Friendship - Scholarship - Sportsmanship

We view athletic competition as a chance for students to participate and achieve, to build character and confidence, and to develop life skills that extend beyond the playing field. More than 40 teams are offered, making sure all interested students have the opportunity to play on a team. 
Built on the philosophy that friendship, scholarship, sportsmanship and honor are the foundations of strong character, GDS is our community's premier independent Pre-K through 12 college preparatory school. Since 1970, GDS has maintained a tradition of superior education while encouraging intellectual curiosity, openness to new ideas, the courage to think independently and a love of learning among its students.

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  • Friendship

    Some of the greatest memories are formed during our high school years, often through athletics.Past relationships with peers and coaches often draw our alumni to return and reconnect. Form your memories today!
  • Scholarship

    Extra curricular activities such as athletics, enhance the academic day and provide our student athletes with leadership opportunities, a supportive and competitive environment to grow, and excellent coaches/role models throughout.
  • Sportsmanship

    Greensboro Day School prides itself with providing an attitude of good sportsmanship within our developmentally appropriate athletic programs.  

Meet the Athletic Director

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  • Mr. Freddy Johnson 

    Athletic Director, Head Coach, Boys Basketball Operations
Greensboro Day School develops the intellectual, ethical, and interpersonal foundations students need to become constructive contributors to the world.