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Strategic Plan: Rising to the Challenge

We are living in powerful times. The turn of the millennium marked a transformative period of unprecedented speed and increasing complexity, encompassing rapid technological innovations and advances and unparalleled global inter-connectivity of economies and nations. Education is not exempt from the challenges faced throughout our society; it must adapt to our ever-changing culture while continuing to focus on basic educational priorities. Greensboro Day School, like other leaders in education, cannot be content with teaching and learning in ways created in the Industrial Age with factory-like, linear models. Our world today is a much more dynamic and complex place; innovation, creativity, and competence in working with people from diverse backgrounds and global origins are essential for success.

Greensboro Day School must adapt to the changing world by providing a learning environment that gives students the skills, mindsets, habits, and personal resources to help them develop into able, curious, collaborative problem-solvers, creators, and contributors. With the need to be adaptive as our starting point, we chose four strategic priorities in our social, economic, and educational operating environments to frame our strategic plan. Two of the forces we pinpointed speak to the economic future of the school, and two are related to the learning environment and outcomes of our school program. The four strategic priorities we used to shape our thinking are:

  1. To respond to a challenging economic climate, we must continue to develop as an economically sustainable institution;
  2. To respond to an increasingly competitive educational marketplace, we must help students and families discover why GDS is their best school choice;
  3. To respond to a changing educational landscape marked by skills-based learning outcomes, a heightened need to create engagement and collaborative learning opportunities, the use of technology to enhance learning, and a greater emphasis on creativity and problem-based learning, we must become a model for 21st century learning;
  4. To respond to our more interactive and connected world, we must educate our students for cultural literacy and global citizenship.

Our plan incorporates goals and implementation steps for each of these strategic priorities. We believe the strategic plan, adopted by the Board of Trustees and set forth in the enclosed document, outlines the appropriate strategic direction for Greensboro Day School and we have defined the work we believe we can accomplish in the next three to five years. By focusing our expertise, energy, and understanding as an institution on what it means to prepare GDS students for their futures, we are rising to the challenge presented to us at this powerful and complex moment in time. We look forward to partnering with you to continue to develop the intellectual, ethical and interpersonal foundations our students need to become constructive contributors to the world.

Mark Hale, Head of School


Strategic Planning Task Force

Adeline Talbot, Task Force Chair
Sandra Adams, Trustee
Ed Cone ’80, Trustee
Mark Hale, Head of School
Burney Jennings, Board Chair 2008-2011
Monique Steele, Trustee
Fran Tewkesbury, Board Chair 2011-2014
Jack Whitley, Trustee
Tommy Webb, Assistant Head of School
Kay Zimmerman, Faculty Member

Strategic Priority Work Goups

Economic Sustainability
Pat Burns
Pam Hemphill
Tommy Webb
Anne Hurd
Terry Buxton
Bill Soles ’75
John Melson
Jim Lee ’83
Jennifer Smith Adams ’86

Tell the GDS Story
Carrie Griswold
Robin Schenck
Sandra Adams
Gail Isaacson Bernstein ’76
Terri Jackson
Stacy Calfo
David Blake
Dennis Quaintance

Become a Model for 21st Century Learning
Jack Whitley

Gillian Goodman
Kay Zimmerman
David Gilbert
Terri Maultsby
Sarah Hanawald

Educate for Cultural Literacy and Global Citizenship
Jan Findley

Ed Dickinson
Dana Smith
Kathy Davis
Grier Booker Richards ’97
Gareth Griffith
Wendy Lavine ’85
Don Lahey

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