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2024 Upper School Awards

2024 Upper School Awards

The awards below were presented at the Upper School Closing Ceremony on Thursday, May 23. Congratulations to these award recipients!

The Lenwood Edwards Award is given to two Greensboro Day School upper school students of diverse backgrounds whose personal achievements and values exemplify the school motto of Friendship, Scholarship, and Sportsmanship. The award is made in honor of Lenwood Edwards, the school’s first director of athletics. This year’s recipients are Azaria Scott and Dana Wilson.

The Kimberly Susan Bates ’84 Memorial Award is presented to a Greensboro Day School junior who strives for excellence in academics and has a positive impact throughout the school through their involvement in extracurricular activities. This year’s recipient is Cameron Hanley.

The John F. Johnson Scholar-Athlete Award is given to a rising senior who exemplifies the dual qualities of outstanding sports participation and studious academic preparation. This year’s recipient is Caitlin Smith.

The Mekia S. Valentine ’06 Award recognizes a female student of color in the Upper School who makes outstanding efforts in several of the following areas: academics, extracurricular activities, leadership, and community involvement. This year’s recipient is Grace Whittaker.

The Meg Chambers Steedle ’04 Scholar-Artist Award is given to a rising senior who exhibits outstanding achievement in academics and the arts. The award is made by GDS alumna Meg Chambers Steedle ’04, who sought to recognize the impact of the arts in her own educational growth at Greensboro Day School. This year’s recipient is Isabella Thongteum.

The Dartmouth Book Award is presented to a junior who best exemplifies Dartmouth’s school mission in terms of scholarship, service, leadership, citizenship, and—in this case—a commitment to studying languages. This year’s recipient is Zachary Green.

The Citizenship Award is given to those students whose daily action best reflects the Greensboro Day School motto of Friendship, Scholarship, Sportsmanship. This year’s recipients are

  • Ninth Grade: Riho Natsume & Zion Zigbuo
  • Tenth Grade: Aio Rosario & Abby Aron
  • Eleventh Grade: Jamal Akintayo & Colin Buettner
  • Twelfth Grade: Tyler Johnson & Margot Manning

The Community Cornerstone Awards, presented for the first time this year, are given annually to the upper school student in each grade who best exemplifies the qualities of Respect, Kindness, Integrity, and Responsibility. This year’s recipients are

  • Ninth Grade: Abby Crihfield
  • Tenth Grade: Audrey Fang
  • Eleventh Grade: Trace Moffitt
  • Twelfth Grade: Folu Amao

The Matthew Kusiak ’10 Memorial Award is presented each year at the Sloany Awards. Established in 2017 in Matthew’s memory by his parents, the award recognizes a student who has a passion and a love for the performing arts and is in good academic standing. This year’s recipient is Abby Aron.

Academic Department Awards


  • Ninth Grade English: Abby Crihfield
  • Tenth Grade English: Grace Whittaker
  • Eleventh Grade English: Reece Ramseur
  • Twelfth Grade English: Berkley Smith


  • Ninth Grade Chorus: Kayden Feinstein
  • Tenth Grade Chorus: Abby Aron
  • Eleventh Grade Chorus: Helen He
  • Twelfth Grade Chorus: Lee McMillian-Goodman
  • Ninth Grade Strings: Ella Rose Piazza
  • Tenth Grade Strings: Josiah Stewart
  • Eleventh Grade Strings: Zach Green
  • Twelfth Grade Strings: Tyler Johnson
  • Ninth Grade Band: Bergen Manny
  • Tenth Grade Band: Jayden Haviland
  • Eleventh Grade Band: Isabella Thongteum
  • Twelfth Grade Band: Joseph Carbone
  • Ninth Grade Drama: Kadin Crawford
  • Tenth Grade Drama: Allen Zhang
  • Eleventh Grade Drama: Makiya Berry
  • Twelfth Grade Drama: Layali McNeal
Visual Art
  • Ninth Grade Visual Art: Tilly Hamer
  • Tenth Grade Visual Art: Zach Prescott
  • Eleventh Grade Visual Art: Aidyn Osborne
  • Twelfth Grade Visual Art: Margot Manning


  • Scott William Patterson Award (Ninth Grade): Amy Whisler
  • Tenth Grade: Lucy Eggleston
  • Sturm Award (Eleventh Grade): Pearson Civils
  • Twelfth Grade: Sarah Parrish


  • Ninth Grade: Ella Rose Piazza
  • Tenth Grade: Zach Prescott
  • Eleventh Grade: Helen He
  • Twelfth Grade: Will Jacobs


  • Ninth Grade: Riho Natsume
  • Tenth Grade: Courtney Jacobs
  • Eleventh Grade: Jacob Kranz
  • Twelfth Grade: Kai Carlson


  • Ninth Grade Chinese: Emery Coffield
  • Tenth Grade Chinese: Ledger Aiello-Perrell
  • Eleventh Grade Chinese: Mason Grady
  • Twelfth Grade Chinese: Folu Amao
  • Ninth Grade Latin: Cullen Rembach
  • Tenth Grade Latin: Logan Eddy
  • Eleventh Grade Latin: Cameron Hanley
  • Twelfth Grade Latin: Annie Kayhko
  • Ninth Grade Spanish: Riho Natsume
  • Tenth Grade Spanish: Julian Adigun
  • Eleventh Grade Spanish: Nico Campero Ferro
  • Twelfth Grade Spanish: Lucas Pedroso