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Music Students Perform with Honors Ensembles

Music Students Perform with Honors Ensembles

GDS music students recently had the opportunity to perform with other outstanding musicians from across the state at the NCAIS Honors Band and Honors Chorus events.

The band students below performed with the NCAIS Honor Band at UNC-Charlotte on October 23 and 24.

  • Upper School (above): Colin Buettner ’25, Joseph Carbone ’24, Eric Fischer ’27, Jayden Haviland ’26, Lyric Lis ’27, and Isabella Thongteum ’25.
  • Middle School (below): Caroline Good ’28, Isaiah Harper ’28, Iris Holdren ’28, Ellen Pauli-Clerk ’29, Chloe Thongteum ’28, and Tripp White ’29.
Greensboro Day School Honors Band

The following choral students (below) performed with the NCAIS Honors Chorus at Methodist University on October 19 and 30: Shreya Acharya ’26, Abby Aron ’26, Lilly Coladonato ’24, Larissa Lai ’26, Mary Miller ’24, Lee McMillian-Goodman ’24, Gabe Rich ’24, Audrey Shaw ’24, and Berkley Smith ’24.

Greensboro Day School Honors Chorus

Congratulations to these students!