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Legally Blonde Cast Announced

Congratulations to the cast of Legally Blonde, the Upper School fall musical. Save the date for performances on November 8-11 in the Sloan Theatre.
Elle Woods--Meg Bennett ’19
Margot--Madison Head ’19
Serena--Bodhi Moreau ’19
Pilar--Kayla Rafkin ’20
Emmett--Jake Breeden ’19
Paulette--Katie Barton ’19
Callahan--Nick Saunders ’20
Warner--Atticus Head ’20
Vivienne--Olivia Nevin ’19
Brooke--Mary Brown ’19
Enid--Kennedy Boston ’19
Kyle--Cal Knox ’20
Ensemble--playing a variety of roles and in group numbers: 
Simeon Reich ’22, Cal Knox ’20, Josh Hoffman ’22, Max Criscuolo ’20, Amy Iuppa ’22, Larkin Owens ’21, Madelyn Shaw ’21,
Anna Brown ’22, Olivia Gwinnett ’21, Gabriella Fernandes-Brough ’22, Lauren Sar ’21, Oliver Kreimer ’22, Charlie Roe ’22,
and Ashley Fowler ’21
This cast also includes four faculty members: Ed Billingslea, Estelle Bowden, Jillian Williams, and Peter Williams and two canine actors belonging to Alt and Saunders families.
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