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Middle School


Middle School at GDS is ideal preparation for the challenges and fast pace of the Upper School. Our program incorporates the latest research on adolescent brain development. This enables us to introduce challenging material and concepts with the right blend of independent and collaborative learning. Freedoms expand, teaching students the responsibility that goes with them. But students also receive the continuous support that makes them confident in their abilities. 

Can you explain how to put on mascara? Or throw a curve ball? In writing? Without using personal pronouns? The 7th grade How-To Project challenges students to write clearly as they explain how to perform some action. The fun part is watching people try to follow the directions. Students also regularly engage in applied science at a teacher’s working farm. Our academic programs are designed to engage, challenge, and inspire students.

To help 6th-graders adjust to having weekend homework, we give them an academic flex period on Fridays that serves as a study hall with incentives to work and complete their homework assignments.

Greensboro Day School students are at home learning anytime, anywhere. By Middle School they are accustomed to constantly evolving technology, and they utilize the latest programs for homework and projects as part of their preparation for global citizenship.

For more information about our curriculum, please click here.

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