhon
Sarah Margaret Brady
Abby Carlson
Nino Criscuolo
Seth Green
Sophia Grace Grewal
Jason Hancock
Andrew Just
Lani Lowery
Skylar Manning
Walker Munsey
Alex Roberson
Jack Samet
Andrew Satterfield
8th grade
Kayla Andree
Bella Bevis
Lucius Chappell
Graham Ciener
Sadie Covington
Colter Cox
Xander Craven
Emma Davis
Lilly Jones
Ben Jordan
Rowland Ken-Williams
Faith McDonald
Warren McWhorter
Danny Moule
Georgia Severa
Braden Somerville
Parker Stroud
Mya Trang
Kathleen Whitener
Henry Wilcox
Olivia Woods
Kevin Xu
Jeffery Zigbuo
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