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Upper School Student Council Holds Leadership Retreat

Upper School Student Council Holds Leadership Retreat

The Upper School Student Council held an off-campus retreat this week. Thank you to Charles Aris for providing the meeting space. Students worked on team-building activities, enjoyed lunch together, and got to work planning events for the year, creating budgets, and amending and approving the student council constitution. 2022–23 Student Council members are listed below.

Executive Student Council

  • President: Logan Hayes
  • Vice President: Margot Manning
  • Secretary: Anshu Desai
  • Treasurer: Sarah Parrish

Senior Class

  • President: Rishal Sood
  • Vice-President: Mae Moody
  • Secretary: Claire McDowell
  • Treasurer: Paige McKee
  • Rep: Carter Jones

Junior Class

  • President: Lucas Pedroso
  • Vice-President: Isabella Sadjewski
  • Secretary: Audrey Shaw
  • Treasurer: Jules Voorhoeve
  • Reps: Bryn Booker, Max McGinn

Sophomore Class

  • President: Campbell Hall
  • Vice-President: Liz Wyrick
  • Secretary: Kerigan Williams
  • Treasurer: Kaiden Robinson 
  • Rep: Hank Catlett

Freshman Class

  • President: Roshan Sood
  • Vice President: Logan Eddy
  • Secretary: Abigail Aron
  • Treasurer: Allen Zhang