Early Childhood (3-5 years)

Affectionately known as Bitty Bengals and Junior Kindergarten, our youngest students are nurtured through developmentally appropriate projects, play time, and pro-social behavior.

Our Early Childhood Program is designed to:

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  • Embrace Community

    Early Childhood students are encouraged to share family celebrations and traditions.  Meaningful school connections are developed through monthly family group meetings, intentional visits with older students and attendance at school events, concerts and plays.
  • Foster Curiosity

    Highly skilled educators design child-centered, motivational play-based activities.  Children are encouraged to ask and answer questions as they engage in hands-on projects.  Classroom experiences are enhanced by weekly visits to specialists (art, music, science. PE, technology, library, and Mandarin Chinese).
  • Nurture Children

    Caring teachers guide children through self-help and problem solving experiences which help children understand their emotions and feelings.  Support for each child's presence, voice, ideas and opinions is integral to Early Childhood programming.  School should be a place where children feel safe and secure.

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  • Create Leadership Opportunities

    Opportunities to develop leadership skills begin early at Greensboro Day School.  Our youngest bengals participate in musical performances and present to peers in the classroom and at Lower School assemblies.  In addition, children are encouraged to demonstrate leadership in the classroom by sharing prior knowledge during class discussions, completing weekly job responsibilies and demonstrating compassion for classmates.
  • Promote Intellectual Exploration

    Expert teachers and specialists collaborate to develop academic and social learning experiences that are authentic and engaging.  Through skilled observation and questioning, student interests are incorporated into curriculum which helps learners understand how school connects to the real world.  There are never too many questions in Early Childhood!
  • Provide the Gift of Time

    Some things about child development cannot be rushed.  Children are capable of pro-social behavors at different rates in their early years.  If a student in Early Childhood would benefit from the gift of time, our team will work with the family to ensure that he or she has the appropriate class placement sequence to set the stage for future academic and social success.


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  • Q: What is the admissions process?

    Families begin by applying to the Early Childhood Program. We encourage you to visit in order to learn more about the school.  During the course of the admission process, we invite you to bring your children to participate in a play date so that we can assess them in a natural learning environment.  In addition, all applicants are required to submit a parent questionnaire, and a teacher questionnaire from their current preschool (if enrolled).
  • Q: What is the process if the classes are full?

    A wait pool will be formed if we see that classroom enrollment exceeds space available.
  • Q: What is the class placement process?

    Class placement decisions are made once admissions decisions are complete.  This allows us to consider the children enrolled, their strengths, developmental stages and family educatonal goals.  We look for solid learning groups and appropriate social and emotional development and place children in groups in order to best support their learning.
  • Q: How many students are in each classroom?

    Our goal is to maintain a low student-teacher ratio of 1:8 in our Early Childhood classrooms.
  • Q: Are there half-day options?

    We will work with families who need an adjusted school day.  We consider the needs of the child, the family and the class when making these decision.
  • Q: How are students assessed throughout the school year?

    Classrooms use portfolio-based assessments along with a checklist of age appropriate skills. All of these materials are reviewed with the families during conferences (three times per year). The portfolio is a keepsake at the end of the year.

More Information

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  • Curriculum

    Early Childhood focuses on setting the stage for a lifelong love of learning.  Through classroom activities, specialist classes, and fostering curiosity, Early Childhood teachers collaborate to ensure learning makes sense from the very beginning.  Learn more about the Early Childhood Program curriculum here.
  • Deciding What Comes Next

    The Early Childhood years are a memorable and special for parents and students alike! Greensboro Day School considers each child's unique gifts as we work in partnership with families to create an educational path for the future. 

    Current Early Childhood families interested in Kindergarten for the following year will begin the Admission process in October. Please learn more about the Application Process here.

    Please note that acceptance to the Early Childhood Program does not guarantee space or acceptance in Kindergarten.
  • Investing in the Early Years

    It is important to note that financial aid is not available for our Early Childhood students. For families moving into the Kindergarten, there is a very limited amount of aid available. If you plan to apply for financial aid for the Kindergarten year, please understand that aid may not be available at the level you request. Should you anticipate needing financial aid for Kindergarten and beyond, please contact Vivian O'Brien (336) 288-8590 or vobrien@greensboroday.org) during the first trimester of enrollment to determine whether or not a level of aid may be forthcoming. 

    For more information about affording a Greensboro Day School education, please click here.

    Tuition for 2016-17
    Bitty Bengals Half Day   $6,580
    Bitty Bengals Full Day    $8,700
    Junior Kindergarten       $10,200
    After-school activities and care for children are available from 3 - 6 p.m. for an additional charge. 

See Us in Action

The Early Childhood students are always on the go!
Watch the videos below to see a sampling of what they are up to.

Memorable Moments in the Early Childhood Program

Early Childhood is a time of wonder and memory making.  Students make sense of the world by exploring instruments, books, animals, maps, the outdoors and so much more. Let the adventure begin!
Greensboro Day School develops the intellectual, ethical, and interpersonal foundations students need to become constructive contributors to the world.