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Sloany Awards Recognize Excellence in Drama

Sloany Awards Recognize Excellence in Drama

Greensboro Day School’s annual Sloany Awards were held on April 25 in the Sloan Theatre. This event is hosted by the drama department and recognizes students who have distinguished themselves on stage or behind the scenes.

Drama productions for next year were also announced. We are looking forward to seeing Once Upon a Mattress (upper school musical, November 14–17, 2024), Descendants (middle school musical, February 6–8, 2025), and The Diary of Anne Frank (upper school drama, March 27–30, 2025).


The Matthew Kusiak ’10 Memorial Award was established in 2017 in Matthew’s memory by his parents and recognizes a student who has a passion and a love for the performing arts and is in good academic standing. This year’s recipient is Abby Aron.

The Extra “Pusch” Award is named in honor of past parent Kevin Pusch and is presented to a volunteer who always goes above and beyond. This year’s recipient is Cristi Driver '86.

Middle School Awards 

  • Outstanding Leadership Award: Henry Moody
  • Most Valuable Crew Award: Chloe Thongteum
  • Crew Spirit Award: Jack Thompson
  • Spotlight Award: Fiona McArthur
  • Outstanding Supporting Actress: Amalia Trigilio
  • Outstanding Supporting Actor: Andrew Szott
  • Outstanding Actress: Hanna Khan
  • Outstanding Actor: Avery Simon
  • Junior Thespian Award: V Byerly

Upper School Awards

  • Outstanding Leadership Award: Audrey Shaw
  • Most Valuable Crew (MVC) Award: Larissa Lai
  • Crew Spirit Award: Maddy Davis, Larissa Lai, Sophia Bradsher
  • Crew Spotlight Award: Emerson Bayle
  • Spotlight Award: Alba Lauchlan
  • The Cameo Award: Libby Davis
  • Outstanding Supporting Actress (Musical): Abby Aron
  • Outstanding Supporting Actress (Drama): Lily Driver
  • Outstanding Supporting Actor (Drama): Jules Voorhoeve
  • Outstanding Supporting Actor (Musical): Lee McMillian-Goodman
  • Outstanding Actress (Musical): Berkley Smith
  • Outstanding Actress (Drama): Lillian Coladonato
  • Outstanding Actor (Drama): Gabe Rich
  • Outstanding Actor (Musical): Lucas Sorgi Pedroso
  • Thespian Award: Margot Manning