Upper School Student Council Announced for 2017-18 School Year

Greensboro Day School is pleased to announce the Upper School Student Council for 2017-18. This list includes the Executive Council who were elected last spring and the newly elected representatives and 9th grade officers. 
Executive Council
President - Cynthia Cote ’18
Vice President - Lily Yamagata ’19
Treasurer - Cynthia Mae Hunt ’19
Secretary - Logan Forbis ’19
12th Grade: 
President - Eliza Schenck
Vice President - Kelsey Saunders
Treasurer - Sam Schulte
Secretary - Pooja Sharma
Representatives - Berit Andersen and David Kahn
11th Grade:
President - Michael Trentini
Vice President - Valentine Xia
Treasurer - Jenny Liu
Secretary - Helen Noone
Representatives - Karlton Gaskin and Patrick Murray 
10th Grade:
President - Cason Pierce
Vice President - Kate Hodgin
Treasurer - Stone Solomon
Secretary - Kayla Rafkin 
Representatives - Madison Howard
9th Grade:
President - Abby Samet
Vice President - Jackson McGeachy 
Treasurer - Tori Frahm
Secretary - Siyi Zhou 
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