Monday, December 10: GDS Closed

Greensboro Day School will be closed on Monday, December 10 due to inclement weather. Stay safe and warm! 

Monday, December 10: GDS Closed

Greensboro Day School will be closed on Monday, December 10 due to inclement weather. Stay safe and warm! 

Invest in a lifetime of learning.

In an instant gratification world of Snapchat streaks, Facebook likes and participation medals, Greensboro Day School’s joyful, caring and trustworthy learning community stands apart.

Yes, we have a dynamic, comprehensive and challenging academic program with unsurpassed facilities. However, our real secret is that we lay the interpersonal, ethical and intellectual foundations for a child’s future success. For most children, future success is not rooted in the Quadratic Formula, memorizing the date of the Battle of Bull Run or the Periodic table, but how you manage time, relationships and yourself. Even more important than where you attend college, future success will be based on how you well you engage and contribute in teams, how you manage your digital citizenship, your empathy and service to others, and your respect towards those you meet along the way.

This preparation and foundation is why Greensboro Day School is an educational leader in the Triad and why for nearly 50 years families have invested in their children and Greensboro Day School.

"I chose, 10 years ago, and continue to choose Greensboro Day School for my girls (4th and 9th graders) first and foremost because GDS teaches them to be solid people as well as solid scholars. It prepares them not only for college, but for life outside of college. They are nurtured, challenged, supported and encouraged daily to be better than the day before. What more could I ask for?" 

Holly Jones, parent of Morgan '20 and Madi '25.

Tuition Information

List of 5 items.

  • Tuition for 2018-2019

    No family at Greensboro Day School pays the full cost of a GDS education. Grants, donors and fund raising efforts limit the parent commitment to a maximum of 90% of the full cost of a GDS education. Last year, 28% of GDS families received a need-based financial aid award to offset tuition. Over 2.3 million dollars were distributed to GDS families in financial aid.
    There are families at Greensboro Day School who can afford the full tuition rate. There are a significant number of families who could not be at Greensboro Day School without substantial financial assistance.
    If you believe your family would need financial assistance to attend Greensboro Day School we encourage you to schedule a visit so we may discuss your individual and unique situation. We welcome the opportunity to share with you how we can make this outstanding opportunity for your child available to you. 

    Bitty Bengals Half-Day            $7,200                     

    Bitty Bengals Full-Day             $9,500                 

    Junior Kindergarten                 $10, 250                   

    Kindergarten                            $16,950

    Grades 1-4                              $19,550

    Grades 5-8                              $22,100

    Grades 9-12                            $23,100

  • Payment Options and Fees

    Parents are billed the full year's tuition, due in August, and may elect payment schedules of 1, 2, 9 or 12 installments. The 2-, 9-, and 12-month installment plans include an additional service charge. Purchase of tuition refund insurance and student accident insurance is optional. Please contact the Business Office for more information.

    Following is a list of tuition plus service charges associated with the payment plans the School offers. The service charges are added to tuition and billed according to the payment plan chosen.

    2-Month Payment Plan
    GradeTuitionService Charge
    Bitty Bengals half day$7,200$0
    Bitty Bengals full day$9,500$0
    Junior Kindergarten$10,250$241
    Grades 1-4$19,550$453
    Grades 5-8$22,100$501
    Grades 9-12$23,100$513


    9-Month Payment Plan
    GradeTuitionService Charge
    Bitty Bengals half day$7,200$0
    Bitty Bengals full day$9,500$0
    Junior Kindergarten$10,250$397
    Grades 1-4$19,550$746
    Grades 5-8$22,100$824
    Grades 9-12$23,100$847


    12-Month Payment Plan
    GradeTuitionService Charge
    Bitty Bengals half day$7,200$0
    Bitty Bengals full day$9,500$0
    Junior Kindergarten$10,250$198
    Grades 1-4$19,550$371
    Grades 5-8$22,100$417
    Grades 9-12$23,100$431


    Both the 9-month and 12-month plans require autodebit. If you choose either of these plans, banking information will be required when completing the online enrollment contract.
  • Additional Estimated Expenses

    • Initial Supplies $30-$50 (varies by grade)

    Optional Expenses
    • Juice/Milk for the year for lunch $110
    • Cafeteria lunches $4-$5/day
    • After-school care 3:00-4:30 p.m., $8
    • After school care 4:30-6:00 p.m., $8
    • School fund-raisers, raffles
    • Service project collections
    • Book fair purchases
    • Group classroom pictures
    • Yearbooks
    • Teacher gifts/class parties

    Elective/Extracurricular Expenses
    • Suzuki lessons $450. Outside instrument rental prices vary.
    • Guitar/Piano $24 per 30 minute session
    • After-school activities $110 - $300 (i.e., drama, dance, yoga, science, etc)
    • Atheltics $75-$150 per sport
    Please note that all additional expenses are estimates and differ according to grade and student needs/interests.
  • Optional Bus Service

    Route Areas POTENTIALLY Serviced
    Two-Way Fee 
    One Way Fee 
    East Greensboro Area
    West Greensboro Area
    Northern/Southern Shores Area
    Old Irving Park Area
    New Irving Park Area
    Starmount Area/Brassfield
    Sunset Hills Area
    Areas 8 - 10 miles from School             

    Additional child(ren) receives a 20% discount on transportation fees. Third + child will ride free of charge.

    Daily rates for non-regular riders: Both Ways: $20; One Way: $15 for all routes, except Burlington.
  • Need-Based Financial Assistance

    Thank you for considering a Greensboro Day School education for your family. We are committed to making an exceptional education affordable to families from a wide economic range. Enrolling talented and bright children who bring a variety of experiences and backgrounds is essential to our guiding principal of providing our students a socially and economically diverse community. 

    Research has proven that for every $1 invested in the education of a child during their PK-12 years, the average return on investment is $8. Please do not assume that GDS is beyond your reach. From need-based assistance to payment plans, there are several options for you to fit Greensboro Day School into your budget. Currently, 27% of our families receive financial assistance. We are eager to work with you, identifying a plan that works best for your family. 

    To learn more about Financial Assistance at Greensboro Day School, please click HERE. 
“I felt incredibly well-prepared to enter the college classroom after attending Greensboro Day School. At GDS, I learned good note-taking, reading comprehension, and research skills that prepared me for college-level work. I also learned how to be a responsible, motivated, and self-reliant student. I learned to take initiative, have faith in my abilities, and push myself to do my best. At the same time, I learned how to work collaboratively with my peers and to respect and value the ideas and perspectives that they have to offer. The combination of academic and interpersonal skills that GDS taught me has given me a definite advantage in the collegiate setting.” 

Anna Gilbert '16, K-12 Greensboro Day School
Davidson College

Non-Discrimination Policy

Greensboro Day School does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, creed, national or ethnic origin, disability (to the extent that reasonable accommodations are possible), or sexual orientation in the administration of its educational policies, admission policies, or any other programs administered by the school.

Greensboro Day School does not discriminate on the basis of disability in its programs, services or facilities, including admissions, enrollment, and access to educational programs offered by the School in accordance with Title III of the Americans with Disabilities Act.
Greensboro Day School develops the intellectual, ethical, and interpersonal foundations students need to become constructive contributors to the world.