My time management and study skills are so far ahead of my fellow classmates. Many times, my friends have come to me to help them write a paper, ask for advice on citing and help them study. I have even more appreciation for my Greensboro Day school education and preparation after a year at college.

Zach Shue '17, K-12 Greensboro Day School
Appalachian State University
At GDS we develop confident leaders. We embrace authenticity, and we respect diversity.

Our students are taught
how to think--not what to think. We prepare them not only for college, but for life in a global society.

We use the latest technology, a comprehensive curriculum, and a 65-acre campus for discovery. You’ll find teachers who build partnerships with our students and are fully invested in their development.

We are creating the future at Greensboro Day School. Join us on the journey.
Greensboro Day School develops the intellectual, ethical, and interpersonal foundations students need to become constructive contributors to the world.