Step 1 - Application

After the application has been submitted, the following steps may happen in any order: 

Step 2 - Teacher Information Form

Please ask your child's current preschool/daycare teacher to complete a Teacher Information Form for the year in which he or she is applying. We encourage teachers to mail these forms directly to GDS after completion. Please note, there are separate teacher forms for Early Childhood and Kindergarten. If your child does not attend any type of school setting, this form will be waived from the process.

GDS may contact your child's current preschool or childcare program to set-up a time to visit your child in his/her current, familiar environment. A family may also request this visit if they feel it would be beneficial and necessary to the application process. 

Step 3 - Parent Questionnaire Form

No one knows your child like you do! Please complete this parent questionnaire form and send it directly to the Admission Office.

Step 4 - Admission Screening / Playdates

All applicants for Early Childhood and Kindergarten are required to participate in a developmentally appropriate screening.

Early Childhood: 
applicants will attend a Saturday morning Play Date during which teachers will observe and engage the children in a variety of social and academic activities.
Kindergarten (K): applicants will attend a Saturday morning screening done one on one.

Available testing dates:  
January 6 - Early Childhood
January 20 - Kindergarten

*Please note that acceptance to the Early Childhood Program does not guarantee acceptance or space in Kindergarten. Read more information about "Deciding What Comes Next."
Application fees must be received prior to screenings and play dates being scheduled.
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