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Greensboro Day School Endowment Funds

Greensboro Day School’s endowment adds to the stability and financial maturity of the school. Donors to permanent endowment funds show their belief that an investment in the school will continue to make a difference beyond their own lifetime.

"Endowment," wrote Yale economist and Nobel laureate James Tobin, "guards the future against the claims of the present, and helps ensure that students years from now will enjoy the same level of benefits from the endowment as those enrolled now."

Gifts to Endowment Funds

Gifts to endowment may be in the form of cash, securities, property or other tangible items to be sold with the money placed in a permanent fund.

Planned gifts such as charitable remainder trusts, life insurance and bequests in Wills, are often considered the most efficient and effective way to provide money for endowment. It is important to understand that planned giving is not endowment any more than endowment is planned giving; the former is a type of fund, and the latter is a fundraising vehicle.

A gift of any size to any endowment fund may be made in honor or memory of a special person to an existing endowment fund.

GDS has general and donor- restricted endowment funds. The following is a list of GDS endowment funds:


General Endowment Funds

Undesignated Endowment Fund

Income from this fund supports the school’s operating expenses including faculty salaries and professional development, student financial assistance, building and campus maintenance, utilities, and student programs such as athletics and drama. Earnings from this important endowment provide an additional source of revenue to fund operating expenses supported in large part by tuition, fees and the annual fund. A percentage of the annual fund is designated to this endowment fund each year. Some donors give to this fund to forever endow their annual fund gift.

Financial Aid Endowment – Named in Honor of Robert H. Demaree, former Upper School Director and Director of College Guidance, upon his retirement in 2001.

Income from this fund is used to provide student financial assistance; all endowment gifts designated for financial assistance, and not directed to another named fund for financial aid, are placed in this fund.

Faculty Salary Endowment

Income from this fund supports faculty salaries.

Media Center Endowment

Income is used to fund needs of the two media centers.

Named Endowments

Automated External Defibrillator (AED) Maintenance Endowment

Established in 2008 by Drs. Peter and Christi Dalldorf in honor of Linda Sudnik ’79, Jon Schner and Mike Gale, this fund provides for maintenance and replacement of this important medical emergency equipment

Ahlport Library Fund

Established in 1999 by Mr. and Mrs. Daniel B. Ahlport, parents of Eric Ahlport ’06, this endowment funds acquisitions and collections for both libraries/media centers.

Alumni Silver Anniversary Endowment

Established by the senior Class of 1984 and earlier classes of alumni, commemorates the School’s 25th Anniversary. Earnings from this endowment support need-based financial aid.

The William F. Avera Memorial Endowment Fund for Student Financial Aid

This endowment gift was originally made to GDS in 2003 by the Ingrid and William Avera family. In 2011, the fund was permanently named in Will's memory by Ingrid and their children Ashley '07 and William '10. The purpose of the fund is for student financial aid for Upper School students expected to make outstanding efforts in any one of the following areas: academics, extra-curricular activities, leadership, and community involvement.

Elingburg Baseball Field Maintenance Fund

Established in 2007 by Cathy and Wes Elingburg, parents of Bengals pitcher Nolan Elingburg ’07, the fund was established to support maintenance of the GDS baseball field on Lake Brandt Road built that year. GDS named the facility Elingburg Baseball Field in recognition of the family’s generous support to build and maintain the baseball field.

Kimberly Susan Bates ’84 Memorial Award Endowment

Established in 1987 by memorial gifts from the GDS community just after Kim's death, income from this fund provides a stipend to help pay for the recipient's books and supplies during their Senior year. The rising Senior winner is announced each spring at Upper School Closing Ceremony.

Julie Boylan ’00 Memorial Library Endowment

Established in 1991 by Jacqueline and David Boylan, the fund supports one or both of the libraries’/media centers’ acquisitions and collections in memory of Julie Boylan ’00.

Frank Brenner Coach’s Award Endowment

Established in 2004 in honor of Alumni Parent Frank Brenner, father of Matthew Brenner ’03 and Molly Brenner ’05, the annual award is given to a member of the GDS Coaching Staff who best exemplifies the leadership and sportsmanship qualities expected of all GDS athletes.

Brenner Endowment for Financial Aid

This fund supports need-based financial aid for students.

Russell Andrew Britt ’97 Endowment Fund

Established in 2006 in memory of alumnus Russell Britt ’97 by his family and friends, the fund encourages and equips interested faculty to promote the exploration of the natural world, to coax creative expression, and influence their students through teaching.

Brodie Endowment for Diversity and Tolerance

Established in 1996 the fund supports diversity programs. The Brodies are parents of Alex Brodie ’95, Ben Brodie ’00 and Mark Brodie ’03.

The Brooks Endowment for Sabbatical Leave

Established in 1991 by Dr. Jean Brooks (now deceased), mother of Jim Brooks ’77 and Helen Brooks ’80, and grandmother of Taylor Brooks-Murphy Class of 2018, the fund supports a summer sabbatical opportunity for one faculty member each year.

Sue W. Cole Women’s Sports Endowment

Established in 2000, in honor of parent and trustee Sue Cole, mother of Adrienne Cole ’96 and Suzanne Cole Yaver ‘00, the fund supports women’s sports programs.

Dr. Ronald L. Davis III and Elizabeth T. “Kee” Davis Community Service Endowment

Established in 2005 by the parents of Elizabeth Davis ’00 and Anne Davis ’03, this fund supports expenses related to K – 12 community service activities at Greensboro Day School.

The Davis/Richmond Endowment

Established in 1996 in honor of the first girls’ basketball coaches Kathy Davis and Sue Richmond, the fund supports women’s varsity basketball with a student award as well as the purchase of uniforms and other equipment for the program.

The D. Ralph Davison, Jr. Scholarship Endowment

Established to honor Dr. Davison upon his retirement after 20 years of service from 1986 - 2006 as Head of School, the fund provides tuition support for Upper School students who, in addition to qualifying for financial aid, will make an extraordinary contribution to the life of the Greensboro Day School community.

The Dillard Athletic Center Endowment

Established in 1999 by Mr. Dillard's wife, the late Frances Marr Dillard, and his daughters Sally Dillard Cohen '76, Mary Marr Dillard Johnson '75 and Nancy Dillard Williams, the fund supports improvements to the John H. Dillard Athletic Center. The late Mr. Dillard is the grandfather of Katie Cohen '08, Lilly Cohen '10, Robert Johnson '05, Katherine Johnson '07, Dillard Williams 01, and Jackson Williams '07. 

Carla D. Dowler Tradition of Caring Award Endowment

Established in 2005 upon the retirement of Lower School Director Carla Dowler to honor her years of service, is awarded annually to a member of the Lower School Community (teacher, parent, or other adult) who reflects an approach to learning and life which values kindness and sensitivity to others, a determination to succeed, a love for learning and an abiding respect for teaching children. Mrs. Dowler’s children are Julie Dowler Shepard ’88 and Jonathan Dowler ’01.

Lenwood Edwards Endowment Award

Established in 2003 by alumni to honor the School's first athletic director and coach, the fund provides financial assistance to encourage diversity of the student body. Awards are given to Upper School students who are persons of color and who make outstanding efforts in areas including: academics, extra-curricular activities, leadership and community involvement with preference to rising seniors.

FACEOFF Lacrosse Endowment

Established in 2008, the award recognizes a junior or senior boys’ lacrosse player who represents excellence in scholarship and sportsmanship and provides program funds. Anyone with an interest in supporting GDS lacrosse is welcome to give to this endowment.

Edward E. Ford Foundation Endowment

The E.E. Ford Foundation provides grants only to independent secondary schools recognized for excellence. Grants from the Foundation have created endowment funds at GDS to support:

1987 – Upper School faculty salaries

1994 –Internships and professional development for faculty of color

1997 – Technology and professional development for teachers

2000 – Financial aid to assist with the purchase of laptops

2004 - Financial aid to better meet the need of our students

The Maureen B. Gerhardt Memorial Endowment

Established in 2005 in memory of parent Maureen Gerhardt, this award is given each year at the Upper School Closing to a student who best exemplifies the values of honor, personal integrity, responsible citizenship and service to the community as articulated in the school’s mission statement. The late Mrs. Gerhardt is the mother of Margaret Gerhardt ’06 and John Gerhardt ’08.

The Charles A. Hayes Athletic Endowment

Established in 1994 the fund supports the athletic program. The late Mr. Hayes is the grandfather of Krystyn Hayes ’03, Ryan Hayes ’07, Shannon Holbrook Burris ’90, Gary Holbrook ’95, David Holbrook ’99, Melanie Wagoner Garner ’93 and Chuck Wagoner ’94.

The Headmaster’s Discretionary Fund Endowment

Established in 2003 by Mrs. Margaret Brooks, a founding supporter with her husband Thornton Brooks, the fund is used at the discretion of the Head of School to provide financial resources to assist students, faculty or staff in the GDS community in times of great need.

James P. Hendrix, Jr. Excellence in Teaching Award

Established in 1986, the fund supports the annual award for excellence in teaching given to a faculty member in honor of our former headmaster who served GDS from 1977-1986. Mr. Hendrix is the father of Kellie Hendrix Medford ’82, Erin Hendrix Shackelford ’83 and Max Hendrix ’88.

Henschen Library Endowment

Established in 1994, this endowment funds purchases for the libraries/media centers. Ellen Henschen was a former PA president and trustee; she and husband Gary are the parents of Josef Henschen ’99, Samuel Henschen ’03 and Elizabeth Henschen ’06.

The Hull Library Endowment

This fund was established in 1999 by alumnus Michael Hull ’76 (now deceased), father of Meredith Hull ’05, and Michael Hull ’16. The fund supports acquisitions and collections for both media centers.

Linda and Maurice Jennings Financial Aid Endowment

In 1990, the Jennings established this endowment to support need-based financial aid. Mr. Jennings is the grandfather of Blake Jennings ’07, Bailey Jennings ’09, Mary Frances Jennings ’12 and John Jennings ’14.

John F. Johnson Scholar-Athlete Endowment

Established in 2002, the fund provides an annual award for a rising senior who exemplifies the dual qualities of outstanding sports participation and studious academic preparation. The late Mr. Johnson is the parent of Athletic Director Fred Johnson and grandfather of Robert Johnson ’05 and Katherine Johnson ’07.

The Kirby Scholars Endowment

The Fred M. Kirby Foundation established the Kirby Scholars Endowment at GDS in 2004. It is awarded annually to a ninth grader with demonstrated financial need who exhibits extraordinary academic achievement and potential and embodies the GDS motto of Friendship, Scholarship and Sportsmanship. By maintaining at least a 3.0 average, Kirby Scholars are eligible to receive a grant each year of Upper School. The Kirby’s granddaughter Leigh started GDS as a kindergartner and graduated in 2004. The F.M. Kirby Administration Building is named to honor the Kirby Family’s generous financial support of annual, facilities and endowment giving to GDS.

The Kornfeld Family Endowment for Financial Aid

Established in 1992 by parents Ronda and Ken Kornfeld, the fund supports need-based financial aid.

The Long Family Endowment

Established in 1995 by parents Kathryn and Bobby Long, this fund supports the general needs of Greensboro Day School. They are the parents of Katie Long Stevenson ’99 and Robert Long ’02.

Bucky McCoy Memorial Endowment

Established in 2003, this fund supports maintenance of the basketball floor in Dillard Athletic Center. A former trustee, Mr. McCoy was an active supporter of GDS athletics. He was the father of Leigh McCoy McDearman '85, Kendall McCoy Harler '86 and Kevin McCoy '93. Four of his grandchildren now attend GDS.

Charles A. McLendon Faculty and Parent Education Endowment

Established in 2003 by the founding Chairman of the Board of Trustees and his daughter Mary Davis McLendon Smart (a former faculty member), the fund supports a speaker visit for faculty and parent education.

The Roger Moore Endowment for Latin Studies

This fund was established in 1994 with a gift from The Oscar and Mossie Teague Foundation, Inc. and named The Teague Endowment for Latin Studies. The purpose is to encourage students to take Latin in the Upper School by providing funds for school-sponsored travel to countries involved in the study of Latin. Upon the retirement of Roger Moore in December 2011, the fund was renamed by the Teague Foundation to honor Mr. Moore's many years of service to GDS.

Neptune Endowment

Established in 2003, this fund provides supplemental revenue to support the school’s annual operating expenses. The family who established the fund wishes to remain anonymous.

Parents’ Association Endowment Funds

The purpose of the GDS Parents' Association is to provide parental voice and support for the school, to develop a welcoming climate for all parents, and to work closely with the school in meeting its needs. Through sales and special event fundraising since the school’s founding in 1970, the PA has provided funding for the following endowments:

  • Parents’ Association Improvement of Instruction Endowment (est. 2002)- Established in 2002, this fund supports yearly professional development activities for the faculty through its annual retreat.
  • Parents’ Association Media Center Maintenance Endowment (2003) 
  • Parents’ Association Outdoor Education Building Maintenance Endowment (2007) 
  • Parents’ Association Teacher Enrichment Endowment Fund (TEEF) Established in 1993, the fund supports teacher grants primarily for summer travel and study opportunities. The oldest PA endowment, it is given priority to receive an allocation from any net proceeds raised by the PA in the previous year.

The Scott W. Patterson ’08 Memorial Endowment Fund for Faculty Program Enhancement

Established in 2008 by Scott’s mother Tina Patterson in his memory, the fund enhances professional development for Greensboro Day School faculty.

The Scott W. Patterson ’08 Memorial History Award Endowment

Established in 2005 in Scott’s memory by family and friends, the award recognizes 9th grade students who have demonstrated a great love for history and highest level of scholarly achievement.

George Redmond Financial Aid Endowment

To support need-based financial aid, the fund was established in 2001 in memory and honor of Mr. Redmond, who is the grandfather of Patrick Redmond ’10.

Robert D. Satterfield Endowment for Alumni Children

Established to honor the first faculty member upon his retirement in 2007, the fund supports need-based financial aid for alumni children.

Lanty Smith Endowment for Math and Science Equipment

Established by his daughters Abby Smith Presson ’88, Meg Smith ’90 and Amanda Smith Lacoff ’93, the fund supports purchases for Upper School Math and Science.

Brad Starr ’87 Memorial Endowments

Established in 1986, the fund supports scholarships to basketball, baseball, golf, soccer and field hockey held every summer on the GDS campus. The funds were established by his father, Bill Starr.

The Student Support Services Endowment

Established in 2004, income supports ongoing faculty training in Student Support Services.

The Theodore “Ted” Sturm History Prize Endowment

One of GDS’s oldest funds was established in memory of the father of Laura Sturm Lain ’86 and Rob Sturm ’92, to fund an annual award for excellence in history.

O. B. Teague Handshake Award Endowment

Established in 2001, it is awarded to a faculty coach who has made a difference to the lives of our students, faculty and coaches. Mr. Teague was the grandfather of Jennifer Teague ’98, Mandy Teague ’98 and Leigh Ann Teague Fardy ’03.

Worth Family Endowment

This endowment supports the arts programs at Greensboro Day School. Lauren and David Worth are parents of Alex Worth ’01 and Marshall Worth ’05.

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