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Global Studies & Travel

To respond to our more interactive and connected world, we must educate our students for cultural literacy and global citizenship.  It is important for our students to empathize with and be eager to gain knowledge about local, regional, national, and global issues. They must understand and appreciate cultural differences, alternative viewpoints, and others’ values.  Each year, students apply to participate in local and global experiences that help them develop a broad understanding of the diverse world in which they live.

Global Studies Mission Statement

Greensboro Day School students will gain new knowledge, essential skills, and character dispositions to be informed and active citizens of our global community.

Knowledge: Major religions, cultural expressions through art, literature and music, political and economic ideologies, social structures and change, global ecosystems and environmental impact, world historical trends and change, high proficiency in a world language

Essential Skills: creativity, innovation, critical thinking, information literacy, media literacy, collaboration, communication, problem solving

Character traits: radical empathy, integrity, confidence, humility, perseverance, self-motivation, conscientiousness

2017 - 2018 National & International Trips

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  • From Greensboro to Atlanta to Birmingham: A Journey for Civil & Human Rights

    WinterTerm 2018| Trip: January 3-12, 2018

    This trip is open to all Upper School students with a demonstrated interest in African-American history.  On this trip, students will spend time in Greensboro, NC, Atlanta, GA, and Birmingham, AL exploring the African-American experience in these historic cities.
  • Spain: Its Geographic, Religious, and Ethnic Diversity

    Winter Term 2018 | Trip: January 4-12, 2018

    Students will immerse themselves in the Spanish culture not only by visiting historic places that are beyond the typical tourist destinations, but also by living with Spanish families for the duration of the trip, and attending language classes where they will have the opportunity to visit other students at regular Spanish schools.
  • Britain: Legend and Literature

    Winter Term 2018 | Trip: Spring Break 2018

    Open to all Upper School students with a demonstrated interest in literature, history, or the Classics. On this trip, students will travel to London, Stonehenge, Bath, and Wales while studying English history and literature from Roman Britain to the 20th century.

  • Glaciers, Geysers and Waterfalls: Iceland, a Case Study

    Winter Term 2018 | Trip: Early July 2018

    Open to all Upper School students with a demonstrated interest in geology and environmental topics. This course will provide context and a foundational understanding of the current scientific evidence regarding the state of global climate change. Students will use the dynamic environment of Iceland to explore and uncover its geologic past, as well as the changes wrought by global climate change.
  • Decorating Time: Cincinnati Music, Culture, and Art

    Winter Term 2018 | Trip: January 6-10, 2018

    Eligibility Requirements: Open to Upper School string, piano, and woodwind
    students. Applicants should be registered for the Fall 2017 Chamber Music
    class. Students will integrate the study of art, history, and music from Renaissance to Early Baroque periods, fostering collaboration between these disciplines. They will attend concerts, art exhibits, and performances and will work closely with musicians of the Cincinnati Symphony. The chamber music students will also perform outreach concerts in Cincinnati and Greensboro.
  • College Tour: Philadelphia to DC

    June 11-15, 2018

    Open to all 2017-18 9th and 10th grade students in 2017-18. Join one of our college counselors, on a tour of colleges and universities in the Philadelphia, DC, Baltimore, and Virginia areas. The tour will be led by Explore America and will also include historical tours in the cities we visit.
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